Thinking Time

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About a week ago we were experiencing an early Spring. Temps were in the upper 40’s and the Narcissus bulbs were up about an inch. Then we got a big snowstorm. Over 12 inches in one day.

I live on a rural road and while we still had power, I knew we wouldn’t get plowed out for a couple of days. That allowed for some down time, some thinking time.

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I noticed all the raw beauty around me. There’s something about a blanket of snow that just quiets the world and cleans it up.

But in other places of the world there are school shootings and extremist beheadings. The type of thing that is a crime against humanity. The type of thing that frightens us to the core when it comes close to us.

There’s a part of us that knows the inherent value of people and that killing another person is wrong. How can some people “turn off” that inner knowing and choose to not care, not to love. Choose to kill anyway, choose to do what they want because it benefits them in some way at the expense of another’s life?

Where does this originate from and how can we regain respect and love for others?

When I had time to think, I believe the origination is ancient – way back to good and evil, God and Lucifer … back to the choice of the first angels to serve God (and his revealed plan to save mankind) or not. Some angels became devils after they said “I will not serve” and they have hated us ever since. They didn’t think we deserved God’s love and mercy.

Anytime we humans complete hate crimes against each other, Lucifer wins, he rejoices, he feels his “choice” against God was justified.

Yes, there’s a lot of time to think while you’re snowed in. There’s a lot of time to wonder about things.

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I wondered what one way could we regain love and respect for each other. And it occurred to me that abortion was a key piece here.

There is nothing that should be safer, more loving or a more sacred time than our brief stay in our mother’s womb. How can we love these little ones more.

Yet abortion stops that, it kills a human being at the start of his or her potential in that sacred space.

How is the mentality, the philosophy behind abortion any different than the school shootings or the extremist beheadings?  In all those cases someone has to not care about human life, or deem that some human life isn’t worthy of life, or have the attitude that I will do it anyway because I can or because I want to.

How can any one of those justify killing another?  It can’t because every life matters. And abortion is particularly horrid because the person doing the killing is in such a position of power over the one being killed. And the person doing the killing is going to the heart of where human life begins, and killing in the womb.

The root of it all is ancient, it goes way back to good and evil. When God gives us the free will to choose and we choose evil, then there is less love in the world.

Let us love others more, unlike Lucifer and the fallen angels, let us choose to say yes to serving our fellow man and yes to life. It would be like bringing a little Heaven to earth and who wouldn’t want to live with a little more peace, quiet and purity in this world.

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I’m Not Immune


It’s been quite a week. Let me ask you a question – Do you know what one of the most difficult things a very introverted person can do?  If you answered something along the lines of having to go to a party, you’d be right. Anything having to do with a crowd is stressful and energy sapping. If you’re extroverted, it’s just the opposite and this sounds foreign to you I’m sure. But an introvert would be quite happy being snowed in for an entire winter with just a book (or whatever else interested them).

Stress always equates to a drain on our immune system reserves. My husband has been fighting a cold for a month. I’ve been very proud of the fact that I’ve remained well for the past couple of years – no colds or flu for me. Well, it’s been quite a week. This week was our biennial work related Ball. A party. A big party. A big party that’s “black tie.”

I took precautions to reduce the party stress. I found my dress a month previous, had purchased my jewelry six months earlier, and found the perfect shoes. I scheduled a massage in the morning and then had my hair and makeup professionally done later in the day. It was a pampering spa day to help build in relaxation.

I guess it just didn’t matter. The stress took it’s toll. 3 days later my sinuses were beginning to ache. 4 days later, they started to drain. 5 days later I had no voice and I wasn’t getting much sleep. I had to take a couple of days off work and reschedule people. Dang it. There goes my perfect 2 year record of no colds. I guess it just shows I’m human too. The weather has been swinging 30 to 40 degrees every few days, and that doesn’t help either.

So I pulled out my big guns. I made a pot of chicken noodle soup, slathered on Doterra Breathe Stick (it’s like Vick’s Vapor Rub), started Zeolite AV 3x a day, downed OnGuard Beadlets every few hours, and filled the bedroom diffuser with a mixture of Frankincense, Eucalyptus, and Roman Chamomile essential oils.  Then I rested and rested and rested. I did feel guilty sleeping the day away but I made myself rest anyway.

Thankfully, the cold has been cracked and in only 4 days and not one bottle of Nyquil. I’m back to work, still taking it easy just in case. My husband? He never stopped to really rest and care for himself – he’s pushing through but he’s paying for it – his symptoms are going to last longer than 4 weeks. He’s not as interested in the chicken noodle soup, essential oils and supplements, he’s a tough guy.

What about you? Are you tough? Do you push through a cold? Or do you pamper yourself and help your body recover more quickly?



Valentines Day just passed and thoughts of love are in the air.


And I was contemplating how we are to love our neighbor as ourself. We know that means that we love ourself enough to keep ourselves clothed, fed, and sheltered. But I think loving yourself means even more than that. And not in the egoic way (where you feel you are better than others, deserve more than others, etc.).

Do you really know what loving yourself is? It’s living without regrets.

What does that mean? It means you do something today that is uncomfortable because it make tomorrow easier for you.

Surprised? Who would have thought sacrifice and suffering is true love. Christian’s top the list on that teaching, but so do those in the health and fitness areas.

Exercise today and enjoy the benefits down the road, avoid this food and lose weight … none of those benefits are immediate but over time they do add up.

Do something today that is uncomfortable because it will make tomorrow easier for you.

What do I do to love myself? Mostly little things. Pack my car in the evening for the early trip the next day even though I just want to put my legs up and surf Facebook.

What do I do to love others? I refill the toilet paper when it’s low and I make coffee for my hubby in the morning even if I’ve given it up for Lent.

Do something today that is uncomfortable because it will make tomorrow easier for you.

What little ways can you bring more love into the world? What sacrifices can you make today that will benefit the you of the future? I’m right there with you! Rooting for us both, rooting for love.

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Yep, that’s been my winter. Getting the business taxes organized (arithmetic), taking Sunday’s off and enjoying playful novels (reading), and yes, writing too.

I just finished my 10th book called “12 Steps to Integrity With Your Horse.” It’s my own take on an adult coloring book with a learning purpose and yes, it’s available on Amazon.

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Here is the full description:

In-teg-ri-ty (noun) 1. the quality of being trustworthy, sincere, decent, honorable, fair. 2. the state of being whole, together, in unity.

Horses are herd animals and experience stress when separated from others, it’s their survival instinct, dangers lurk away from the protection of the herd. How do you get your horse to trust in your safe leadership in your herd of two?

Are you a new horse owner, or seeking to increase your confidence around horses, or perhaps interested in the equine assisted activities and therapy industry? This book will help you discover how to display leadership when your horse steps into your space, problem solve why a horse pins his ears, and give you ways to display confidence when you’re not feeling that way.

Judging your horse as behaving badly leads to acts of punishment. Whereas thinking of your horse struggling to handle a difficult situation encourages you to go into problem solving mode.

12 Steps To Integrity With Your Horse is a different type of adult coloring book with a learning purpose focused on deepening your relationship with horses. It is a coaching book, a teaching book, and a personal journal.

The book is short and to the point (less than 50 cents a page), each of the 12 steps has a page of description and a coloring page. The pictures are simple as are the principles outlined in the book. But just like the depth you can get out of these basic principles, you can add as much detail to your pictures as you choose. The size of the book is designed to be handy enough to easily fit into your purse or coat pocket and yet large enough to read and color.

The result is a whole brain learning activity designed especially for adults (and teens too) … to assist in becoming a trustworthy and fair partner in unity with your horse.

Click here to go to my AUTHOR PAGE.

Winter is usually a time I want to hibernate, so it feels like I’ve been pretty productive but I’ve got to go now … I’m busy working on the next book – Hippotherapy Games!


Have you ever heard of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator? It’s a standard personality test used by psychologists. There are 16 different personality types that result from 4 base areas.

The first area is about what energizes you and what depletes your energy and that scale is the introvert or extrovert scale. Introverts are depleted around people and energized by their own thoughts and creativity, whereas extroverts are energized by people and social status. You are either an I for Introvert or an E for Extrovert.

The second area shows your preferences on how you take in information and that scale is the sensing or intuition scale. Those who are sensing take in environmental information from the outer world around them and those who are intuitive take in information from a more energetic manner from their unconscious interior world of knowledge learned, experience and reflections. You are either an S for Sensing or an N for Intuitive.

The third area describes how you make decisions and that scale is the thinking or feeling scale. People who are thinking use logic and analysis and look for consistency and those who are feeling look more internally to their emotions and how something makes them feel, expressing empathy for others. You are either a T for Thinking or a F for Feeling.

The fourth area describes how much structure you like in the world and that scale is the judging or perceiving scale. Those who are judging like structure and solid decisions and those who are perceiving prefer options and open ended decisions. You are either a J for Judgement or a P for Perceptive.

Do you know what your type is? I found a fun, free and informative site to discover personality –

I’m an INTJ but close to being an INFJ since my T and F scored only a few points apart. But one thing I’m not is extroverted – my introversion scale score was 96 out of 100. No wonder I experience the external world so draining and it’s no wonder I find peace in nature and by working with people one to one and teaching online courses.

After reading the descriptions of my personality type, I have to agree, I do crave truth and depth and as an introvert, I absolutely do not want a spotlight but I do want to set the world aright – which tears at me because it often leads to undesired conflict and visibility. I like control and the freedom to move about and act independently. The two fictional characters I admire who are INTJ are Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and Katniss in Hunger Games.

After understanding my personality I’m able to forgive myself for two things I have guilt about from my childhood. I spent a ton of time talking on the phone with friends and the rest of the time was spent on vegging out in front of the TV. Wasted time that I regret as an adult. But now I know why … talking on the phone is a way for an introvert to stay connected with people but not actually be in their presence (there was no internet or texting when I was a kid) and watching TV was my stress relief – a type of hypnosis in the dark cool basement covered up with big blankets – it was my way to decompress and reenergize after a day of being around others in school.

As an adult, understanding my personality helps me to structure my life in a way that is not based on “should’s” which others define but based on my innate design. It helps me to manage my stress better.

Aren’t you curious as to what your personality is and what it can mean to you?