I have a highly sensitive personality … I like peace over debate, quiet versus TV, low light rather than a bright sunny day … I’m also an introvert and shy meeting new people and that can be really hard being as a private business owner and therapist.

Having a highly sensitive and introverted personality means I need to escape “life” every now and then to recharge my batteries. And that’s where the picture comes in … it’s my new ride!

I had done a lot of car shopping homework over the past 2 months and was debating between the Escape and RAV4. This week I had “decided” on the RAV4 and was driving to the dealer to purchase one. But as I got closer, I noticed my body getting that closed feeling  … Have you felt it before?

The closed feeling is mostly in the chest and heart area – where it feels like a more and subtle contracted tension. Being highly sensitive, I notice those things in my body and pay attention to the message … a closed heart means that whatever I’m doing or thinking about at the moment is not right for me.

I didn’t judge the feeling, I became curious and was nearing the local Ford dealer and turned my thoughts towards the Escape and I immediately felt my chest relax and my heart open. That was it for me, I pulled off at that exit and pulled out of the dealership 2 hours later with my new ride.

I still love the RAV4 but I’m at peace and very happy with my Escape. And it’s funny, because even the name RAV has a lot of energy – like bright sunshine or like a booming your favorite song on the radio type of energy … that’s fine for some people … but for me, an Escape is a perfect personality fit.