I’ve never been very good at marketing but I’ve been trying to work on that. Taking classes, going to conferences, observing what others do and say. Trying to put all of the passions I have into one service is a challenge … I love horses, I love natural healing, I love thriving. But I’ve also experience chronic pain, burnout, and fear … I’ve been there … but how does all that translate into a mission that is compelling me to move forward?

I’ve tried to put this in words and my first attempt is on a website called Alignable. You’ve been following what I write on the blog and I hope you’ll check out what I’ve come up with and give feedback and constructive criticism. What speaks to you? What needs more clarity? Here’s a snapshot of the basic services I’m focusing on …

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I also have an area where I’m listing the stress management classes for women I’m offering … the next one is in April and focuses on Women and Money. I know you’re busy, but I would appreciate your time on looking over what I’m trying to communicate and letting me know if it’s clear. You are my tribe and I need your feedback!

How Are You?

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Someone asks, “hey, how are you?” and I answer, “good, and you?” and they reply that they are good too.

No drama, quick, easy … but is it honest? Is it real? Do people really want to know the “real” that is going on in your life? Do YOU know the “real” that is going on in your life? Or is it a gloss over “good?”

Whenever I take an online quiz about health or happiness, I want to get a high “passing” score … what is that all about? I want assurance I’m in a good place physically and mentally. Why? Why would it be so earth shattering if that weren’t the case?

Would it mean I’d failed myself somehow? I’d not been perfect? I’d missed something? And wouldn’t that make me more human if I did sometimes fail, I wasn’t perfect, and if I didn’t know everything?

There’s something inside of me that whispers “you’re not good enough” and I hate the subterfuge and sabotage of that “little” hidden fear. It’s been the source of the masks I’ve worn, the superficiality I have with others, the self-protection of not stepping out in the proverbial spotlight more, the hiding out in my comfy “cave.”

All to prevent failure which would “prove” I really wasn’t good enough. Or would it? Maybe failure isn’t crushing, maybe it’s a way to learn a certain lesson or be guided on a different path or to strengthen resolve and keep pushing forward.

Maybe I am good enough as I am right now. Maybe I can reframe this inner fear and decide how I want to act rather than simply giving in to a reaction.

There are seven different inner fears that create subterfuge and sabotage for women. We all have one. Do you know which one is acting in your life? Try this online quiz to find out!

?? CBD !!

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I’m always looking for natural non-addictive no side-effects (yes to other health benefits) types of pain relief.

I tried CBD a while back. It didn’t do much. Then I listened to a summit training on cannabis and learned quite a bit more that I didn’t know. First (and this is probably a duh) everyone is different and requires different dosing to see benefits. And every situation is different and best responds to CBD or THC or some combination of the two.

I’ve been having a trigeminal neuralgia flare due to the simple fact of having two crowns of dental work done in the past few months. Both teeth had mercury amalgams and so I also have to detox the mercury as well as work to settle down the trigeminal nerve.

I hate to live on motrin but it does help ease the thudding pain in my face, ear, and jaw. I like to buy high quality supplements and believe they are worth the cost. I’m using a trusted source of CBD and was taking one 10mg dose and not feeling much help.

Instead of giving up, I experimented and took two 10mg CBD doses and finally noticed a big difference. That dose gives me about 10 hours of pain relief. So during this acute pain phase, I have to take at least 40mg of CBD a day to get relief. At night I tried adding a cannabis cream blend on the trigeminal nerve area that had both CBD and THC (a friend makes this and shared it with me when we became legal in Michigan). But I haven’t noticed that the THC/CBD cream helps any more or any less than the plain CBD (and I didn’t notice any psychological effects either). so for me, I discovered I just need the CBD.

Here’s a blurb on the benefits of CBD and THC from Dr. Axe:
CBD Benefits
Relieves pain
Reduces inflammation
Improves mood
Improves anxiety, stress and PTSD
Relieves nausea
Relieves headaches and migraines
Fights depression and other mood disorders
Prevents seizures
May work as anti-cancer agent and reduce tumor growth
Does not produce mind-altering effects

THC Benefits
Relieves pain
Reduces inflammation
Relaxes nervous system
Reduces spasms
Relieves nausea
Increases appetite
Fights insomnia
May work as anti-cancer agent and reduce tumor growth
Has euphoric effects

(Research shows that CBD has a better safety profile than other cannabinoids, including THC.)

During the cannabis summit I also learned about using CBD for pain relief in dogs. (Plus I learned dogs can not tolerate THC.) I like the fact that CBD not only offers pain relief but reduces inflammation too plus a host of other benefits. A 50# dog dose is about a 2mg CBD dose. I have an older beloved dog that was on a prescription pain medication. Without the medication she barely wanted to move, awkwardly rising from her bed, with pain filling her eyes.

The prescription medication was about $2 a dose, so pretty pricey, but it helped her get up and about to do chores around the farm. I decided to try CBD oil and put a 2mg CBD dose over her food morning and night (4mg of CBD total a day). The first day we noticed a difference and were able to stop the prescription medication. It has now been four months and she hasn’t had a prescription pain pill since starting the CBD. And she just acts different … she’s playing with her toys again, walking 6 miles with my husband, climbing to the top of the hay mow in search of birds and is dancing circles when she gets excited outside.

It’s nice to see these differences and interesting to learn more about natural pain relief and using CBD. Have you tried it yet? What dosing do you use and what is it helping?  I’d love to hear your story!

Life Span vs. Health Span

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I went to get my blood drawn today. It will be my second hormone test. The first blood draw to check hormone levels was done in October, so I’m very curious to see what, if anything, has changed.

The test is an investment in myself and yep, I’m paying for it out-of-pocket. When I say “hormones,” what do you think of? I know I used to think estrogen with menopause. But estrogen is not the only hormone affected in menopause. I’ll be getting many different hormones tested … thyroid, cortisol (stress), insulin (blood sugar), DHEA, pregnenolone, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. And the inflammation marker hs-CRP plus cholesterol, blood health, kidney and liver health, cardio health, and vitamin levels including vitamin D and magnesium.

Testing will help me personalize the vitamins I supplement with as well as let me know if I’m on the right track with the Keto-Alkaline foods I’m now eating, and the Bi-Est and Progesterone creams I’m using. The more I learn about DNA SNPs and epigenetic, the more I see how individual we each are in the direction we need to go to age well.

And that leads into the title of this blog, Life Span vs. Health Span. I heard Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD talking and mentioned a statistic that removing murders and such, the average lifespan of an American woman is 83 years old but the last 20 years of that is spent in ill health. Whoa. Women’s health span is up to age 63? Not for me if I can help it! I want to age with wellness and that’s why I’m willing to invest in “my retirement” health now!

Dr. Klinghardt said the reasons leading up to ill health were toxins including mental stress, electrosmog, pesticides, insecticides, and heavy metal toxins in the body. He also mentioned that mercury and aluminum prevent the body from detoxifying the other toxins and thus it’s a priority to remove those first.

The body wants to heal itself, but if it’s being held prisoner by toxins, it’s limited on what it can do and thus the symptoms of ill health. I’m working on those things before they reach the tipping point and create disease in my body. I have been detoxing for years and I guess that’s the safest way to go, but I haven’t removed all the amalgams from my mouth yet and that is a big source of mercury. So I use zeolites every other month or so and I’m doing the Microbe Formulas detox right now (message me and I’ll let you know about it).

I’ve also looked at the Andy Cutler protocol but I can’t do that one until all my amalgams are gone. I tend to shy away from IV detoxing, colonics, or any extreme short-term type of detox … I don’t want to overwhelm my body, just keep nudging it and supporting it to health.

Let me know the ways you detox … including metals and mental detoxing. Are you working on increasing your health span? Have you thought of it that way? If you want someone to walk with you as you begin the journey, get some “KICK A$S” emotional stress load release tools, and ideas on detoxing I have a 3-month wholistic wellness coaching system to support you. Don’t wait, the changes you do today can impact your life span and your health span for years to come!