Why do I invest in bodywork?

Why do I invest in bodywork?

Picture of Therapist and Author Becky Cook:

I’m asked what it is I do and the most understandable answer I can give is to explain what bodywork has done for me. First, why did I even explore bodywork in the first place? Because my body felt like it was in a straight jacket, being pulled crooked for the past several years – probably a cumulation of the various accidents I’ve had over time (falling out of trees, off bikes, off horses, and a half-dozen car accidents all add up). It wasn’t as if I had a broken back from these situations, it was more of a soft tissue strain with some scoliosis in my back, and I noticed it most in my mid-40’s when my neck hurt to turn around and look for cars behind me when pulling out of a parking lot. In addition, it was hard to get a good deep breath when I was running so I felt tired alot and didn’t have the endurance I felt I should have. I also knew from the way my clothes fit, that my left leg was slightly shorter than my right – that’s the ankle I broke jumping out of the hay loft as a kid and that’s the leg that developed varicose veins later in life. The shorter left leg gave me an uneven walking and running gait and put more wear (and pain) on my left hip. The bodywork I received – Wholistic Manual Medicine, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy (all similar techniques that I’ve gained training in) used a gentle sustained pressure, while I was fully clothed, to help my body get back into alignment by releasing the tension holding patterns. I can now move more easily, fluidly. The improvements happened slowly over time, with no side-effects like occurs with long-term pain medication, and the therapy felt relaxing and gentle. I invest in the treatments, out-of-pocket, usually once or twice a month to this day. Why? Because, I believe I’m being proactive with my aging, to free my tissue of past dysfunctional holding patterns, and to have the best mobility I can maintain for my future wellbeing.