Time Off

When you live on a farm it’s hard to get time off. But we managed. September 15th is the opening of small game and my husband enjoys hunting. I enjoy taking photos and sitting in the cabin binge reading novels. We left Sunday morning, drove up north 3 hours and then came home Monday afternoon. Yeah, I know, it’s not a long get-a-way. But it was time off and quality time.

The dogs traveled well and hey, since I no longer have allergies to dogs thanks to essential oils (lemon, lavender, peppermint doTerra Seasonal Blend capsule), I traveled well too. lol.

Now I’m home recovering from the time off. Funny how that works, it’s almost like a jet lag type of feeling, even though it was a very short vacation and I chilled out reading most of that time. Maybe it’s the long ride; it is tiring sitting in a truck for hours (and to think in 6th grade I wanted to be a trucker but hey, that was in the 70’s when trucker songs and movies were popular).

Hubby enjoyed the time off and is already making plans from the next short get-a-way. I need a little bit more ‘time on’ before I can think about that. There’s nothing like getting settled back into the regular routine. Ah yes, wading through those 200 emails (mostly junk) and jumping in with three therapy appointments today and a visit to my parents.

I think I’m ready for bed now and it’s only 8:30pm. Yes, good night friends! I’ll catch ya next week.

Did you know?

There’s two things I enjoy everyday … coffee and flavored sparkling water. Both are calorie free and water based. Because of blood pressure issues, I even switched to a low caffeine blend of coffee.

As most of you know, I’ve been working on switching out products monthly and slowly eliminating toxins from my life. That’s the easiest way to detox, by preventing toxins from coming in.

I don’t use plug in air fresheners, I use therapeutic grade essential oils and diffusers. I stopped using plastic water bottles and use a Norwex filter with my well water (that has been tested). I get bodywork regularly and have gotten off pain medications.

But a couple of things totally escaped me. Did you know coffee was a heavily sprayed crop? I had no idea I was supposed to be buying organic coffee. I made that switch a few months ago.

And did you know that cans of sparkling water (and pop) are aluminum lined with BPA plastic? And that lining may protect you from aluminum leaching but it causes your blood pressure to spike? And BPA is also an endocrine disruptor, mimicking estrogen.


The last prescription medication I’m taking (and trying to get off of) is blood pressure medication. I seriously had no idea of the connection between cans and blood pressure until last week. And I’m already struggling with estrogen issues and menopause symptoms.

I was pretty much addicted to Lacroix. I stopped drinking all soda due to the artificial sweeteners of the diet type and the high sugar content of regular pop. Lacroix helped me make that switch since I craved a fizzy taste in my mouth.

When you learn new information, you can ignore it, go on as before, throw a tantrum (I wanted to), try and change the world of can liners, or simply switch out to a different safer product. I’m back to drinking out of glass bottles, no more cans for me. My new drink is Perrier water, low calorie light beer, and different flavors of organic Kombucha … all in glass bottles.

The coffee was an easier switch. Although I wish Starbucks had more organic choices. But I can’t tell you how frustrated I was when I learned about BPA in cans. Living a toxic free life isn’t exactly easy with so many bad choices so readily available. But thankfully, more and more research and information is available. And perhaps healthy buying choices will encourage companies to invest in healthy products and there will be real change.

To deal with the damages caused by estrogen disruption, I started on a supplement called Calcium D-Glucarate. This supplement is supposed to help the body detox from xenoestrogens like BPA. I’m curious if it will help with the hot flashes, I have a lot of years of exposure to canned drinks and products to detox from.

Do you have a favorite product that you gave up to live a healthier life? What did you switch out to?

Stress Management for Women


Learning how to read my body and being proactive against the damages of stress has added tremendous value to my life. I can set authentic boundaries without guilt and dump being pulled into other peoples dramas. I can help my mom and dad as they are aging and not get resentful of the time it takes. I can better feel God’s love for me too.

It’s amazing what stress can rob from women. Last Thursday I hosted a bi-monthly stress management group for women focused on the topic of Change.

We started out sharing what types of changes we were facing … for some it was relationships, for others it was moving and job changes, health also came up with pain and weight issues, and there were the changes that were difficult to prepare for … death of pets and loved ones, injury, and a cancer diagnosis.

The next part of the group was a brief story on the human body’s reaction to stress and the need to use body strategies for stress management first to reactivate clear thinking.

Body strategies we practiced were breathing like a Navy Seal (balancing the Vagus Nerve), tapping certain acupuncture points (research shows this decreases the stress hormone called cortisol), and using a Brain Gym exercise called “putting on your thinking cap.”

Next we completed a guided imagery on a current change to clarify where we want to be, where we are and what obstacles lie between. The imagery included opening a gift (from the wisdom of your own subconscious mind) that would help you navigate the waters of change.

And finally we used the Emotion Code to clear out trapped emotions which were making the journey to change more difficult than it needed to be. Some themes that came up to be cleared were over an unknown outcome, fear of a lack of resources, not getting support from others with the change, past failure in changes, questioning of being able to adjust to the change, worry about failing in the current change, worry about the extra time change is taking, not noticing a difference with the effort being put in to change, being overwhelmed when change is happening too fast, feeling safe and comfortable in what is known vs. what is unknown with the change, dealing with loss of what is left behind with the change, and not having control to choose the change.

This was a rich topic and I hope you can join me in the next group call for stress management for women in October focusing on maintaining health through the winter and boosting the immune system. I can already see giving out a few essential oil recipes (diffuser blend, natural hand sanitizer), practicing research based somatic stress management strategies, discussing the link between stress and immune health, and using the Emotion Code to release toxic immune stressing emotions.

If you have anything specific you’d like to see covered in October related to immune health, just comment below!

Navigating Change

negotiating change

We had a tough decision before us. Should my husband accept a new job offer. Accepting his new job meant moving … moving 60 miles from both sets of parents, selling our home, and my giving up a 4-H club I championed and a new job I loved.

My husbands current work was in construction and he enjoyed it. He had just received his builders license and was contemplating going out on his own. We had our own little 5 acre farm with our horses and I had just become certified as a therapeutic riding instructor for the local program.

Why would we even consider a new job offer? Life was good as it was. But this job wasn’t any normal job, it was moving to a large horse farm, training dogs, and leading a hunt; this was outdoor work with animals and having freedom to decide what to do during the day. My husband loves animals and hunting and being outdoors. He was an ADHD kid and being able to schedule his own day would fit right into his personality and personal needs.

Was I willing to step out of a limb and give up my ‘life’ to support him? At first I said “no.”

But then we went up to visit the property where the job would be … a canopy of trees covered a winding hilly dirt road to a big old white barn and acres and acres of rolling pasture. It took my breath away and I knew to my toes that supporting my husband in this job change would be good for both our souls.


Being supportive of each other is a non-negotiable in our marriage. Finding work we love that fits our personality and strengths is also a non-negotiable. Living in nature with animals fills both of us with joy.

Change is not easy, even if it is right. I had to clean the house and decided to rent it out rather than sell it (what if the new job didn’t work out), and then I had to find renters. There were sad goodbyes with my 4-H kids. And ones of disbelief from the therapeutic riding program. A lot of emotions, not all of them pleasant or encouraging.

With change comes fresh beginnings … I started a new therapeutic riding program through 4-H at the hunt, opened my own therapy business with horses, found a wonderful new church to attend, and I go back home to visit family twice a week (seeing them even more than I did when I lived only 10 miles away).

That decision was 25 years ago and life is even better than it would have been if we’d stayed put. Decisions for navigating big changes are made easier by knowing yourself, discerning what your values are and identifying your real non-negotiables.

I’m hosting a stress management session this Thursday on the topic of change. We’ll do some activities that help you clarify your own non-negotiables, learn to turn down the stress response so it doesn’t highjack your ability to think through changes, and also clear out old emotional triggers that might be preventing you from stepping into changes that will be beneficial for you. If that sounds like something that interests you then jump in and join me this Thursday on the phone 7:30pm Eastern Time.


Resisting Change

Have you ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels?

Or maybe you’ve felt stuck at some point in your life?

Feeling like one foot is on the gas but the other is on the brake?

All of those have one thing in common … difficulty moving forward and allowing change to happen.

I worked hard and was living my dream job. Working with therapy for people using horses was so unique, I was forced out of my comfort zone to become a private business owner. I did it. And because I did it, I was asked to teach a class through the Occupational Therapy department at Western Michigan University. That was another step out of my comfort zone but I did it. Then a conflict with insurance coverage for a client led to a ten year research project. I did that too and results were published nationally and internationally and led to presentations at several National Conferences. I wasn’t comfortable speaking in front of groups but I did that too. I was happiest in the barn 1:1 with my clients. I felt at the top of my game treating patients, mentoring college students and contributing to the therapy field as a whole. But the ground began to shift under my feet. I was beginning to have pain in my arms, neck and shoulders from the work I was doing. I ignored it. I loved my work. Then the barn I was at closed down. I struggled to find another barn and finally did after two years of intense stress but my client load had dropped. Then my business computer crashed and some information was irretrievable. A short while later my therapy horse coliced and died. A week after that, I was in the hospital with a chronic pain diagnosis. I was bucking change. Resisting it. Digging in my heels. I wanted what I wanted and didn’t heed the signs suggesting a change in career direction. I knew it inside, but I denied it. Pain was the forced motivator to change, I had to be flat on my back to move forward in a different direction. That’s weird isn’t it. I really struggled against change. I was reactive rather than proactive.

We live in time, so one day changes into another, one season comes while another goes. And with the change of time, certain events happen. Our favorite store goes out of business, pets pass away, cars age, houses deteriorate.

And coping with change can create many different emotions.

The change of Death can create grief.

The end of a job can create resentment.

The change of Divorce can create abandonment.

Coping with an accident or injury can create anger.

Change, depending on the situation and the amount of control we feel, can create shame, regret, or fear of the future. If you’re reactive to change (like I was) rather than being proactive, then you’re more likely to have trapped emotions around change. Trapped emotional energy stays trapped (unless it’s released) and creates future difficulty coping with change. It becomes an emotional trigger.

On Thursday August 30 at 7:30 ET join me in a teleconference where we’ll explore and clear the negative energy around change that’s getting in the way of flowing with ease in life. We’ll clear out old trapped emotions and the old emotional triggers.

This is a stress management group lasting about 1 hour designed especially for women: The Emotion Code is a simple way to clear out negative emotions to enable a positive ‘go with the flow’ mindset.

My motto: Helping Women Feel Joy and Balance in Life

Join me August 30!


We all get banged up now and then from life. You can wear your scars like a badge of honor or you work on healing them.

LLLT – low level laser light therapy is one method. Here’s an excerpt from PubMed – Stem cells can be activated, allowing increased tissue repair and healing. In dermatology, LLLT has beneficial effects on wrinkles, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and healing of burns. The noninvasive nature and almost complete absence of side effects encourage further testing in dermatology.

I’ve been using LLLT with clients for pain relief and am seeing good results on scars. But there is a do-it-yourself scar healing treatment too. One with oils and essential oils that known for their skin healing properties. I’ll share one of my favorite recipes:

5ml Roller Bottle (For External Use Only)

  • 2ml Tamanu Oil (just google this one to see all the amazing benefits)
  • 10 drops natural Vitamin E Oil (skin healing and natural preservative)
  • 2 drops therapeutic grade pure Frankincense Essential Oil (skin healing)
  • 2 drops therapeutic grade pure Patchouli Essential Oil (emotionally supportive)
  • 1 drop therapeutic grade pure Helichrysum Essential Oil
  • Fill remaining bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil or Jojoba.

Put the roller on your bottle and cap it with the lid then shake well to mix the oils. Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative but store your skin healing remedy in a dark place. If you store it in the refrigerator, the Tamanu oil will solidify and make it difficult to use your roller bottle. I recommend using up roller bottle blends within one year.

Use this blend frequently throughout the day by topically rolling it over the scar areas on your skin. The essential oils used in this blend are non-toxic, non-irritating, with no known safety issues and support healing for both physical and emotional scars. This skin supporting blend can be used on scars, psoriasis, wrinkles, stretch marks, and insect bites.

If you have an old scar you want help with, I invite you to schedule a $50 session and I’ll do a LLLT treatment (in-person) on the scar, an Emotion Code energy work session, and you’ll get a home program with the Essential Oil roller blend above.


A robbery happened in your neighborhood. The next week two more burglaries were committed. Police are much more visible when you leave your driveway but instead of feeler safer, your gut clenches because you know it’s a sign that something is not right. The robber strikes at night when people are sleeping, you lock your doors, double check the windows, but sleep is difficult when every creak in the dark sends you into vigilant alertness. You leave for work but still feel anxious, what if the person is watching everyone’s habits and strikes during the day. What if he enters during the day and waits hiding in your house for you to get home. It’s hard to concentrate at work and you make little mistakes, your co-workers look at you with judgement, or at least that’s what you think because you are critically judging yourself. More robberies occur, the house next to you is struck, and you just can’t relax. You have a doctor’s appointment and you’ve gained weight, your heart rate is higher than normal, your blood pressure is elevated and you complain about stomach problems and constipation. You share that you’ve been having work and home stress, the doctor asks more questions and wonders if you need an anti-depressant.

The next day you hear on the news the robber has been caught red-handed. He’s in jail and will go to prison. There is no longer a daily presence of police on your block. Things appear more normal. You still feel that anxious “high” and it’s hard to sleep, but you do manage to get a few hours of rest. Your stomach feels more settled for morning breakfast. You leave for work and the intrusive thoughts about someone hiding in your house do not even enter your consciousness. You feel bad for those who have been robbed and hope they get their possessions back. You follow the story in the media and are animated when talking about the news with co-workers. You don’t realize it but you’re not making those little mistakes at work now, you’re on top of your game. A while later, you visit your doctor and your blood pressure and heart rate are back to normal, you’re sleeping well again and the bowel and stomach problems have disappeared. There is no mention of anti-depressants.

That’s a story of how emotional stress affects your well-being. If you feel safe, everything just works better, flows better, feels better. But what if that negative emotional energy became trapped in your body and created an ongoing sense of unsafeness, stealing your peace of mind and affecting your overall health. Most people keep pushing through and functioning as best they can but they know something isn’t right. They aren’t at the top of their game and they may even be on medications to deal with the symptoms from the trapped stories of old stressors.

But there are ways to capture that internal negative energy thief and put him away for good. There are methods that can allow you to see the memory of an old event and not feel the unsafe emotional charge anymore. Tapping or EFT (emotional freedom technique) is one I teach clients and the Emotion Code is another. I use both for myself as well. Each of these can easily be googled, so I won’t go into details about what they are, but thousands of people are experiencing relief from post-traumatic stressors.

The last Thursday in August I will be offering a group Emotion Code session, clearing the negative emotional charges that happen around life changes … injuries, graduations, moves, death of loved ones or beloved pets, changes of employment, divorce, marriage, relationship breakups, financial losses. I invite you to join me. The cost is $10 … so often we spend our money of something that gives us a temporary boost – a $10 movie, fast food, star bucks … how about making that small investment into a permanent boost and have some of that negative emotional stress removed? Easy online sign-up. Information is HERE. You don’t even have to be brave to listen in, “wall flowers” are welcome and benefit too, all you need to do is decide you want to feel more safety in your life and then sign up for the August session.