So much was going on four years ago. Everything felt chaotic. In 2012 I lost the barns I had been running my therapy practice out of. My business was my life and it felt like it was collapsing. That’s the problem when you get too wrapped up in something, losing yourself in it. Not two months later my business computer crashed and my therapy horse died. Within a week after that I was in the hospital with severe pain.

I ran across this Facebook message I sent to a friend not long before the computer/horse/hospital thing happened … “You know the breath of life – expand and then contract – well, I’m in the contracted bit of that – contemplating and still deciding what to do… I love your thoughtfulness and will get back with you – just not sure when?!”


I was amazed at the awareness – I was in a very painfully contracted state at that time of my life.  So much so that I received a chronic pain diagnosis and just felt defeated.

But it’s now four years later. Four years of slow healing. Four years of searching for a way out. And I’m pretty much pain free. Yes, I still have to lose the weight that came on during that period and I still have to monitor my blood pressure and I still have those regular aging aches … but the draining chronic, difficulty to breathe, nauseating, always there pain is gone.

So much has contributed to the healing … time, separating myself from my business, working through emotions, de-stressing with essential oils, tapping, bodywork, acupuncture, and even simple walks in nature with my dog. But it’s just recently that I really became aware that the chronic pain is just not there anymore. All the little things added up. Thank God.

One of the last things I did that seemed to really make a difference was to release old trapped emotions using a process called the Emotion Code. The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps us to identify and literally release trapped emotions- which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety, they can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. And because trapped emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute pain and even cancer. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal- so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable.

If you have any pain issues and are curious if releasing trapped emotions might help you too, I’m working towards being certified in the Emotion Code and am offering 10 Free Sessions Available for People and 10 Free Sessions Available for Pets (Horse, Dog, Cat). First come, first serve. The sessions can be done via email, so it’s convenient but you can’t volunteer your spouse or friend … it would have to be for you or your pet. The Emotion Code is a great tool for awareness, is totally safe and gentle, and we don’t need to discuss anything that you want to keep private. Let me know! Here’s to all of our healing journeys!



Fear and Stress

What are you doing September 21, 2017 in the evening?

On that Thursday I’ll be teaching a class on how to live life with the confidence and freedom to face fear. You know the fears that need to be faced … those that sabotage your dreams, your happiness, your peace. I have a number of research based strategies to share with you plus you’ll learn the basic physiology of fear … what happens in your body when you experience a stressful situation that your body perceives as a threat to your safety.

I’ve found that sometimes people need more than information and tools they can use for themselves, sometimes they need their own fear releasing session … and for the first time I’ll be offering that during a teleclass; I’ll include a distance healing session to help remove trapped fear from your body.

Whenever I commit to teaching a class, my mind goes into overtime exploring new ideas. And I’ve had some new insights into fear. Imagine a situation coming up in your future (maybe it’s a singing recital or a riding lesson or whatever) something that you perceive with an overlying anxiousness or fear and that you can’t back out of it even though perhaps you’d like to. You’re worried about performance, safety, success, whether you’ll be perceived as a fraud, if you’re good enough, or even if you’re worthy to do whatever it is you are doing. These are some of potential “costs” of stress based fear …

  1. The fearful thoughts are in your mind, taking up tons of your time and the thoughts bleed over into your other activities.
  2. Or, you escape stressful emotions by going inward into daydreams or diving into other unrelated thoughts as a way of “avoiding” the fear.
  3. Or, maybe you continue to push through your time, like a tired plow horse, simply going through the motions of life without joy.
  4. And/or perhaps your mind tries to escape like a bird flitting around and barely registers attention to any one thing for any length of time.

The costs of fear can impact your time, your ability to be fully present in the moment, your joy, and your attention span. And the costs of fear and stress are much greater on the body … the immune system, blood pressure, fatigue, and so much more … and that’s exactly what the class in September will be helping you with. Join me if you can. And let me know (in the comments below) the ways fear and stress affect you and what you do about it … we can all support each other as we face our fear!

July 2017 Haircut

Garden in July


Annuals, perennials, fruit, flowers, and vegetables. The garden is full of delights. I’m the type of person who spontaneously spends a lot of time in their head … thinking, planning, problem-solving, daydreaming; I need something to ground me.  Nature, the plants and flowers, do just that and it’s like a sigh of relief for a moment … until another thought tantalizes a flight imagination. But the garden is just outside the door and I force myself to take breaks throughout the day … to stand in the stillness of the moment surrounded with the beauty, color, and texture of growing things. Thank you God for bringing me back down to earth with the garden in July.

Dents and Tears

The sun was just right in the morning to capture nature photos. I’m drawn to the different shapes, colors and textures of the flowers in bloom. They were beautiful. I came back in the house and noticed some other shapes and textures that weren’t so beautiful. I  moved some furniture a couple of years ago and the dent in the carpet from the bookcase has never recovered. And in the laundry room during a deep cleaning session, I pulled the washer out to sweep and accidentally tore the linoleum.

It occurred to me that emotional and physical trauma in the body can bear scars of dents and tears too. A heavy burden has left it’s mark and a person may never be the same afterwards … an accident created an injury that holds chronic aches and even disfigurement.

But I still live in my house (the brick and mortar structure and the bones and muscles structure). I found it’s difficult to notice those annoying dents and tears when the focus is on natures beauty surrounding me. Someday I may get new flooring for the house and I still have hope and am constantly searching for new therapeutic applications that give my body a “facelift” too. In the meantime, I live with dents and tears but focus with gratitude on something else, something beautiful.  I’m learning I can be imperfect AND be happy too!

Detox Month Seven

It’s July and you’ve been slowly eliminating the toxic load off your body for six months now. In January you switched to a natural deodorant without aluminum, in February you switched to natural bath products (shampoo, lotion, soap etc.) without endocrine disruptors, in March you switched to herbs (capsaicin) and essential oils for pain relief, in April you switched to a natural toothpaste without fluoride, in May you checked your cleaning products against the EWG guide and switched to a simple lemon essential oil all-purpose cleaner, and in June you changed to a low glycemic index natural sweetener in place of sugar and artificial sweeteners.

In July, it’s the perfect time to switch out to a natural bug repellent.

Pesticides, in general, have been associated with all sorts of human health hazards that range from short-term problems like headaches and nausea to chronic impacts such as endocrine disruption, cancer and reproductive issues. The acute dangers, like nerve, skin, and eye irritation, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, nausea and systemic poisoning – can sometimes be severe or, occasionally, fatal. Children are especially susceptible to the dangers of pesticides, and they may significantly impact the development of the central nervous system.

A 2009 study published in the journal BMC Biology showed that DEET can interfere with vital nervous system enzymes. The researchers discovered that the chemical blocked the enzyme cholinesterase, which is necessary for transmitting messages from the brain to the muscles in insects. The researchers also noted it may affect the nervous systems of mammals as well. Chemicals that interfere with the action of cholinesterase can cause excessive salivation and watery eyes in low doses, followed by muscle spasms and ultimately even death.

Safe and Natural Bug Repellent Alternatives

– DoTerra Terrashield (what I use)

– Burts Bees Herbal Insect Repellent

– Homemade Insect Repellent Recipe Link

– Repel Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus formula — a product without DEET (performed almost as well in Consumer Reports’ tests) contains 30% Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

Some inexpensive and readily available essential oils with bug repellent properties to experiment with include LEMONGRASS (insects can’t stand the smell of lemongrass and it has antifungal, insecticidal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties), PEPPERMINT (serves as a natural insecticide that kills and repels mosquitoes, ants, fleas, beetles, spiders, flies and even mice), and LAVENDER (for biting flies, fleas and mosquitoes) plus if you are bitten, lavender essential oil can be used to prevent the spread of infection caused by a bite as well as to control the inflammation and itching that’s typically associated with it.

So pick one natural bug repellent and make the switch! Let us know what works best for you especially if you have a recommendation that isn’t on the list!