How Do You Know You Are Healing?


What are the signs you’re taking the right step to healing? The changes sometimes seem so ‘silent’ and small. It DOES take great awareness to notice differences … it’s easy to simply move on and ‘forget’ where you were.

So I decided to look back over the past few years and share with you 5 things bodywork, essential oils and energy healing have helped me with:

  1. Time Bleed – This is where I use to spend a lot of time unconsciously and consciously thinking (and overthinking) the past, present, and future without living completely in present and this was mentally exhausting. Now, time has a compartment and I enjoy the present moment without the past or the future bleeding into it. It’s so much more relaxing and fun.
  2. Shrinking Back, Pushing Forward – This is where I felt the need to protect myself with a first reaction of automatic withdrawal … but then I’d feel a sense of responsibility for others and shame over letting them down … so I’d make myself, at the cost of A LOT of energy, do those things my inner self was screaming that I should avoid.  Very exhausting. Now, I feel safe, I feel in flow and I don’t get that inner alarm of danger … it’s just not there. I don’t feel the need to control others or be responsible for them, so I can now do those same things that drained me before without them feeling like they are a burden. The things I do haven’t changed but how I feel about them and the amount of energy they take has changed. For the better. Much better.
  3. Withholding to Save Energy – This was an inner feeling that is hard to explain but it’s like there won’t be enough of me or I won’t have enough for the future … it’s a type of protective fear that caused me to horde clothes, protect my time, and feel there was never enough money … even when there was plenty, there was this fear that it would all some how disappear and must be closely guarded. Tied into this was also fearing being dependent on others (who if you asked for help, could let you down or hold it over you). Now, I feel more trust in the world and in people and I pray to God to increase the trust in His plan.
  4. Avoiding Social Events – I hate small talk (I fear saying the wrong thing, sounding stupid, being judged, those long silences when people move away, rejection) … I feel awkward, I’m anxious and that tension makes smiling difficult and even uncomfortable … but smiling is expected. The inner feeling that I’d never live up to expectations and the energy drain of being in crowds. Now, I still can make small talk and mingle and move about without feeling awkward (most of the time). I can be interested in what another person is going through and ask them questions. I don’t have the critical inner voice telling me “I’m not good enough” or “I stupid.” I’ve learned to make mental notes a head of time about what I’ve done in the past week just to anchor a conversation – like maybe telling people I walked my dog around the pond and the turtles were out sunning themselves or how there was a horseshow and I craved a hot dog but didn’t get one and how the craving just won’t go away … I now understand the little things are connecting, whereas I used to dismiss them, now I see how important they are and I’m feeling more comfort at social events.
  5. Twisted Straightjacket Feeling in Body – If you think of bodywork you probably think of a crashed car. Well, that’s what my body felt like … like twisted metal frozen in a crunched position … I’ve had my share of old injuries, falling out of trees, off of horses, and being in car accidents (while on a bicycle and riding in a car) … whiplash, a broken clavicle, broken ankles, surgeries on the leg and pelvis, a torqued back. We all have had our share of accidents and I’ve learned how the fascia (connective tissue in the body) protects the body after injury by forming extra collagen bonds but it ends up creating a mass of knots and movement restrictions and pain. Bodywork (myofascial release) has helped release my pain and my range-of-motion is becoming more normal, my body more even, my movement more balanced and fluid. And an unexpected side-effect was that I developed a sense of humor or rather it came out more … it’s like both my body and my joy had been kept in a box and was finally free to express itself.

How has all of this made a practical difference? I’ve been selling items on eBay and donating a lot of stuff, creating space in my home and a giving me a feeling of freedom. I can make fun of myself when I make a mistake (it’s not the end of the world) and I joke around more. I have a deeply satisfied feeling that I’m caring about myself now and investing in my future self (being proactive with aging by getting rid of the crooked tightness in my body, helping me stay active). I’m riding my horse. I’m running again (I stopped for 6 years due to the twist in my back). I swallow better (yep, pills and food aren’t getting caught in my throat anymore). I’m not sweating under my arms (ok, this seems stupid but it was embarrassing … I just don’t have nervous sweats like I use to). I don’t get upset much about changes, for example, it’s been easier to go with flow when a client needs a different time (there’s not that resentment or feeling of ‘being put out’). And I’ve not been triggered by my husbands emotions (when he’d rant about something I use to vibrate with tension, but I don’t anymore, it’s his deal and I can feel a boundary there that wasn’t before).

Those changes mean a lot to me. Life feels better. Easier somehow. I’m a better person, I’m a better Christian. But I’ll let you in on a secret … I wasn’t aiming for those changes, I was simply trying to find relief from pain … yep, physical chronic aches and pain. And these other things started happening too. And I liked it! These were the ‘side effects’ to using alternative and natural pain relief options. I’ll also let you in on another secret … these changes did not come overnight or from being sporadically committed … I was dedicated to this path of pain relief and used essential oils daily and had bodywork or an energy healing session once a week.

What are you doing and how do you know you are healing? I practice what I preach, so if you’re interested in trying what has helped me, incorporating some of it into your wellness journey, look over the options! Join me this Thursday for an energy healing session – heck it’s only $10 – why not check it out? Be bold, be curious, explore a little! And pay attention so you know when you’re experiencing the healing change.

Three Legs of the Stool





Those are the three legs of the stool or the three prongs to the plug I’ve found helpful for healing. Address only one and the stool is unsteady and healing does not happen as readily. But work on all three areas, integrate all three areas, and apply all three areas and magic happens.

Biomechanics: Working with the physical body as a machine … helping find alignment, giving it a tune-up, making sure the parts are in good shape. How? Bodywork, myofascial release, massage, exercise.

Biochemical: Considering the chemistry in the parts that make up the body at the cellular level … the matrix of communication from neuropeptides, hormones, and even viruses. How? Essential oils, supplements, detoxing, organic foods, diet.

Bioenergetic: The physical body can be working in perfect chemistry but it is the spirit that animates and makes us who we are … personality, moods, stress, thoughts. How? Coaching, time management, emotional freedom technique, emotion code, stress management.

These three areas, in harmony, lead to happiness and wellness. They are the three legs of the stool. Do you need any “leg work” to balance the stool? In which area(s)?

Many people prefer a ‘do-it-yourself’ approach to healing (or for a doctor to prescribe medication or do surgery) and while that works for some people, if it’s not working for you I’d love to help. Schedule a free consultation. Or consider signing up for the beginners series of classes exploring the bioenergetic aspect of the stool (finding balance in emotions and behavior), the next one is on April 26th (there will be a recording if you can’t attend live). There is also a 3-month coaching program which includes working with your body’s chemistry and releasing toxic emotions, if that’s your missing piece then jump in here!

Explore your way to health and discover the freedom when you find that just-right balance.



Do emotions effect finances? Think about the decisions people make, or don’t make. The things people buy to try and feel better.






If you released any of those emotions do you think it would impact your success with money?

Join me for an Emotion Code clearing session the last Thursday of this month (April 26th) and find out!

Sinus Solutions


A runny nose is a sign of inflammation in the body. Inflammation is actually one of the body’s protective mechanisms against foreign organisms and material. “As a part of this process a number of signal substances are released the mucous membranes of your nose. These lead to increased production of mucous, more blood is channelled to these membranes and more body water is leaked out between the cells of the mucous membranes,” says Stenklev. We experience this as having a stuffy nose and a lot more snot runs out than usual.

So many causes …







Emotional Overload

Certain Foods


Cranial Issues

Ileocecal Valve



Gut Microflora


Too much folic acid and not enough folate

I grew up with sinus issues, hay fever and allergies. It was just a part of life. NyQuil and Kleenex were always nearby and as I got older I used Benadryl and Advil daily. I took it for granted that this was the way it was. Until I didn’t. Until I started to question whether this really was the way it would always be. It was only then I ventured out and looked for change. I wanted real lasting solutions not just a bandaid fix.

I began to manage stress (linked to lowered immune function, which equals more body inflammation and thus sinus issues) by changing time management issues.

I began to eliminate toxins from my personal care products and from cleaning products, switching to natural cleansers.

I had bodywork to correct structural issues (my dad had surgery for a deviated septum … it didn’t work).

I stopped using chemical antihistamines and began using essential oils internally (doTerra TriEase), topically, and through inhalation.

I eliminated plug-in air fresheners and began to diffuse aromatic plants.

I started probiotics and using Kefir.

I used the Emotion Code to release old trapped emotional energy.

And I learned about Dirty Genes and how to clean them up.

It’s an ongoing process but as I watch my family still struggle with sinus issues, I see I’m not struggling anymore. In fact, I’m no longer allergic to dogs (after 30+ years of past problems) and I haven’t (knock on wood) had a cold or stuffiness or sinus drainage for over 2 years. And that was a really big change from the past. It wasn’t just one thing that made the difference, it’s been all the little steps that seemed insignificant at the time. But they added up. And I’m glad I ventured out and started on the journey to seek change.

What about you? Is there something niggling at you to change? Do you believe it’s possible? Are you open to trying something different?  Change is never easy, even changes for the better. Review the list of possible causes of sinus issues, which one could you work on today? One little step. I’m here to offer personal help if you want help or choose essential oils, bodywork for structural issues, massage for stress, or emotion release.