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Why Weight

Why Weight

  1. Eat until you’re 80% full.
  2. Your stomach doesn’t have teeth, chew your food thoroughly.
  3. Eat for your micro biome.
  4. Eat to clean up your dirty genes.
  5. Use food mindfully.
  6. Avoid pesticides, GMO’s, toxins, and dangerous food additives.
  7. Move your body.
  8. Drink good water.
  9. Cut out artificial sweeteners.
  10. Create a healthy sleep routine.
  11. Work on balancing your hormones.
  12. Decrease cortisol inducing stress.

Implementing all these things may be easier said then done. If you are, kudos to you! But if you aren’t, and you have weight issues, and you’ve tried but just can’t maintain the willpower, then there may be a logical reason behind it. You may have an unconscious energy that is opposing your conscious intentions and zapping your willpower.

Trapped emotions are unconscious energies that can sabotage your best efforts at losing weight.  In June I’ll be helping release the trapped emotions around weight loss and you can JOIN IN for free.

Go to my FACEBOOK PAGE and share your views in a POLL about why people are overweight. I’d appreciate your help and I’ll incorporate your ideas in the group call in June.

Comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

Swelling in the Ankles

Swelling in the ankles can be a sign of heart issues for women. It’s something that should be checked out if you’re not sure why it’s there. I get periodic swelling when I’ve been sitting along time (like when I was traveling to Florida last week) and I’m more prone to ankle swelling when I’m on a certain prescription medication (one of those darn side effects). I have a friend who had lymph nodes removed during cancer surgery and she’s struggling with swelling in her ankles now. And I have another friend who had a traumatic brain injury and uses a wheelchair for ambulation and she struggles with swelling in her ankles. And I have a family member who gets swelling during hot muggy weather (and is under a cardiac physician’s care) but is fine in the air conditioning.

I created an essential oil cream blend that supports circulation in the ankles for all those situations that I thought I’d share with you here.

Beautiful Ankles Cream

2oz doTERRA Scent Free Lotion

12 Drops Cypress (Circulation: For improvement of circulation, relief of swelling and pain caused by varicose veins, and reduction of inflammation and edema in the limbs. Menstruation: Cypress is often used in massage blends to alleviate cramping. Musculoskeletal: Cypress has anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions, and is very useful for rheumatic conditions. Its antispasmodic activity can help with restless leg syndrome.)

6 Drops *Grapefruit (Astringent: Grapefruit essential oil is frequently recommended for use in skin care blends for its toning (contracting and tightening) effects. Cooling: Grapefruit essential oil is reported to have a cooling effect when applied to the skin. Diuretic: Grapefruit is frequently cited as being useful for combatting fluid retention.)

6 Drops Juniper Berry (Congestion and fluid retention: Juniper Berry is widely used for edema, lymph congestion, bloating, varicose veins, and fluid retention. It can be used in blends to counteract tissue congestion along with Cypress and Grapefruit.)

2 Drops Helichrysum (Musculoskeletal: Helichrysum is very useful for muscle and tendon damage, inflammation, bruising, joint pain, and swelling. Injury: For soft tissue damage, pain, inflammation, bruising, and prevention of infection.)

Massage a small amount on ankles. Repeat up to 6x a day for as long as needed for relief to get your beautiful ankles back.

Use within one year. Store in cool and dark area to prevent oxidation of essential oils. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs.

(Information provided in parentheses about the therapeutic benefits of each essential oil comes from the certification course I completed through Aromahead.)

OFFICE USE *Safe use of phototoxic oils: Grapefruit (cold pressed): 24 drops per 1 ounce (this blend is within the safety guidelines for use on areas that may be exposed to sunlight)

Here are some common questions I answer about using essential oils:
  • I studied to be certified as an aromatherapist for 2 years
  • Essential oils are extracted from plants, are natural, and help support the body to heal itself
  • Essential oils have a chemistry that can be used for supporting the natural healing ability of the body for those experiencing different issues
  • There is research on the use of essential oils on ailments on the PubMed website
  • Not all essential oils are the same, a cheap bottle of “Lavender” from your local dollar store may cause skin irritation and irritability when it should be very skin healing and help with anxiety and sleep and this is why that can happen … the FDA does not regulate the industry and essential oils can be labeled pure but 1) may not be pure at all (may have weeds or other plants in them), 2) may have synthetic components mixed in with them, 3) may be from plant material that was sprayed with chemicals, 4) may be 1 drop pure and 100 drops of another oil (very diluted), 5) may be taken at the wrong time of harvest or harvested during rain which changes the healing chemistry that would normally be typical of the oil and 6) may be taken from a 2nd or 3rd pressing of the plants (like making tea from an old tea bag) and thus the resulting “oil” is very weak. One lab bought and tested a cheap bottle of Frankincense off the shelf from a store and tested it and there was NO Frankincense in the bottle at all! Frankincense normally sells for about $100 a bottle and the “cheap” bottle was about $10 … but it was really worthless. Authentic Frankincense is used for cancer and aging and many other applications … it’s a powerful biblical oil
  • You want to buy essential oils from reputable sellers who provide a current GCMS report on the chemistry showing the purity of the plant – I purchase my essential oils online and buy most of them from a company called Doterra … good oils are not cheap but they offer amazing natural health benefits (often without any side effects  you can get from prescription meds)

Essential oils work with the body and help it to heal over time, they are supportive and like brushing your teeth, should be used regularly to get results. This is because they are working at helping the body heal the underlying cause of the problem rather than simply masking a symptom.

Are you interested in a personalized custom blend to support your health? I’d be happy to help, just click on the “custom blend” link above! If you’re interested in the Beautiful Ankles Cream and don’t want to invest in all the different supplies, I can make one up for you @ $30 if you’re in the lower 48 states of the USA. And if you’re interested in natural alternatives to health and want to buy essential oils yourself at wholesale prices, I can help there too! Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me! I’m excited about the natural options and opportunities offered by the effective use of quality essential oils.

Energy Magic?

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 6.31.25 AM

Relief from muscle pain

Increased circulation

Reduced stress and fatigue

Soothing and relaxing

Easing joint pain

Reduced inflammation

Increased tissue oxygenation

Restful sleep

Decreased Anxiety

Uplifted mood

Body detoxing

Sound too good to be true? I just returned from an energy psychology/energy medicine conference held in Disney World, the land of magic. The relief people receive from energy work can seem magical.

Energy isn’t some far out concept though … it’s just a wavelength acting on a physical object or it’s a physical object acting on a wavelength.

Wavelengths of energy can come in the form of heat or electricity (I bought a Far Infrared Biomat to put on the therapy table and a portable TENs Unit). Physical objects that affect wavelengths are usually some type of crystal (the Biomat is filled with amethyst). If crystals seem New Agey to you, then consider that they are commonly used in electronics and medical devices and ask yourself why that might be!?!

There are several energy systems in the human body: the electrical impulses in the nervous system, the pressure system in the fascia and bones (piezoelectricity), and the chemical reactions in the body create energy to name a few.

Some bioenergy systems have been detectible for a long time (EEG, EKG), some have been ignored up until recently (fascia), some systems are newly discovered (mesentery and the primovascular system), and some systems, like the chakras, are waiting for science to catch up and invent the right measurement tools.

Energy medicine has been practiced in therapy for decades … heat and cold, light spectrums and infrared lasers, sound and ultrasound, massage pressures (myofascial release), etc.

Energy psychology takes energy medicine to a whole new level. Both are based on balance of the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system and the body, but energy psychology combines tapping (pressure on fascial acupressure nodes) with mindfulness (being in the here and now and noticing body sensations) and the energy of memory, emotions, and thoughts to heal both physical and psychological pain.

The conference at Disney had sessions on current research, practical methods of energy psychology and energy medicine treatments, and a variety of vendors selling everything from the TENs unit I bought to crystals to infrared saunas to FDA approved light therapy devices to tuning fork sound therapies … covering a multitude of the electromagnetic wavelength spectrum. It was a magical conference with a down-to-earth science based background and I’m excited to bring some of that pain and stress relieving energy magic back home to my clients!