What are Chakras?

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Chakras. I’ve read about them, there’s thousands of books and websites about chakras. You can google them and read about them too. But here, in this blog, I’m going to add my personal thoughts about chakras and what I believe they are. As a disclaimer, I’m not New Age. In fact I was raised Catholic and love my faith. I don’t see myself as God, I see God as God, a personal God who is BIG, who is the creator of the Universe. And creator of all the universal laws that govern the material world we live in.

So what are Chakras? Whoa, before I say chakras are “energy” and have you rolling your eyes, let me back up a bit. Let’s start with Einstein and E=MC2. E is energy, M is mass or matter, and C2 is speed, actually the speed of light squared. Speed equates distance and time, and energy travels in wavelengths. Different wavelengths of light produce different colors even though it’s the same photon (packet of energy) traveling through those wavelengths.

Now let’s layer onto that understanding of energy the fact, yes I did say ‘the fact,’ that our bodies are primarily made up of space and energy with very little material. Over 99% of our body is space because over 99% of the structure of atoms is empty space and our body is made up of 100% atoms. That means energetic fields are creating the structure of our body. Pause a moment and let that sink in, God created us, and we are created with energetic fields.

Now let’s take into consideration that the human body also produces electricity … it’s what makes our heart beat and our muscles flex. We also produce energy through the chemical reactions in our body … just think of what caffeine does or adrenaline or alcohol … increasing energy or depressing energy. And like a drum which produces energy when it is hit (yes, sound is energy), the fascia in our body also produces mechanical energy called the piezoelectric effect. And the newly discovered primovascualar system has energetic photon light pathways that travel through our immune system … we have our own type of fiber optic system! And you can look that one up on PubMed if you’re a science geek like me!

The human body is made of energy. We are energetic beings. With the brief background above, I hope you can see this is not a New Age concept but a very real fact. It’s just taken science a while to develop the instruments and knowledge to understand and study this (left brain knowledge). But the energetic system of the human body has been intuited and used for therapy for thousands of years (right brain knowledge). There are some people, like Donna Eden, who can visually see the energy flowing in the human body. Just like some people have the gift of being an inspiring writer, a talented musician or a star athlete, other people have gifts that have gone unrecognized or unappreciated until science catches up with them.

The meridian energy system AKA the acupressure system in our body has an electrical component and acupressure points can be measured by the minuscule electrical current they produce. It’s even affordable … I purchased an acupressure detection pen on Amazon that I use to find the Emotional Freedom Technique tapping points for my clients. And talk about tapping … that’s using the mechanical action of the fascia creating an additional piezoelectric effect on acupressure points that already have a greater electrical charge than surrounding areas. Tapping on these points makes physical changes in the chemistry of our body … research shows decreased cortisol and DNA healing. Again, just check PubMed on cortisol, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and EFT (emotional freedom technique) if you need proof.

The acupressure system is pretty well known and many people have benefitted from acupuncture treatments and from the emotional freedom technique. The acupressure system runs vertically up and down the body and it may be that it corresponds to our primovascular fiber optics photon pathways in the immune system … that’s being studied now!

Before I delve into chakras and where they are, I want to point out cell phones. We take them for granted. 100 years ago they would have been seen as witchcraft. Not now. We carry a small wireless box and can talk to someone thousands of miles away. It all happens through sound wavelengths passing through the air and being magnified by technology. It’s energy.

Now let’s go back to us … we have thoughts and emotions and memory and these things can be difficult to locate in the human body, they too are energetic and it’s like they travel through thin air, but we know they are real and that they must have some physical piece of ‘technology’ that goes along with them, because that’s how physics works. There are some things science is still working on figuring out but our experience can lead us to the truth.

Now onto chakras. Unlike the acupressure system which is vertical, chakra energy tends to line up with horizontal (side to side) structures in the body. The first chakra lines up with the supportive bowl of the pelvis. The second chakra lines up with the fascia supporting the intestines, bladder, and reproductive organs. The third chakra lines up with the respiratory diaphragm. The fourth chakra lines up with the fascia supporting the heart and what’s called the thoracic inlet or outlet. The fifth chakra lines up with the fascia around the occiput, jaw, and neck. The sixth chakra lines up with the fascia that supports the pituitary and pineal glands inside the brain. And the seventh chakra lines up with the fascia at the top of the head (where an angel or saint’s halo is placed in pictures).

When I have done bodywork on the various diaphragmatic areas on the body (those horizontal areas corresponding to the chakras), I’ve noticed different emotions or memories may be released along with the tight areas. I’ve also noticed that people not only report more freedom of movement after the releases, they also seem to be more free in their selves … making decisions easily, having more confidence. That is always so gratifying to see.

I see the chakras like horizontal floors in an apartment building or like the drawers in a file cabinet. They are stacked one on top of another with the energetic vertical support of the acupressure meridian system being the building walls or like the file cabinet. These chakra floors or drawers are lined and filled with information that is respective to the ‘label’ for that level.

The pelvic diaphragm, the first chakra, especially in my horseback riders, seemed to have information about feeling safe. When the second chakra fascial area released it seemed to be about allowing yourself to be able to take pleasure in the little things of life, being less rigid and freeing creativity. When the third chakra respiratory diaphragm releases it’s like immediate expansion into life with personal power. When the fourth chakra in the heart and upper chest releases the heart seems to open to others, to be able to forgive and love.

I have offered bodywork therapy for pain and stress relief for 20 years and began noticing those areas that corresponded to the chakras. Curious about this, I started studying the chakras 10 years ago. There’s a lot of focus on stress relief using meditation and mindfulness and assertiveness and those are great, but those are addressing the top three chakra areas. The foundation of the structure is the bottom four chakras and they have been given little attention with the exception of doing breathing exercises (third chakra).

But now there is a coaching process that works through these lower four chakras. This process combines chakra work along with the emotional freedom technique, thus it has the whole energetic structure, the horizontal floors of the chakras along with the vertical supporting sections of the meridian acupressure system.

Here is an overview of who this coaching process benefits and what it offers:

  1. First Chakra Coaching Process – this is for people who have big goals beyond what anyone in their family has done in terms of money or impact or how they want to feel doing this goal. It is about being grounded, feeling safe, taking care of your body, and feeling trusting in this world.
  2. Second Chakra Coaching Process – this is for people who want to feel more flow, more alive, and more powerful in their life and their work. It is about gaining comfort in experiencing your feelings and allowing yourself to receive rewards (including financial rewards) and savor pleasure and be comfortable with vulnerability so you can reclaim your inner power.
  3. Third Chakra Coaching Process – if you’re playing small or procrastinating or feeling stuck this is for you. It will help move your energy into action, bring forth the courage and confidence to act with enthusiasm, and help you with being comfortable being seen for yourself.
  4. Fourth Chakra Coaching Process – this is for people who want to live from the heart, to heal the self and live in joy and connection, to be in love with life, their self and others. It is about working through levels of forgiveness and working with the shadow side of forgiveness that helps to heal past mistakes and gain freedom from the inner punishing critic and heal from perfectionism.

NOTE: Coaching is not therapy and shouldn’t replace therapy if that’s what you need. Coaching is a self-awareness and guided self-help wellness technique offering support for your success in business or personal life. The chakra process helps in honoring and moving energy of emotions like anger and self-judgment without violence so you can become more empowered! This work can be provocative for those feeling blocked, but that helps to see and remove the blocks, and leads to new opportunities to make different healthy choices in authenticity and ease. You can’t do the same thing and expect to get different results, you have to be bold and try something different. What’s the payoff? Confidence. Self-love. More connections. Better relationships. Ease in making decisions. Feeling comfortable in your own skin. Less pain. Feeling of lightness. Being empowered. Opening of the clearest pathway to the success you want.

If over 99% of us is energy, why aren’t people doing more energy work? I’d love to hear what you think about chakras. Left brained science is just catching up with the meridian acupressure system and I believe chakras will be next. If you are ready to take a bold move and want to learn more about coaching using the chakra process don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I love all the different mind-body healing modalities … healing the mind through the body and healing the body through the mind and I hope you do too!

I failed …

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A friend was excitedly talking about a recent jumping lesson and then suddenly stopped and got a sheepish look on her face and began to apologize for not taking the lesson from me. I was dumbfounded. I don’t teach jumping lessons, why would she apologize?

Yesterday a similar incident happened. I was helping a neighbor with her Wintec/Bates saddle … finding the correct gullet size for her horse. And she began talking about having one of her other horses checked by a saddle fitter who came to flock the saddle. Again, I was dumbfounded that she apologized for not hiring me. I don’t flock saddles, why would she apologize?

I failed!

I’ve failed to help people really know what it is I do. Even people I know well don’t know what I do. They’re in the dark and I’m to blame.

I teach a series of nine stress free Centered Riding lessons that focus on the biomechanics of riding a horse, understanding the nature of the horse, and using mind hacks like visualization and imagery to connect with the horse’s movement. Most of my lessons are done at the walk and include both ground work and mounted work. My lessons are applicable to jumping and barrel racing and trail riding and dressage and whatever type of riding you choose to do but I don’t specifically teach jumping or barrel racing or dressage. Usually a person knows if the Centered Riding lesson series will benefit their riding discipline … they know because they feel there’s something more or something missing in what they’re trying or because they just aren’t feeling confident riding. Centered Riding is great for building a balanced seat and confidence.

I also teach people how to evaluate their own saddle fit. Something that is beneficial for all horse owners to know. Especially if you’re getting a new horse, going saddle shopping, or conditioning a horse that may be changing shape. While the learning process does include evaluating their current saddle on their current horse, learning to measure the horse and the saddle, I do not fit saddles as a business. I’m a teacher of horse owners on the basics of understanding saddle fit, I’m not a ‘saddle fitter.’ And I don’t flock english saddles. I hire a saddle fitter to come out and reflock my saddle yearly.

In other words, I fill a specialized niche. A niche that is new and different for horse owners. A niche that empowers horse owners to become better horse people, more knowledgable, more savvy. But it’s not for everyone. Not everyone craves horse knowledge for themselves, they are happy to rely on others who sell the saddles, or to hire a saddle fitter when a white spot develops, or to add another saddle pad, or they just don’t worry about saddle fit. And not everyone wants to delve into the self-awareness required in mind-body riding. That’s ok. But for those who are interested in these things, I’m sorry I’ve failed you in not being more clear with the message about what I do offer. And I promise to offer that clarity from now on!


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I once heard, “look where you spend your time and you’ll see what you value.” I think it’s more complex than that. Some people spend half there life working in a factory but they don’t value factory work … they value home and family and providing the security of a good income to their loved ones … that is the real inner motivation.

July is a month where we value freedom in the USA. As a kid, July meant freedom from school, family vacations, and the spectacular fourth of July fireworks. Thank God for the freedoms we enjoy and many times take for granted. The biggest freedom you have is the freedom to hold personal values.

What do you value? Family? Fun? Faith? Check out the list of values below and see which ones speak to you.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 10.19.17 AM

One exercise I do in coaching clients is to have them rank this list. I ask them to start with “achievement” and then ask themselves if achievement means more to them than the values listed below the word … is achievement more important than adventure, if it is then achievement gets a check mark, if it isn’t, then adventure gets a checkmark and I’d have them continue comparing achievement to the entire list. Then we’d move to adventure and compare that giving checkmarks to the winning value. After moving through the entire list, a person ads up the checkmarks and they can see their top values.

If they have a happy life, those values are probably very active in their life. But if they don’t, then they are feeling tension, unfairness, constrained. It’s then a matter of coaching that person into how this is affecting them and what they’d like to see change. To feel more freedom to be their authentic self, to have the courage to act on that, to self-advocate while respecting that others have different core values.

Why don’t you give it a try, use the fun and freedom of summer to explore a little more about yourself and then share the results with me! I’d love to learn a little bit more about you!


The Unsung Hero

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Self sacrificing for a good cause.

Pushes through strong emotions.

Grounded, standing strong.

There when you need her.

Willing to save the day.

But then needs her solitude.

Doesn’t want the attention.

Just wants to get the job done.

Hangs in there no matter how tough it is.

Everyone else has fallen away, but not her.

You can count on her.

She’s tired but she keeps on doing what is right.

She’s physically hurting but pushes on.

One of her superpowers – she can perceive the truth (and when others aren’t being truthful).

She hates dishonesty but she stays silent … most of the time.

She’s smart.

She keeps a even keel.

She likes to see others happy and safe.

That gives her satisfaction.

And if that were noticed, she’d be happy too.

If someone would just say, “I see how much you care.” “I see how much you do.”

But she’s invisible to most people.

She’s there holding everything together, unnoticed.

She’s the unsung hero.

The Backstory

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I’m going through an intense advanced certification process using the emotional freedom technique (EFT). The course is called ‘Ignite Your Healing.’ EFT, also known as tapping, is a research based process that calms the physiological body response to stress. Deep breathing is another process (one used by the military) that calms this physiological fight/flight response. ‘Ignite Your Healing’ uses visualization, breathing, and tapping to uncover and heal old trauma and emotional wounds.

One of the processes had us asking ourselves when we felt our body let us down. I immediately had a scene of myself as a 2yo with my first horse ride. The intensity of feeling my body let me down was a 10 out of 10.

The backstory behind that event was that was the first time I had seen a real horse. I immediately fell in love. The horse was magnetic to me and I couldn’t stop staring at it. The neighbor saw me and asked if I wanted a ride. Of course I did, everything sparked inside with excitement and longing.

The feeling of sitting on that horse was like no other, it was magic. My little 1 1/2 yo brother was placed on the horse with me. Nothing else in the world was as wonderful as this. Love pulsed through my system.

Then the neighbor started to walk the horse. I felt tippy, unsafe. I hoped my brother didn’t fall. I hoped I didn’t fall. I even hoped my little brother might help me stay on. This was scary, mixed with awesome, mixed with terror. So confusing. Why wasn’t there an adult there to help me? I was sliding off the side. Oh God, that couldn’t happen. I wouldn’t let it happen. But I had such little control. This is awful. I hate my body for not staying balanced. It betrayed me.

The ride stopped, we were taken off the horse and I was shaking. I was in shock. The happiness and love and excitement from moments before were buried deep. But I couldn’t stop feeling pulled magnetically to the horse. A deep love of horses was born that morning. But also a deep seated fear. And that’s the backstory. That came up for healing. And I tapped and tapped.

That long ago event has colored all my horse experiences since. Holding me back from fully feeling the light fun emotions around horses. It’s time to heal, it’s time to honor that little me. It’s time to acknowledge her courage and that her body was perfect. It acted exactly as it did because it couldn’t have been differently. An adult should have been there to help. But they weren’t and it was perfectly normal to feel tippy when you’re two years old and the first time on a horse.

I honor my body for everything it did. I allow my body to relax, I allow my muscles to relax. It no longer serves me to grip and feel like I’m going to fall off when I ride horses now. My adult self went back into that memory and offered the support and help that little girl needed. It calmed her and praised her. It made her smile and feel loved.

I honor my body for all it does for me. I honor my past experience. I honor my fight/flight response and I allow it to relax now. I’m open to feeling safe and joyful around horses. I honor my body and acknowledge my deep love for horses. I honor my body.

And I keep tapping through the points as I repeat those phrases above. I’ll need to do it more than once (maybe even more than 10x) but it feels like the intensity has already gone down to a 6 or 7. That’s close to 4 points lower and that’s a lot less stress flowing subconsciously under the surface in my system. Since horses are a big part of my life and my business, this is huge. It’s no wonder I’m a mother hen and really help the riders I teach and that I’ve been drawn to doing safety research around horses.

If you’ve read my author profile on Amazon, now you know the backstory of that first ride as a 2yo. Soon, I’ll be able to invite you to the ‘Ignite Your Healing’ process. I’ll let you know when the certification process if complete. Be ready to be amazed! I sure have been.

The “Why”

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I’ve been working with a transformational business coach on developing and expanding my online business options. I bring over 50 years of horse experience to the mix, along with being a certified riding instructor and therapist who has run an equine business for over 20 years. The favorite parts of my work are building rider confidence and offering stress and pain relief therapy for women.

Some of the business exploration below is based on Simon Sinek and Brendan Bruchard’s work. There were three different series of questions that I had to answer as I felt deeply into who I am. Here is what I came up with:

First … What is your why, how, and what?
Why – I believe people benefit and grow into their best selves with innovative transformational work
How – I apply that by bringing pain and stress relief techniques to horse people and their horses
What – through my online Saddle Fit Simplified and Full Stride mindfulness courses, my transformational business and coaching with courage sessions, centered riding lessons, and Brown Pony Series horse books

Second … What is your theory, process, transformation, and transcendence?
Theory – horses are flight animals, watchful of herd, react to those around them
Step-by-Step Processes – how to make horses comfortable, how to practice stress release for yourself
Transformation – so you can have a safe understanding relationship with your horse built on trust and partnership
Transcendence – but what it’s really about is deeply connecting to others (people and animals) at a soul level with love and caring

AND Third … What is your passion and the benefits of your solution?
My passion: is having a natural ease around horses that radiates caring and connection
Benefits on my solution: safe interactions with horses, horses understanding of your requests and wanting to comply and please you

This has been an interesting process and if you have your own business, you can watch a short YouTube video from Simon Sinek that will get you started into feeling into your own why, how and what.

My first step in this new business direction is offering a FREE report aimed towards horseback riding instructors … offering them tips on creating a profitable business built in integrity by honoring the horse, involving the rider and setting up their barn in a professional manner. You can preview it at http://www.RideWithSuccess.com and it will be ready to launch and share with others soon. Wish me luck!


Creative Analyst

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Creative Analyst? Yep, that’s me. At least according to several entrepreneurial personality style quizzes.

I see it. I own it. Although I’m deeply introverted, I’m fairly equally balanced between the logical side of the brain and the creative side. I can keep things structured and bring together novel ideas all at the same time.

I’m best when I sample a lot of life and then notice the best parts, take those and piece them together for something amazing and fantastic. It’s so easy for me I wonder why someone else hasn’t done it before!

Currently I’m directing that talent to creating a free gift for horseback riding instructors. Horses cost so much and they are always needing tips on how to get new students and keeping money coming in.

Here’s a sneak peek at what it’ll contain: 5 Steps Successful Horseback Riding Instructors Do To Keep Lesson Money Coming In … I’ve used the acronym HORSE to outline the five steps.

H – Honor Your Horse (Tips for building a willing partner)

O – Open up to the Possibilities (Law of Attraction questions)

R – Raise the Bar (Building the business)

S – Safe, Successful, and Satisfied (Winning lesson plan strategies)

E – Ensure Rider Happiness (recognizing fear and releasing stress + much more)

What do you think? What tips do you have that could be shared with those in business, those who work with horses, those who teach riding lessons? I’d love your input too! Even a creative analyst can have a blind spot and miss something 🙂