Commitment to Giving Back

Nathaniel 4

I first started volunteering in a therapeutic riding program in 1985. Every part of it enamored me. I advanced from side-walking to leading to fundraising to being on the Board of Directors to becoming a certified Instructor to starting my own program to making this type of work my life business.

I’ve retired from the business side but I still have a commitment to giving back to the community and these special families. I’m not running a program or sitting on a Board anymore, it’s come full circle and I’m simply volunteering again. Each Saturday for six weeks this summer, I take my horse to an arena down the road and offer the joy of horseback riding to kids with disabilities.

I came close to throwing in the towel with everything related to horse therapy in 2013 … I was burnt out and I was in pain. But I didn’t … I meditated on the challenges these special kids go through on a daily basis and I was humbled when comparing to my own minor misfortunes. I kept a commitment to giving back and today I have no regrets. This year it doesn’t feel like a chore … I’m feeling the spark of peace and joy come back just like when I first began.

Yes, it really has been a journey coming full circle and I’m grateful to have held on for the ride!



I simply allow myself to be happy.  By choosing to appreciate all I have. And all the good I desire to create. Today I trust my intuition. Something amazing is about to happen. As I finally let go of stress, I’m aware of all the possibilities this day holds. I can return to this peaceful feeling anytime I wish by putting my hands over my heart and taking in a deep breath. Today will be an extraordinary day.



I had a longtime client who went on vacation last month. She said she was going to be gone 9 days and I saved her normal appointment times for her return. I had no contact from her for 2 weeks and I texted to find out if she was coming to her session the following day. I received a text back that she was still up north and didn’t have plans to return any time soon.

I was surprised, disappointed, and miffed. I had been saving time for her in my schedule and not allowing others to schedule that time. I had been planning my own personal activities around her and yet she had overlooked my time. And I worried about lost finances from a regular client being gone so long. Emotions. There were a lot being triggered.

I’ve been exploring a new concept of emotional release called the Emotion Code. It is based on the premise that emotions have a chemistry in the body (which I already knew) and that chemistry carries with it an electromagnetic charge (which is based on physics applied to the human body). Emotions are brought to the conscious mind by accessing the subconscious mind through kinesiology and then using the meridian system (Primo-Vascular System), and a magnet is passed over the spine to release the electromagnetic charge of the emotion, thus releasing the emotion.

I decided to explore and apply this concept to my own triggered emotions. I find it easiest to tap into my subconscious mind thru the muscles in my hands by using a string and a washer. If you nod your head yes, it is a forward and back motion and thus if the washer on the string I’m holding goes forward and back, then the muscles in my hands are giving a “yes” response. If you shake your head no, it is a side to side motion and thus if the washer on the string I’m holding goes side to side, then the muscles in my hands are showing that my subconscious mind is giving me “no” response.

I asked myself if I had a trapped emotion related to my client’s incident and I got a yes answer. I used the Emotion Code list and found the emotion was WORRY. I asked if I could release this emotion and I got a no answer. I was stumped. I then asked if there was another emotion that needed to released first and I received a yes answer. I was irritated because I just wanted to release the worry and be done with it but I went through the Emotion Code list and found the emotion that needed to be released first was INSECURITY. I asked if there was anything I needed to know about this emotion to release it and there was a yes answer. In the end, after a series of yes and no questions I discovered that I had inherited Insecurity from my fathers side of the family 7 generations ago (roughly in the mid-1700’s which would have been during the Revolutionary War time as they were living in the New York and Connecticut areas). I released that emotion using the method taught in the Emotion Code by simply swiping a magnet over my body. I then asked if the inherited emotion had been released and it had been and I went on to release the emotion of worry and also of guilt (another feeling that came up) using the method.

Amazingly, I really felt it let go … there was no tightness in my chest or difficulty swallowing or clenching in my stomach anymore, my mind wasn’t triggered when I thought about the incident. I just felt peace and the ability to let it go and move on. I was also able to be assertive about future scheduling with this person in a fair and non-judgmental way (after all, she has a right to enjoy her vacations). I can’t wait to share this work with some of my braver clients. It’s so simple and non-obtrusive. It may be the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for! A perfect compliment to pain and stress relief strategies, with both the emotion code and bodywork honoring the mind-body connection.

Detoxing for Longevity


At the beginning of each month, for this entire year, I’m blogging about simple ways I’ve incorporated into living a toxin free life (as much as possible). It’s daunting … where to start … why start at all … and why are there so many “trusted” products still being sold that are actually unhealthy for people???

Where to start? With one simple change each month that you can easily maintain.

Why start? Toxins shorten our life and impact the quality of our life. If you want to avoid pain, help your body fight cancer before it even starts, and have energy to enjoy life, then avoiding toxin buildup is a must. Your body has the natural ability to detox if it’s not overloaded. Small toxins here and there add up to an overwhelming toxic load and the resulting health problems. It’s often not just one thing, but rather the combination of mercury fillings, roundup, lawn fertilizers, bug spray, synthetic room air fresheners, etc. Start changing your exposure to the toxins that are under your control and you can change your life!

“Trusted” products are sold because people buy them. The more people understand toxic load, then less unhealthy products will be purchased. Awareness comes first, then action.

Have you started yet?  Here’s a review of the first five months of this year …

January, Month One, Living the Natural Life – Switch to a Natural Deodorant without Aluminum (doTerra, Schmidts)

February, Month Two, Living the Natural Life – Switch to a Natural Shampoo, Soap, and Lotion without endocrine disruptors (doTerra, Arbonne, POSH, etc.)

March, Month Three, Living the Natural Life – Switch to Natural Pain Relief with Essential Oils (doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub, a natural capsaicin cream, Peppermint for Headaches, or a Blend of Juniper Berry and Black Pepper for nerve pain)

April, Month Four, Living the Natural Life – Switch to a Natural Toothpaste and avoid the dangers of toxic fluoride

May, Month Five, Living the Natural Life – Check your cleaning products for toxins with the EWG guide and switch to all natural products and using lemon essential oil for cleaning

June, Month Six, Living the Natural Life – Decreasing sugar consumption and using natural sweeteners

Life is worth living:  sunrises, garden flowers, wildflowers, wild life, loved ones and peace in nature. Life is worth living … but there are some things that decrease our lifespan and excess sugar is one of those. In fact, research shows that sugar in the amount of 3 cans of soda a day adversely affects mammalian health. But research also shows that artificial sweeteners aren’t any better. According to the Harvard Medical School, artificial sweeteners can also impact the way you perceive sweetness  … “Non-nutritive sweeteners are far more potent than table sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. A miniscule amount produces a sweet taste comparable to that of sugar, without comparable calories. Overstimulation of sugar receptors from frequent use of these hyper-intense sweeteners may limit tolerance for more complex tastes, explains Dr. Ludwig. That means people who routinely use artificial sweeteners may start to find less intensely sweet foods, such as fruit, less appealing and unsweet foods, such as vegetables, downright unpalatable.”

Since both sugar and artificial sugar impacts your longevity, isn’t it time to make a change?

  1. Eat natural fruits and snacks in place of sugary or artificially sweetened junk foods AND expect a period of time for your taste buds to re-acclimate where things just don’t seem sweet … it’s normal, so push through and don’t give in. If you need more flavor, experiment with spices vs. sugar.
  2. Can’t totally kick the sugar? Then this month consciously make the switch to a natural low-glycemic index sweetener such as honey, agave, stevia, coconut sugar, monk fruit, or real maple syrup (all used in moderation).
  3. Love soda too much to give up the fizz? Replace it with flavored sparkling waters like LaCroix or with the delicious Bai Bubbles.

Do you have other sugar free ideas, tips or products you love and that could help us all live healthier? Please share them with us in the comments below! And let’s all detox for longevity because life is worth living!