Ground Zero

Ground Zero

I could feel it, the disconnection, swirling of thoughts and type of creativity that keeps me stuck in my head and not in my body. I just finished presenting a totally new and innovative self-discovery stress management course on releasing body fear. For every minute of my talk, no one but me knew that I had spent an hour in research and course development – the planned 60-minute presentation had taken over 60 hours of creative thinking and intuitive searching.

The actual presentation ended up taking about 45 minutes – because of nervous excitement, I talked fast. I was pleased with the information people took away to use in their lives. But now I felt spent, exhausted and in need of recharging my “batteries”.

So back to ground zero I went. Literally, I went back to the ground – mother earth and began weeding – getting dirt under my fingernails. My garden filled with beautiful chaos. I am not the type of person to have neatly organized squares of flower beds. Rather I have winding paths filled on each side with overflowing textures and colors of flowers, fruit trees, shrubs and vegetables.

Slowly, I see progress. I’m ok with just a little area of progress. Here and there. No judgement. It’s my garden and I’m fine with it being my place of play and relaxation. I’m slowly recharging, I can feel the tension in my brow ease and a smile of awe cross my face as I look at an intricately shaped flower. I can breath deep now. And I think I’m ready now for the next work step – the creativity of thoughts are beginning to bud through again, so off to the computer I go…

Release Fear Method

Release Fear Method

FREE Release Limiting Fears CALL
When: June 17, 2014 @ 7-8pm ET
Call-in info below.

When is the last time you accomplished something important and meaningful and then allowed yourself to feel the satisfaction?

– Or is that accomplishment not good enough
– Or does your mind race on to the next task
– Or maybe you even put off starting

Procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm can get in the way of living your dreams.

You’re not alone.

Limiting fears can show up in many ways and the Release Fear Method can help.

Join me on Tuesday for this *Tele-seminar to learn more about limiting fears and how to release them so you can live your dreams with passion and purpose.

Conference Dial-In Number: (559) 726-1300
Participant Access Code: 623144#

(Long distance fees may apply if you use a regular phone, the call-in number is NOT toll free… so please keep that in mind.)

*What is a tele-seminar?
A tele-seminar is an informational talk given over the phone. It is educational and experiential (you may have an exercise to complete – similar to a guided imagery or short meditation). The goal of the talk is to offer a way to live the serenity prayer (accept that which I cannot change, courage to change what I can and wisdom to know the difference.) Fears can be very private and audience participation (being asked to talk) is minimal and voluntary and mostly anonymous – I may ask people at the beginning to share their first name and the state they are calling from for example and I may ask everyone to set an intention of one thing they would like to take away from the talk and at the end ask if anyone would like to share their “one thing”.