I’ve been wondering about what to write this week. Something inspiring? Something informative? Something motivating? Something interesting?

I generally get an intuitive hit and the words just flow. And yes, then I do have to go back to add and rewrite areas as updated inspirations follow later in the day.

I allow that to be ok now. In the past I was mired in perfectionism and doing it right the first time. The “one and done” attitude created angst for me as evidenced by that stuck feeling, a shutting down of my intuition and lots of procrastination.

Back to writing … relax … allow the intuition to bubble up … ok … I’m getting a hit … truth … this week is going to be something about truth … take a deep breath … let go … trust the blanks will fill in … just relax … allow the thoughts to flow …

Pilot to Jesus (Jn 18:38) “What is truth?”

Jesus at Last Supper (Jn 14:6) “I am the truth”

Truth is divine. Truth is alive. Truth is not just “what” but also “who.”

I seem to have a nose for the truth. I can feel it inside my bones. But I’ve considered truth to be the opposite of deceit. Either it’s a lie or it’s the truth. And that, I realize as I’m writing this, is more like Pilot’s perspective of “what” is truth. And it’s likely I’m judging truth based on my personal paradigm.

Even scientific truths change over time as more is uncovered and more is understood. For example, right now we have a mandatory face mask executive order in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Surgeons wear masks so they must prevent the spread of infections, correct?

Interestingly there isn’t currently research that supports that view. Check out PubMed and/or the Cochrane Report.

If the current scientific evidence is that masks don’t prevent the spread of infection, why make them mandatory? Why fine people for not wearing them? Why put people who have been raped with a hand over their mouth and who go into a PTSD reaction with a mask into further trauma? Why get judgmental of someone who has taken their mask off because of an unseen asthma attack?

Because the truth is the government told us to do our part and wear masks. Because the truth is people feel more in control and safer when they follow the rules. And the truth is although science doesn’t support mask wearing to prevent passing along infections now, future research may support the practice.

If truth and deceit are opposites, it could be argued that it’s deceitful to be told that masks prevent the spread of Covid-19, because the truth is there is no evidence for that premise. And if that was deceitful, then it would be unjust to persecute or prosecute people who did not wear masks.

And that’s how it goes when we stay within the realm of Pilot. It’s no wonder he asked “What is truth” because it seems so changing and arbitrary and in the hands of the powerful … when paradigms change everything can be redefined and what is seen as truth changes, when sciences advances our understanding of truth changes.

BUT … when I stop looking at truth as a “what” and start looking at truth as a “who” everything shifts. What would Jesus do? Jesus cares for each of us as an individual. He created the laws of science and all that science studies. And He knows we are limited in what we know and are learning as we go. He’s gentle with us.

If I keep Jesus in mind, I’m not so self-righteous as to refuse to wear a mask even though I’ve read the research that it’s probably not going to help.

  • If my wearing a mask helps others feel safer and more comfortable, then that’s a good thing and I’ll wear a mask for that reason.
  • Since I know people can struggle with masks and many people have hidden disabilities (I’m one of them due to my sensory issues), I will refrain from judging someone who isn’t wearing a mask.
  • As I value accuracy, I’ll share the research I’ve found on masks with those who might not be aware of it.

When I think of truth as a “who,” rather than as the black and white “what,” all my actions change. It stops being about deceit or honesty and starts being about a higher good. I can know the current science on masks not preventing the spread of infection and still wear a mask. I can know the current law requiring masks and still refrain from the desire to turn in those who aren’t wearing a mask.

I can do all of those and not feel like a hypocrite. Why? Because they are all based in love, they are all based in what is right and good for people. They are all based in truth, the higher truth.

Thank you God for setting us free from Pilot’s dilemma, from a black and white earthly and limited understanding of truth. And thank you God for giving us a living example of truth in Jesus.

Jn 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.”

I really did start this post without a fixed idea on what to write. The word “truth” came to mind and then everything began to flow, the words began to form, and perhaps it did end up being inspiring, informative, motivating, or interesting? I hope it was for you! I initially thought truth was about accuracy and honesty, and it is, but it’s also more than that, truth is not just the black and white facts, it’s overarchingly about love and that discovery unfolded as a delightful surprise for me.

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