Decisions Decisions

Should I dress up for this event or dress casual?

Pizza for dinner or can I muster up the energy to cook a healthy meal?

Do I get the brand name toilet paper or the store brand?

Some decisions aren’t that stressful. The greater the long-term effects of the decision, the more it needs to be thought out.

Should I marry this person?

Do I buy a SUV or a smaller energy efficient car?

Should I invest in the stock market right now or hold off?

These are bigger decisions that may require some soul searching and information gathering.

If you’re like me, you can use some decision-making tools to help you make those big and small decisions easier! I’d like to invite you to join me for THURSDAYS @ THREE WITH BECKY for free Stress-Success topics held via Zoom bi-monthly.

The next Stress-Success topic is “No-fail Decision Making” … in under 30 minutes you’ll get three useful ready-to-use decision-making tips and techniques! Hint: I teach both mind and body tips so you can tune into your own intuition AND use rational problem solving.

It’s free to join in! I hope I can convince you to invest 30 minutes in learning Stress-Success topics for yourself (and that you can share with your clients or your kids). I guarantee you’ll find it worth your time!

It’s easy to sign up for the August 27, 2020 meeting using this link:

Sign up today and put a note on your calendar because I’m going to be so excited to see you there!

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