Quite a Month


A very sad goodbye to loyal Hummer. He passed quickly from lymphoma cancer.


A major event – the Eclipse. (You can see it in the colored sun spots on the right.)

It’s looking like fall already! The Indian corn is beautiful, ready to harvest. The tomatoes have been dismal this year … just too cool this summer. (I’m not complaining, I don’t miss 100 degrees + Michigan humidity.)

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 9.24.47 PM

When there’s an ending, there’s also another beginning. Welcome Sweet Merci! It’s been quite a month.

Messages in Dreams

My Wall

I made a quick sketch of a dream I had last night.

There is a huge plow shaped wall 20-30 stories high. It is so high and so daunting and difficult to climb that many people just stand at the bottom looking up to the top, yearning to reach it and a small number try to climb the wall. They aren’t always successful and the fall is treacherous. I feel compelled to climb the wall and know, to survive, I MUST make it to the top. There is a fence at the top of the wall and there are a few people walking around at the top appearing very carefree. I am on the left and have about 20 feet more to climb but I am exhausted and there is no further way up. Somehow I have binder twine (used on hay bales) and I tie pieces together and form a loop around myself, I think I have enough energy to throw it up but I would need someone up there to catch it and help to pull me up. I yell for “help.” An older lady looks over the top and nods and then disappears. I’m downcast and feel hope draining away. As my head hangs I notice the older lady at the bottom of the wall looking up at me. She had just come out of buildings at the bottom of the wall. The door behind her was closing and I yelled for her to catch the door and save herself. I hurried down to try and prevent the door from closing but was too late. I despaired for her and myself. Now we were both trapped down at the bottom. But the lady simply walked to the door and opened it and held it for me. I was dumbfounded. I followed her a short distance, an easy walk and we were suddenly at the top looking down at the others. I was free. There was another path to the top but I only knew the difficult path, the easy path had to be pointed out to me.

Then I awoke.

Slightly foggy.

Slightly amazed.

The message?

I’m not experienced at analyzing dreams but it seems like I’ve been in an unnecessary struggle and that’s about to change. An easier way is right there, it’s behind me in a place that doesn’t seem like a possible solution. Whatever ends up becoming of this, and I do believe dreams have deep meaning, I’ll be sure and share the easy path with you!

Detox Plan Month Eight

Here’s a review of past seven months of the 2017 detox plan.

January, Month One, Living the Natural Life – Switch to a Natural Deodorant without Aluminum (doTerra, Schmidts)

February, Month Two, Living the Natural Life – Switch to a Natural Shampoo, Soap, and Lotion without endocrine disruptors (doTerra, Arbonne, POSH, etc.)

March, Month Three, Living the Natural Life – Switch to Natural Pain Relief with Essential Oils (doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub, a natural capsaicin cream, Peppermint for Headaches, or a Blend of Juniper Berry and Black Pepper for nerve pain)

April, Month Four, Living the Natural Life – Switch to a Natural Toothpaste and avoid the dangers of toxic fluoride

May, Month Five, Living the Natural Life – Check your cleaning products for toxins with the EWG guide and switch to all natural products and using lemon essential oil for cleaning

June, Month Six, Living the Natural Life – Decrease sugar consumption and use natural sweeteners

July, Month Seven, Living the Natural Life – Switch to essential oils as a natural insect repellent

Just a quick reminder of “why” we detox:

  • The body will naturally detox harmful chemicals
  • The body can become so overloaded with synthetic chemicals that it can’t keep up with detoxing
  • When the body becomes overloaded with toxins you experience more sickness, more body pain, an increase risk for cancer, an increase risk for auto-immune diseases, an increased rate of aging, skin issues and more
  • By lightening the load of incoming synthetic chemicals and toxins, you give your body a chance to heal itself

Have you implemented the 2017 detox plan yet? If not, why not? If so, a big congratulations … change can be hard, even simple changes like using a different toothpaste. We get so stuck in our habits and routines, I’m proud of you for taking a step in a new direction, the right step for your health. Your future you will be so thankful for the small sacrifices you are doing now.

It’s August, the middle of the summer, a time when we are in the heat, on vacations, or simply doing work around the yard and are looking for quick and simple refreshment. If you’re drinking those individualized bottled waters, stop and research the cost. First, do a google search of the “health risks of drinking bottled water.”

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 9.17.25 AM

If that isn’t eye opening, then consider the problems of the plastics leaching into the water (that’s a whole other detox health concern), and also the environmental impact of all those plastic bottles.

Am I saying to give up the convenience of using bottled water? Nope, but I am encouraging you this month to buy your own water filtration bottle or buy a glass water bottle and fill it with your own water. The highlighted links go to amazon where you can find an example of these items. This month is a fun switch, go shopping for your own personal new water bottle, save money (over buying bottled water), and help improve your health!

If you like flavored waters or those with electrolytes, make your own using natural ingredients and natural sugars (if you like them sweetened. Just do a google search for “make your own gatorade” and there you go!

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 9.26.07 AM