NES Scan Results

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Coaches are supposed to discover what their clients biggest fear is … what keeps them up at night … it’s called a “pain point.” One of my biggest fears is becoming disabled as I age … triggering an auto-immune disease … falling off the cliff of health and having to live in pain and rely on prescriptions and surgical procedures to just get by.

I want more control over my health and thus why I’m such a big proponent of prevention, wellness, detoxing, organic, and stress relief. I’m willing to invest in myself on this end of the healing spectrum to try and avoid getting trapped in a non-holistic medical system.

And I’m curious to explore the cutting edge of science when it comes to health and wellness. Energy medicine is that current cutting edge. It’s bordering on the magical because it’s basis is in quantum physics and that field of science is simply mind boggling.

I just learned about an exam called the NES scan. It’s a scan using tiny electrical impulses and then translating how they travel through your body into a computer program that gives you insight into your current health. Results come back the next day.

I just got the results of my NES scan. Before the scan I would say my current biggest issues are mercury detoxing, feeling a rotation twisting in my body, and healing from the dental extraction. I did not reveal those things and was curious what the scan would say.

Well, I was awed at how accurate it came back. It showed a dot on my right upper jaw (where the extraction was) and had that listed as a 3 out of 5 priority (it is in the healing phase). It showed heavy metal toxicity as a 3 out of 5 priority (I am in the midst of detoxing). It showed I’m gluten sensitive but have no problems with lactose. And it showed something surprising … a 5 out of 5 priority … I’m not aligned with the earth’s magnetic fields and axis … this creates balance issues, a feeling that the body is not centered, a tightness around the heart and can get in the way of the brain communicating with the rest of the body.

Whoa. I feel those things and would NEVER have thought to look at how I line up with the planets gravitational and magnetic fields. How is this healed? You have to allow yourself time to rest, realign and regain your natural harmony with the Earth. Usually this is a problem with people who live in a city and need nature time. But I live in nature and have always known on some level city life would kill me. I’m going to do some meditation, prayer, and tapping on what may be blocking me from creating this alignment in my life and continue to get energetic bodywork. Or maybe my body is sensing and reacting to an instability in the earth’s magnetic poles and a pole shift that may be coming?

The scan reveals much more, like which body areas to focus bodywork, which acupuncture meridians need strengthening. And it also reveals whether there are any auto-immune problems … I tested good at the present time in that area … which was a relief calming that big fear I mentioned at the beginning.

You might wonder how the scan can check these things? All I can say is it was pretty darn accurate in my case and I plan to use it as complimentary information on my wellness journey! I will rescan in a few months and see what’s changed. NES health also recommends and sells products (infoceuticals) to help with healing if you wanted to go that route, I probably won’t do that part, I just want a way to test the different things I’m already doing.

If you were curious to learn more about the NES scan, do a search for NES health or click on the link in the 3rd paragraph above.


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I’ve been tired lately … no energy, even with a good nights sleep. I also feel a bit wobbly and have to use conscious attention when walking … motor control worries me. It’s subtle but I notice it. I’m still doing everything I normally would but can feel the drain on my body.

These symptoms are very common to other people’s symptoms who have issues with mercury amalgams. Every time I need a filling replaced, I ask that it be replaced with a safe “non-silver” filling. But in the past year I’ve had some serious dental work on the big molars in my mouth … all four of them, top bottom, right and left. I had one removed a year ago, one crowned last year, one crowned this year and another removed this year.

All four had large amalgam fillings and all that mercury is now gone from my mouth. But the removal process was not done the way a biological dentist would do. Thus I was exposed to a lot of mercury vapor as all were being worked on.

I’ve tried to be proactive in supporting my body in detoxing the mercury. Last year through Zeolite AV and now this year through a more rigorous detox protocol using the Microbe Formulas $1500 detox protocol. I’m only on month two for the detox and heavy metals are detoxed in month three and I’m really ready for that.

Did you hear about the lawsuit against Monsanto … their RoundUp product causes cancer and they used their big company lawyers and profits to fight but ended up losing to the truth. I think the same will happen to the American Dental Association one day … they will get sued over their recommendations and profits on patents on amalgam fillings because of the danger mercury poses to the human body, particularly with the build up of other pollutants and heavy metals in the environment.

Here are some signs and symptoms of acute mercury poisoning from Medicine Net:

  • Tremors
  • Emotional changes
  • Insomnia
  • Weakness
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Twitching
  • Headaches
  • Disturbances in sensations
  • Changes in nerve responses
  • Performance deficits on tests of cognitive function

Sources of mercury can be silver-colored dental fillings that contain up to 50% mercury by weight and can release mercury vapor, fluorescent light bulbs that use electricity to excite mercury vapor, contaminated fish we eat, and mercury fever thermometers made of glass. Mercury exposure at high levels can harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, and immune system.

I’m working on living a toxin free life as much as possible … reducing the toxic load on my body with natural cleaning products, using essential oils for pain, eating clean organic food as much as possible, avoiding beverages in plastic or cans, making my own weed spray and bug spray. But I had those mercury fillings put in when I was a little kid, no one knew better at the time, and now as an adult in mid-life, I’m concerned about the results of 50 years of toxins and the impact on my future aging and health.

I don’t want to step off the slippery slope and trigger an auto-immune disease … multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, heart disease, dementia all run in my family DNA. It’s very important to keep those epigenetic gates closed and that’s why I’m willing to invest in detoxing and in healthy living changes now. It’s prevention that may well save my future life.

Make Your Money Dreams Come True

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April is Occupational Therapy Month! And if you’ve even thought of a career that gives you the option to work from home, work in a hospital, work in the community, work at school, work with infants, work with the elderly, work with adults, work with kids, work with play therapy, work with stress management, work with hand rehabilitation, work with pain management, work with surgery recovery, work with people with disabilities, work with people seeking wellness … well, that’s only a small view of the big picture that a career in OT offers.

Half of your university education will focus on the physical body side of healing and the other half of your university education will focus on the mental health mind side of healing. It’s one of the first mind-body integration therapies out there. The profession started over 100 years ago working with vets returning from war with PTSD and physical injuries … therapy consisted of activities that strengthened the body while engaging the creative side of the brain using arts and crafts. Occupational Therapists are pros at analyzing an activity (horseback riding, ceramics, soccer) and noticing what the mind and body needs to do to perform that skill … then they match the client’s interests to an activity and maximize the therapeutic benefits and magic happens.

Occupational Therapy is concerned with a person living life to their fullest in every aspect of their life … in their daily occupations … whether that is in cooking dinner, working, dressing, shopping, or managing their money. And that leads to the title of this blog – Making Your Money Dreams Come True. Stress is the mind side of living life to the fullest and money can be a huge source of stress.

This month I’ll be applying over 30 years of experience as an Occupational Therapist and am offering a free stress management telephone conference focused on making your money dreams come true so you can really live life to it’s fullest. A telephone conference is simply a group call to a certain phone number on a certain day at a certain time. The day is April 25, 2019 at 7:30pm (Eastern Time Zone). To get the call in number, simply register for the class!

I hope a hundred of you will join in and have an experience of what Occupational Therapy can offer you!

De-stressing a Medical Procedure

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If you’ve been with me long enough, you know I have a chronic pain diagnosis that hibernates and then rears it’s horrible ugly head. Trigeminal neuralgia affects the facial nerve and radiates excruciating pain into the eye, nose, mouth, ear, and down the neck of the affected side. Stress accompanied by dental visits have been my past triggers with the proverbial straw breaking me in 2013.

Since that time I’ve worked hard on stress management and making life changes that support wellness. But over the past year or so I’ve had a number of tooth issues requiring two crowns and a tooth extraction. I’m blaming it on menopause. Yes, hormones affect every part of our body and I don’t think I’m wrong, although I’m not sure how much research is out there on the subject of dental health and women’s hormone changes.

So far no trigeminal flares have been triggered. But I’ve worked hard to prevent that from happening. A flare is so traumatic that I’ve had to do some emotional freedom tapping to release the PTSD trapped emotional energy. I’ve also been proactive in other ways to help de-stress medical/dental procedures:

  • I’ve planned ahead and put money in a medical fund so paying for procedures will not be a cause of stress.
  • I have essential oil blends to help with pain and anxiety.
  • I have wellness relievers built into my day (infrared therapy, Eden daily energy routine, stretching/self-myofascial release and water therapy).
  • I have a schedule I control that doesn’t control me.
  • I have a supportive network of friends and family.

So when I was told I needed to have another tooth extracted, I experienced fear but also had a solid foundation to de-stress. First, I freed up my schedule and cancelled all appointments so I would have unobstructed healing time. Then I practiced the stress relievers I teach women in bi-monthly classes.

The tooth extraction was today and it went as well as it could. Last night I was anxious and did some tapping, prayed offering gratitude to the tooth that was going to be removed thanking it for all that it has done for me and letting it know we would be reunited in the resurrection of the body (Christian spirituality), and I didn’t force myself to go to sleep and instead watched movies until midnight.

In the morning I drank a good healthy protein drink and some kefir … both settling nicely on a nervous stomach. I used some calming essential oils and allowed plenty of drive time to the appointment. I requested the nitrous oxide during the procedure even though I had to pay extra for that. It was worth every penny. I picked up my prescriptions before going home even though I just wanted to go to sleep after leaving the oral surgeon. I took the pain meds, sat with an ice pack, and made up a trauma blend to help with the bruising and swelling (Trauma Oil, Helichrysum, Frankincense, and Roman Chamomile). I took a long nap.

So far, so good. I look like I have a chipmunk cheek but the pain is negligible (knock on wood). And I just feel relief that everything is over. I mothered myself and I’m grateful for that … self-mothering, having a daily wellness routine and planning ahead has been the best way to de-stress a fearful medical procedure!