Body Work


Body work on the human body is quite a bit different than fixing a dent in a car (or truck)!!!

    • About 2% of information to and from the brain occurs thru electrical nerve transmission synapse to synapse and 98% occurs thru chemical hormone and neuropeptide cell receptors located throughout the brain and body.
    • Your body is contained in a 3-dimensional continuous matrix that surrounds everything (bone, muscle and organ) called fascia. Fascia is made up of collagen, elastic and surrounded by body fluid simply called “ground substance”. Strolling Under The Skin is a good video showing live fascia:
    • Any force in your body (i.e. accidental slips, falls, bumps) can cause the fascia to offer “support” to that area of the body by forming cross links. Normally the collagen slides and glides but cross links tie down an area of the body creating pivot points which your body must compensate by moving around these areas.
    • The liquid body “ground substance” piece of fasica is a colloid – simply meaning that increased force (i.e. a trauma to the body) causes it to become thicker (i.e. creates a hard spot). Cornstarch and water is a colloid – stir it slowly with little force and it’s a liquid but add force and it becomes thick and hard. Here is a fun YouTube demonstration of this concept:
    • The areas of fascial cross links and thickened ground substance impedes the flow of chemical hormones and neuropeptides and can put pressure on nerves. This impairs your body’s information communication system (like what cells need energy or where the immune system is suppose to provide defense).
    • Our Manual Medicine Body Work techniques find the hard pivot points and we apply a gentle pressure, so your body can release the tension, open lines of communication and line up properly.
    • The result is more energy efficient use of your bone and musle structure, less compensation around pivot points, decreased wear and tear on joints, and a healthier, happier you!

Research and Research “Take-aways”


According to the book “Relaxation Revolution: The Science and Genetics of Mind Body Healing”, Dr. Herbert Benson MD and his colleagues have delved further in to mind-body healing. Their research shows the mind can alter how genes express themselves. When asked what has been the most important discovery since he introduced the research of the relaxation response, Benson responded, “I think that perhaps the most important is when you evoke the relaxation response that there are changes in one’s gene activity, and the genes that change are the genes that control metabolism, insulin production in the body, inflammation and the immune system, and the aging of cells.


My Research Take Away: Stress can affect your energy levels, make you more vulnerable to becoming sick, and physically age you. From the basic building blocks of your body, i.e. your genetic expression, achieving the relaxation response can improve your metabolism, build the health of your immune system and provide anti-aging benefits!


Candace Pert is a scientist who has made breakthrough discoveries on the body/mind connection: Neuroscience has long been focused on the concept of the nervous system as an electrical network with neurotransmitters at the synapses allowing electrical impulses to pass from neuron to neuron. Dr. [Candice] Pert admits only about 2% of communication within the brain occurs via synapses and 98% of information is by molecules such as hormones and neuropeptides, which act over longer distances. “I believe that happiness is what we feel when our biochemicals of emotions, the neuropeptides and their receptors are open and flowing freely throughout the psychosomatic network, integrating and co-ordinating our systems, organs and cells in a smooth and rhythmic movement … I believe that happiness is our natural state …”
Author of Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine
Visit for more information about Dr.Pert’s groundbreaking research.
My Research Take Away: Anything impeding the mailmen of your body, AKA the messengers called neuropeptides, can be the root of dis-ease. The release of blockages (often in the fascia) allows the movement of this special delivery system, so your body has the freedom to experience that biochemical of emotion called happiness!

Bandit and the Chickadee

ImageBandit is enjoying his day in the sun – he is a barn cat and I appreciate his mousing abilities but yesterday he caught a Chickadee and that called for “intervention”!  Bandit’s attention was redirected and the little bird flew to a nearby fence about 3 feet away, balancing precariously on a rail. Wet feathers fluffing, it did something unusual – it started to sing. Now mind you, it was NOT out of danger, and Bandit was decidedly getting anxious to find “sport” again. It took a bit of time and finally the little bird flew to a nearby bush at a much safer height.

This is like a key release in a bodywork session, where it feels like finally being removed from the jaws of bandit (that tight area that steals your health).  Afterwards, your body relaxes, and like the Chickadee, it can take time to get moving again.

Time is healing.  And at The Right Step, we’re here to facilitate your safe flight to a new level.

Be patient with yourself and enjoy your journey!

Toxic …

Why talk about toxin’s when I focus on body work? Because the body will not have long lasting health or a good relaxation response to body work if your cellular tissues are toxic!

On in the middle of the “About Becky” page, I’ve mentioned detoxing with the Zeolite supplement and the On-Guard Essential Oil.

Let’s start with a basic definition of what I mean by toxic, because there are environmental toxins, heavy metal toxins (aluminum, lead, mercury), physiological toxins (bad viruses and bacteria’s), and even toxic relationships …

It’s beyond this post to talk about all of these, so today, we will look into de-toxing the heavy metals from your body – primarily aluminum! To keep the blog brief, I’ll post a quick link to Aluminum Toxicity –

According to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) magnesium deficiency has shown to be associated with high contents of aluminum in the brain.

How does aluminum get into our brain? This is the info I found … If you drink soda from a can, use antiperspirant deodorant, take antacids, cook from aluminum pots, use aluminum foil, drink tap water, or breath in air pollution, you are ingesting aluminum.

Did you know Magnesium has many benefits for your body: relaxing cramped muscles, easing athletic injury, reducing fatigue, promoting restful sleep, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and when combined with Malic Acid, it can  bind aluminum and flush it from the body! My favorite Magnesium to recommend to you comes from Jigsaw Health (and no I don’t get paid to share this with you) –

Try a 3-fold plan to detoxing with Zeolite, On-Guard, and Magnesium and let us know how it works for you!  I bet your next bodywork session will be even more relaxing and have longer lasting results than ever before!

Friend or Foe? It’s all in what you THINK!

Friend or Foe? It's all in what you THINK!

It’s all in what you THINK!

Is the dandelion really our enemy? Maybe if you think in terms of a beautiful lawn. But it is also unusually nutritious and has been used in salads, teas, and treatment for the gall bladder and liver, joint pain and as an anti-diuretic. I perused a book titled “The Dandelion Celebration: A Guide to Unexpected Cuisine”!  Every part of the dandelion is edible and heathy! In a survival situation, we’d be thankful for this simple plant…

Gathering more information before making judgements, allowing ourselves to consider other angles to common perceptions, is an effective life skill and coping strategy for stress! It’s called Cognitive Reframing!

My “Dandelion” moment – using Cognitive Reframing for a common nuisance at my house:  Like dandelions in a neat lawn, I complain and feel angry about dirt tracked in on my kitchen floor … but there’s a bigger picture I can choose to consider to help release the negative resentful feelings … just like in considering the health benefits of the dandelion, I can be 1) thankful for a floor to sweep because I have a home to live in, 2) thankful for a lifestyle in the country on a beautiful quiet dirt road, and 3) thankful for a husband who happily works hours outdoors (and admittedly who does help with sweeping sometimes).

Is there a Dandelion moment in your life too – remember you have a choice on how you think about things. You have the power to turn some of life’s foes into friends with cognitive reframing!

Releasing Old Trauma Held in the Body – A Personal Experience

The mind can impact the body, the body can impact the mind. What exactly does that mean? I had an experience that helped me understand this in a new personal way …

I was in a bodywork session and had a tight area that just wouldn’t release. The therapist invited me to consider what might be holding the area … the word FEAR flashed in my mind’s eye – embarrassed, I said, “the only thing that comes to me is the word fear”…  and all of a sudden I felt my body start to relax a little! That was a surprise!

Only sometimes during a bodywork session will a therapist ask a question, and I was asked what was behind “fear” … I was more open to this since I had just felt my body relax earlier but what came bubbling up next from my subconscious was a weird phrase that ended up being a profound A-HA moment – This is the phrase – “Life if an accident waiting to happen, brace yourself”!

I kept repeating to myself – Life is an accident waiting to happen, brace yourself – what does that mean – Life is an accident waiting …

And then the “A-Ha” – I had been in 6 car accidents before the age of 20 – the first one occurred when I was 2yo and was caused by the hat of my winter coat temporarily blinding my mother as I was crawling around the seat (there were no child seats in the 60’s). I had internalized shame, guilt, and helplessness from these crashes and stored them as a bracing tight muscle response to fear of what might come next in life.

After comprehending this and sending compassion to the little 2yo inside of me, I felt the tension leave the muscles and the area finally felt like it could breathe!

I felt lighter and happier. The mind can impact the body and the body can impact the mind! And the best part… this area has maintained it’s relaxation release over time!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that the suicide rate among women aged 35 to 64 years increased

This is such a sad topic, and shows just how much women are impacted by stress today.

A report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that the suicide rate among women aged 35 to 64 years increased… The findings were published May 2 in the CDC’s journal, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

The report’s key findings include the following:

  • Suicide rates among those aged 35 to 64 years increased 32% for women.
  • The greatest increases in suicide rates were among people aged 50 to 54 years (48%) and 55 to 59 years (49%).

“These results highlight the need for suicide prevention strategies that address mental health issues and the stresses and challenges that middle-aged adults are likely to face. Such stresses include economic challenges, dual caregiver responsibilities, and potential health problems,” the authors write.


Bodywork therapy at The Right Step can feel like an Oasis in the middle of a desert of stress. Schedule an appointment today to offer refreshment for your journey.