Thank YOU!

Thank you for following along with me for the past seven years as I’ve climbed out of the pit of chronic pain.

Blogging provided the perfect outlet for an introvert and a journal of the things I’ve tried and the progress that was made.

The journey to wellness has lasted several long years and I’ve certainly struggled with impatience over the slow progress.

But here I am, out the other side of the storm, whole and living without pain and without any pain meds.

I never realized the side-effects of implementing natural living with essential oils, body work, vitamins, healthy foods, and regular detoxing would be a becoming … emerging strong in my own personal identity.

I know myself better.

I deep self-awareness.

I accept my imperfections.

I love me.

Along this path, which I admit felt like walking through fog and worrying about the direction I was taking, I discovered I’m very happy with a simple life.

I don’t feel ruled by time, everything feels more expanded and free. I still have my aging parents to care for, but now it’s not a chore, it’s something I feel good about offering.

And that makes all the difference … that outlook. Can you detox your outlook by detoxing your body?

This journey has certainly taken me places I never dreamed of. It’s been a journey to ‘me,’ the real me, being unapologetically me. A me that isn’t keeping things bottled up.

I was so burnt out when I first started on the road to recovery. And stress was the fuse that lit the bomb of chronic pain. I’d like to say I ignored the symptoms of burnout and soldiered through like a good self-employed entrepreneur does, but that means I made a choice.

To make a choice you have to have awareness of at least two options but seven years ago I didn’t feel like I had any other option except to keep pushing on and thus the break down of my body.

I know that’s not true now but I had to work through a deep resistance to change, the feeling of unsafely in the unknown, and the time needed to cultivate the energy and skills required to reinvent myself.

I worked with partnering people with disabilities with horses for 20 years and now I have a new mission. A mission to help the horses.

My “BIG WHY” in my work has always been “how much good can I bring into the world today?” And now I hope to honor those sweet horses who never complain but break down with stress like I did and those horses who are judged as being bad when their behavior is just a reaction to pain.

I understand those horses. I’ve been there myself. And I plan to bring all the holistic tools I’ve learned in my own journey to healing to the table in this new direction.

Saddle Fit Simplified is the name of this new venture and it’s a unique venture because it’s about teaching everyday horse lovers how to help their own horse. It’s about the principles and practical applications of DIY saddle fit. And it’s about so much more … about learning the language of the horse, about understanding their reactions, about providing them with a feeling of safety.

What people learn from me won’t replace saddle fitters, there will always be a need for additional help for particular horses and certain saddles, but it will empower horse owners to recognize and correct simple saddle fit issues AND most importantly, I aim to help thousands of horses to have a happier more comfortable life!

As my long journey healing from chronic pain now ends, another new and exciting journey begins. I won’t be blogging in Desert Well anymore, I’ve made it through the dry spell. It’s time to move on to lush pastures, I invite you to follow me at my new blog

And Thank YOU!

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