I have studied gluten and casein, gut bacteria, neurotransmitters in the body, and detoxing for over 10 years. Probably closer to 20 years.

I know food has an impact of health – we’ve all heard “you are what you eat.”

But I enjoy my Fritos and pizza.

So I’ve avoided tackling health from a food perspective and instead I practice stress management, keep a balanced work-family life, complete regular detoxing, use natural plant-based essential oils instead of prescription medicine, take vitamins and supplements and get a good 9 hours of sleep each night.

I know I’m a highly sensitive introvert and I acknowledge that and protect my personal energy levels by immersing myself in nature and alone time and being very careful about what social activities I engage in.

But food is important. So important, it’s probably the missing piece I’ve been avoiding and so I’ve started in a small way to honor the role food plays in our overall health and wellbeing.

The past month thanks to a friend (hey Karren, that would be you), I started drinking a green drink smoothy every day. Spinach, strawberries, an orange, an apple, and a banana, greek yogurt and some water … mixed in a blender each morning.

Guess what? My body loves it! It takes some extra time but I feel more energy and I’ve even started to add brief bouts of jogging back into the daily walks with my dog.

Food is one small thing to move us in the direction of health. I have committed to doing something about it, what about you?



A lazy July day, summertime at the farm ….

DSC_1502 DSC_1505

Enjoying a roll by the grapevines, new grapes are growing well ….

DSC_1508 DSC_1500

Sleeping in the sun on the split rail fence, a nice breeze all around ….


The sunflower has not yet blossomed ….


The Rose of Sharon is in full bloom ….


The thistle is done blooming, only it’s prickly leaves are left, creating a unique sight ….


Talk about creating, it was a good day to make Strawberry Freezer Jam. I have an old-fashioned recipe, would you like it too?  It’s super simple and delicious!



3 1/2 cups crushed berries and 1 package Pectin

Slowly stir Pectin in with berries and let set for 30-minutes.

Then add 1 cup light corn syrup and 4 1/2 cups sugar to berries and stir continuously to dissolve sugar.

Put in jars and let sit for a few hours then freeze.


During the warm and mosquito filled nights, I’ve been inside enjoying movies. Last night I watched Jupiter Ascending. I love a good love story and I wasn’t disappointed. Many modern topics were addressed including genetic engineering and exploiting human beings. The theme of the movie was about certain elite humans looking out for their own health, happiness, and longevity by harvesting (killing) other humans to meet the needs of the elite ones. The heroine of the movie was appalled at that practice, interceded for humans, and even offered to sacrifice her own life so others would live.

Isn’t that an interesting parallel to what is happening in the news lately? Where fetuses (helpless human beings) are being used for their body parts by those in power (elite living). I hope a “Jupiter” comes to their rescue and stops this harvest of human beings.

In the winter I tend to hibernate but in the summer there is so much time to consider a variety of life’s nuances – the simple things and the more complex ones.  It’s summertime, lovely, lazy, buggy summertime.

Pondering Good and Great

Good Great

Good is the enemy of Great. This is ambiguous. I see it. Can you see it?

This can be the battle cry for two opposing forces. One good and one evil.

Let’s first define “good” as mediocre or settling for less than perfection which would then help to define “great” as getting close to perfection. In this case, it is the highest good to strive for greatness.

Now let’s define “good” as godly. That changes things doesn’t it?! Who is the enemy of those who are “godly” except those who are evil. And those who are evil strive for greatness but their acting definition of “great” is “power.” In this instance, Godly people are the enemy of those who strive for power.

We can’t simply look at words on the surface anymore, we have to look deeper into the intent of those who use the words. Hidden meanings, hidden agenda’s that appear benign on the surface but later can be twisted.

So can you see how this can be the battle cry for two opposing forces? For those who are “good” and for those who are “great.”

Shadow Revealed


The sky is gray … there has been lots of rain.  Eek … this little guy is taking shelter under the barn overhang.

DSC_1305 DSC_1308

More shadowy surprises … The spider webs (and accompanying spiders) are everywhere – their tricky webs revealed in the morning light and dampness.

DSC_1304 DSC_1314 DSC_1312

Below, a burnt out fencepost … a shadow reminder of accidents from previous days, now overgrown lush and green.


Yes, there are shadow types everywhere, but there is also the hope of a greener future … there is also the resplendent glory of nature renewing.