It’s not winter, so I don’t have the hibernation excuse. But I could easily go back to bed for a nap and it’s only 10am. My body feels sluggish, my mind feels like a dark curtain is draped over it. Do you ever get those days?

It’s not stress. I actually don’t have much planned for today. I may even splurge and go out to see the new Mission Impossible movie, complete with buttered popcorn. I noticed a really dusty area in the house and usually that drives me nuts, enough to want to clean, but not today. I just don’t have much gumption.

This week is Fair week back home. I used to live for Fair week. Walking endlessly through the 4-H buildings and horse stalls. Catching up with friends. Eating corn dogs and downing lemonade shakeups. But the thought of going to the Fair is very low on the list of interesting things to do these past few years … it got boring, same old thing. Or maybe it’s me that has gotten old and boring.

I go over to my running shoes and tell myself to just put them on. That’s it, no commitments. But once they are on, the dogs bounce around me and so I go out and start walking. Soon I’m jogging. And then it’s done, I’m back and a little less tired. Next a shower. That feels good. Maybe I can fold some clothes, and I do.

Just one step at a time, one little thing, and I’m getting some gumption back. Maybe I will go back and wipe down that dusty area. I’ll feel better and it’ll only take a minute or two. Not much of a time investment for the satisfaction that comes afterwards.

It’s been a slow start this morning, but now that I’m up and moving, it does feel better. Maybe I’ll save that nap for later.

Can you help?


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Dr. Bradley Nelson is offering us certified practitioners a signed copy of his book if we get 10 people to participate in the Emotion Code research project. I’ve already had 5 people go through the research and this is what they have to say:

“I guess I would say to anyone who is curious, it is worth the experience! ”

“Some of the things you mentioned and gave an approximate age I was able to identify with completely. It blew my mind. The feedback that I received from you give me some sort of validation.”

“Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you put into me! I appreciate the experience. God bless you!”

“It was a positive experience, also it was interesting, the things you would uncover in my blocks, and you had never talked with me before to even get a hint about my past. I would recommend this for anyone.”

” I’ve seen even more confidence popping out. I’m aware of feelings more than normal. And I seem to be more attentive to my daughter’s desire for my one on one attention.”

I need 5 more research subjects and if you’re willing to be one of those, send me a message at Here are the qualifications for participation:

  1. You’re over 18yo and willing to have your Heart Wall cleared.
  2. You’ve never had Emotion Code work done before.
  3. You agree to complete the Emotion Code pre- and post-tests in a timely manner.

The Emotion Code is a distance emotional clearing process. It is done through email. Negative trapped emotional energy can create a wall around your heart that makes it difficult to truly receive and express love. The intention of a heart wall is to offer protection from the hurts in life but the thicker it gets (the more negative emotions that are in place) the harder it is for you to lead a happy joyful and free life.

The research project is focused on what you feel before your heart wall is cleared and then how you feel after it is cleared. If this is something you’d like to experience at no charge, the time is now, send me that email. The first 5 people who contact me get a chance to experience life without a heart wall blocking the way!

Beat The Heat

It’s the middle of the summer and it’s hot. On Saturdays I’m volunteering for a therapeutic riding program, walking for 2 hours in a metal indoor arena, it’s shaded but boy do we sweat. And on top of that, I’m in menopause and periodically experience hot flashes.

What is there to do? How about creating a Beat The Heat spray! If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, here’s the recipe I’m using! If you want it fast and live near me, I’ll make a bottle up for you for $15.

What you need to BEAT THE HEAT and have a refreshing cooling water based spray …

2 ounce spray bottle – one that is safe to use for essential oils

1/2 ounce Everclear

15 drops Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha x piperita) – (May cause skin or mucus membrane irritation if used in greater than 5% dilution – we are using about a 1% dilution in this blend). Peppermint is cooling, clears energy, is uplifting to the mind, helps reduce fatigue, awakens, refreshes, offers pain relief, good for respiratory support, and is astringent to get rid of that oily sweaty feel.

10 drops of Bergamot Mint Essential Oil (Mentha citrate) – This has stress reducing monoterpenols and esters and offers balance. Bergamot mint is cooling, supports peace of mind, is immune supportive, and has anti-spasmodic properties.

The next three essential oils help with menopause symptoms because they are calming and supportive for hormone balance.

5 drops Orange (Citrus sinensis) – No known safety issues. Orange essential oil has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, and anti-bacterial properties. Citrus oils are bright, cooling and uplifting.

5 drops Clary Sage (Salvia sclera) – No known safety issues. Clary Sage essential oil acts as a CNS sedative and has anti-depressant and anti-stress properties. It is cooling and is also good for respiratory issues.

5 drops Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata) – Non-toxic essential oil but may be skin irritating if used at greater than 0.8% dilution, we are using it at a safe 0.4% dilution). Ylang Ylang acts as a CNS Sedative and is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and has a anti-depressant chemistry. It is relaxing, calming, exotic and sensual as well as cooling.

Fill the remaining space in the 2oz bottle with distilled water or aloe vera gel. Shake well before use. Spray this cooling mist 6-12 inches away from face and neck areas and feel instant relief.

Use ONLY quality therapeutic grade essential oils. Store in a cool dark space when not in use. (Do not leave this blend in a car during the summer, the intense buildup of heat will destroy the chemistry of the essential oils.) Because this is a water based blend, make it up fresh every 6 weeks. I add Vitamin E and Soluble in my water blends to increase shelf life but it’s best to use these type of blends frequently and use them up! Perfect to BEAT THE HEAT for the rest of the summer!

BEAT THE HEAT is a refreshing spray blend of specific essential oils perfect for cooling hot flashes, easing mood swings, and balancing hormones. Whether dealing with summer heat, menopause or a particularly disruptive monthly cycle, this blend can help bring welcome relief both physically and emotionally.

Let me know how it works for you!


Not the play acting type of drama but the real life drama of the emotionally charged rages happening today centered mostly around politics.

I first learned about “drama’s” when I was taking psychology courses and studying personality disorders, in particular Borderline Personality.

A person in drama creates their own screenplay of the situations around them and casts certain people in one of three starring roles: The HERO, The VICTIM, and the PERSECUTOR.

These drama’s are invested with a lot of emotions and creative imagining and are painted in black and white, not taking into account the countless gray areas. In reality EVERYONE at some point in time and in some area of their life has been a hero, a victim and a persecutor. But those in drama assign one role to a person without considering the whole person or the full picture in regards to the past, present, or possible future contexts.

Instead of identifying a particular person’s behavior, a drama condemns the person to the role they are assigned by the dramatizer, the person (rather than a certain behavior) is judged as good or bad. Unfortunately that doesn’t leave room for change in the mind of the one creating the drama; if one behavior is improved, the creator of the drama will look for and even magnify another behavior to prove their character casting was correct.

Drama’s are emotionally driven rather than being logically thought out. Emotionally driven behavior can lead to passive-aggressive and aggressive behaviors. Drama’s can not be taken lightly, they are often hurtful.

How does a person keep out of drama?

First, calm emotions. Calm the fight-flight response. The frontal lobes of the brain do not get the blood flow they need under stress and a person can not think as clearly as they normally would. Diaphragmatic breathing helps and so does mindfulness where you ground yourself in something concrete around you … notice the sunrise, appreciate a growing tree, enjoy the feeling of the water while taking a shower … get into the sensations of your body and let emotional stress drain away.

Second, after you’ve calmed your emotions, step back from whatever is a trigger, and observe it from a distance … like you’re up in a hot air balloon looking thousands of feet below you. Take in the whole scene, look at all the information. Don’t avoid something that’s uncomfortable, just continue to observe it from your higher vantage point. A person in drama will often have a magnifying glass on a certain issue, shutting out surrounding information and making a problem appear much bigger than it actually is.

Third, if you’re a praying person, pray for the situation. Have compassion on yourself and on other people, everyone is doing the best they can at the moment, they would do differently if they could, and we’ll never know the entire complexity of any person, probably not even ourselves (but we should really try to get to know our own self first). Don’t take anything that has been dragged into drama personally, it’s all about the other person, set limits so you aren’t abused and then practice compassion.

Fourth, if someone around you is in drama: if they are calling you names, then simply say it like you see it … tell them that’s the behavior of a bully; or if they are playing the role of the victim, be gentle but let them know they are more than a victim.

BTW, this doesn’t apply to a person who has been abused in some form, a person who has been a victim, that’s not the type of drama I’m talking about here. There are real hero’s and there are people who do bad things. I hold out hope for a person who has had a victim experience, that they wouldn’t become stuck in a ‘poor me’ attitude for years of their life … they are a person who can also be a survivor and/or an activist creating change and/or a compassionate supporter of others who have experienced similar situations.

It’s not healthy for anyone to be cast into just one role. Nor is it healthy for those who type cast others. Let’s work on getting out of drama and really looking at the complex facets and dimensions of the problems around us. Breathe and practice mindfulness. Together we can solve problems. We need each other. We need the full picture and all sides to issues. We don’t need the hurtful emotionally charged rages of drama. Consider and strengthen the areas you have in common with people who don’t share your viewpoint.

Drama is a way of creating separation and division. Most people are united in wanting things like the ethical treatment of animals, clean air and healthy relationships but they see different aspects of the problems in those areas and thus have very different ideas for solutions. Identify shared concerns and then ask others what they propose as solutions. It’s a great way to get out of drama and to learn more about other people’s viewpoints.  And sometimes it may be more appropriate in certain circumstances to avoid emotionally filled topics and thus avoid even the possibility of someone assigning drama roles. Why spoil the fun of a family picnic, instead create happy memories that help build compassion and connection.

Is there any place you’re seeing someone assigning those roles of HERO, VICTIM, or PERPETRATOR? If so, you’re seeing drama. Watch out so you don’t get caught up in someone else’s act.

What you missed …

Have you ever experienced an energy clearing?

Last Thursday I offered a free session clearing emotional baggage around weight. 99% of problems can be traced back to emotions.

Emotions have energy in the body. How do I know that? Einstein taught me. Energy is E=MC2. The M (matter, mass) of emotions is the neuropeptide unique to each emotion. The C (speed of light constant) is a wavelength and frequency. Put those two together and you have energy.

Neuropeptides are like little keys that fit into the unique individual keyholes found on the cells that make up your body. Muscle cells, intestinal cells, heart cells, liver cells. There are millions of receptor sites on each cell.

When the little keys fit in the the keyholes on the cells they create a tiny electromagnetic charge. Emotions are meant to provide some type of information that you are meant to act on … mostly to keep you away from danger … and then the emotion has done it’s job.

But, if you are highly stressed, are ill, or are medicated, then sometimes the emotional information doesn’t get through and the neuropeptide of that emotional key gets stuck in the cell receptor’s keyhole. This is called a trapped emotion.

Trapped emotions have electromagnetic energy that can cause disruptions to the cell it’s attached to and the surrounding cells. Trapped emotions can be a source of pain and dysfunction in muscles, organs, or other tissues. And trapped emotions can be a source of weight problems.

The first set of trapped emotions we released were around bravely facing the number on the scale. To get rid of denial or avoidance. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Nervousness
  • Overwhelm
  • And an inherited emotion from our father of Love Unreceived

The second set of trapped emotions that were released had to do with our earliest experiences around food and nurturing as an infant. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Lust for food
  • Betrayal
  • Anxiety

The third set of trapped emotions that were released were around the theme of using food as a means of getting comfort, love, and support. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Lost
  • Forlorn
  • Depression
  • Abandonment

The next set of trapped emotions we explored were around using food to cope with hurt feelings. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Taken for granted
  • Disgust
  • Blaming
  • Anger
  • Helplessness
  • Love Unreceived

And the last set of trapped emotions we released were around using weight as a protective insulation from others. The trapped emotions that came up and were released included:

  • Lust
  • Depression
  • Overwhelm
  • And an inherited emotion from our mother of Shock

Trapped emotions around weight loss can delve into hormones, false beliefs such as not deserving to be thin, family genetics of obesity, exercise, dieting, junk food, specific cravings, stress, willpower and more. We were only able to touch the surface of some common trapped emotions in the group energy clearing.

If you want to learn more about the Emotion Code energy clearing process (or to sign up for a personal energy clearing session around weight) check out the Q & A HERE.

Most of the people I work with that have weight issues have tried a lot of things to get to their ideal weight. Having trapped emotions around weight issues is like driving with your foot on the brake and the gas. You try hard to get somewhere but you’re being blocked and it’s not for lack of effort. Releasing trapped emotions gets that foot off the brake and the result is that you don’t have to push on the gas very hard to get somewhere.

Releasing trapped emotions makes all your other efforts easier. But you still do need to take other measures; energy work is not done in isolation from practical work. The practical tips I’ve found that help include:

  1. Drink water first, sometimes you’re simply hungry for hydration
  2. CHEW CHEW CHEW – your stomach doesn’t have teeth and digestion starts in the mouth
  3. The first 2 bites of a certain food give your tastebuds the flavor they are craving, try smaller two bite portions and really attend to and savor the flavor, be mindful of what you are eating
  4. Eat slowly, give your body a chance to register fullness (and that assumes you are tuning into the sensation of what full feels like to you)
  5. Eat until you are 80% full and then stop
  6. If you really need that stuffed feeling, then go for something savory like a whole bag of riced cauliflower heated and then mixed with 2 chunks of laughing cow cheese wedges, a dash of lemon juice and flavored with garlic and sea salt and cracked pepper (a super sized stomach filling dish for under 150 calories) OR if you need sweet, then cut up a huge bowl of watermelon and dig in (need more ideas like this, look up ‘Hungry Girl’ recipes on the web)
  7. Try to get 25 grams of fiber per day
  8. Fast for 12 – 15 hours each day, give your digestive system a break (I try to stop eating around 7pm and then have breakfast around 8 or 9)

The last Thursday in August I will be holding another Energy Emotion Code Clearing group call. The topic is coping with change … kids go back to school and that’s change, there are changes in routine, but some people are dealing with changes in relationships, or work, or changes in finances, or the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a beloved pet. In August we’ll release negative trapped emotions around change to help build resilience and flexibility. All leading to a happier, healthier, and less stressed you! Save your space and join in HERE!