The Year of Less

Less multitasking.

Less clutter.

Less worry.

Less mind chatter.

Less clients.

Less income.

But less, isn’t really less.

Less means more sometimes.

More time.

More flow.

More balance.

More health.

More relaxed focus.

Yesterday I boiled sap into maple syrup. Just small batches. I took some of the boiling sap and made tea, then sat down with a book for a few hours. In the middle of one batch, I went out into the sunshine with my dog, took the shedding blade out into the pasture and brushed each of the horses. I had waffles for dinner with hot syrup. So simple, so satisfying.

The day before I cleaned another section of the basement and took a couple of boxes to donate to Goodwill. The task seemed overwhelming if I looked at the whole mess that needed clearing out, so I didn’t look at the whole mess, I looked at one 10 foot section and started there. It’s slow work but the turtle can win the race at the end.

I’ve been wanting to get my blood pressure down naturally. I know it’s a multi pronged approach but the nitric oxide supplement (made from beets) has brought about the biggest difference. After two weeks it’s helped my numbers decrease by 15 points top and bottom plus I’ve been able to cut my other blood pressure medication in half.  I thought that might be the case after reading about the NOS3 gene in the book Dirty Genes. But it’s amazing to put the book into actual practice and watch it make a difference.

Yes, this is the year of less and the year of more. Less medication, more natural substitutions. Less work, more time with my aging parents. Less scheduling, more going with the flow. It’s the right place in life to make peace with less.

Who Are You & Who Would You Like To Become?

Who are you?

Are you happy?



Or are you always wondering why everyone else seems confident? Asking yourself, “Why do things happen to me?” Masking your true self for fear of being judged? Or frustrated with, well everything and everyone?

Who are you?

Emotions form our actions and reactions. They are usually at the root of pain and stress. We can have emotional triggers that give us guilt and shame.

What would you give if you could feel free to express the real you to others? Would you like to become authentically open and joyful?

If you’ve had a massage and feel great for a day or two and then return to ‘normal,’ you may have trapped emotional energy creating a block to permanent relief. You can work with the body and affect emotion or you can work with emotion and affect the body. Some tight areas in the body just won’t fully release until the underlying emotional charge is gone. Those areas of chronic pain may be gone for good when trapped emotions are released.

I’ve discovered a simple painless way to release trapped emotions using the Emotion Code, a system of healing created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. The Emotion Code has been helping thousands of women around the world feel emotionally free. And now the extent of those results are being formally researched!

I’m participating in this research project by offering Emotion Code sessions for five people. Most people have a wall of emotions around their heart simply from the wear and tear of life. Unburdening the heart from trapped emotions can feel amazingly free, it removes the filter and allows you to feel love more deeply and allows others to feel your love more deeply. You may also experience a variety of other ‘side-benefits’ including ease of movement in the ribcage, a boost in self-confidence, and a lightness in your neck and shoulders.

Are you supposed to be one of my five research subjects?

Here’s the details:

  1. This must be your first time receiving Emotion Code work.
  2. You need to be receptive to releasing old trapped negative emotional energy.
  3. You will receive 6 Emotion Code sessions via email. (You do not need to travel but will need to be able to communicate via email.)
  4. You must be willing to complete an extensive pre-test and post-test for the research project. (This is online and must be completed in a timely manner.)

More information about Emotion Code sessions can be found HERE. Do NOT sign up for a session at that link. If you are willing to participate in the research project, the regular session cost ($38 x 6 sessions = $228) will be lowered to a $10 per session commitment fee ($60 total cost). This is for research participants only and will only be offered for 5 people. Contact me with questions or by committing to the project by leaving a comment below and we can get started!

What does an Emotion Code session look like? It starts with a prayer to God, who is the source of all healing. We use the Emotion Code emotion chart (you can google it). Then I ask if there is a trapped emotion creating a wall around your heart (or creating pain, or whatever issue you want to work on) and I proxy muscle test (this is like an x-ray into the subconscious) to find out which emotion can be released. A magnet is used to release the electromagnetic energy that’s holding the emotion in place. And we move onto another emotion. You might wonder if it’s really that simple. Yes and no. Some times an emotion won’t release until more information is known, such as the age at when it was trapped, but otherwise, it is pretty simple. After a session is complete, I’ll send you an email with the list of trapped emotions that were released and ask for any feedback you might have.

Think about it, who are you and who would you like to become? Would you like to explore a bit? Do you have the curiosity to look at your inner self? Are you ready to live life more fully with the help of an innovative therapy and help further science? Let’s work together and free your truly unique and beautiful soul.


Thin Ice


You’re walking on thin ice.

You know that term. It means you are one step away from danger. It’s also a warning to look around and find firmer footing.

Intuitively I feel like I’ve been walking on thin ice regarding my health. Just skirting major mishaps but feeling one more step may lead to a break down.

And I’m searching to find a break through. I don’t want to be on prescription medication for blood pressure and I’ve got some clues to pursue.

Clue 1 – I always had low blood pressure until I experienced a huge stress issue combined with entering menopause. That clue indicates the blood pressure was impacted by hormones.

Clue 2 – Pain increases my blood pressure, particularly dental pain. I found that out when I was diagnosed with Trigeminal in 2013 and again when I had a broken tooth a few months back.

Clue 3 – Nitrous Oxide decreased my blood pressure. I asked for the “gas” when I had the broken tooth extracted and was surprised to watch the blood pressure monitor during the surgery. My blood pressure was low, low, low and I felt good, good, good.

Unexpectedly, the search for answers to these clues came when I was reading the Dirty Genes book. I found that one gene (NOS3 SNP), related to cardiovascular health and blood pressure, becomes dirty with stress and lowered estrogen levels (which happens during menopause). AND when it’s dirty, it affects nitric oxide in the body, which then causes blood pressure to rise. Isn’t that fascinating, the string of puzzling clues finally forming into a complete picture!

I’ve been using essential oils known to support normal blood pressure levels. Those EO’s help with anxiety and hormone levels too.  I’ve made a blend with Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Sweet Marjoram and Frankincense. But the essential oils, while helping lower a few points, are just not doing enough to get the blood pressure down enough to get off medication.

Why would I want to get off the blood pressure medication? Is it expensive? Actually, no, it’s only a few dollars a month, going with natural solutions is much, much more expensive. So why bother? I’m starting to get medication side-effects. Slight numbness in my extremities and slight swelling around my ankles. And I DON’T want another prescription to deal with those symptoms when they are side effects (that many other people get) from the medication I’m already on.

That’s what I mean by walking on thin ice. Something needs to be done soon. And it’s why I was so excited to learn about the epigenetic issues related to blood pressure. Finally something that makes sense. The NOS3 gene SNP (pronounced snip).

Beets are one way to naturally build up nitric oxide levels and I’m adding beets to my diet this week. Plus I’m also going to try a supplement called Neo40. Since this is something I’m just exploring, I’ll let you know how it works out in future blogs.

If you feel like you’re skating on thin ice with some health issues, why not explore the Dirty Genes book and maybe even get the genetic testing? Many gene SNP’s are explored including those related to anxiety, ADHD, chronic fatigue and more. You may just find the miracle you’ve been looking for!


Did you know there are over 1,000,000 different “switches” on your DNA? Switches that determine whether your body can fight off cancer or whether you will be vulnerable to it? Switches that help you feel joy and enthusiasm or pessimism and depression?

Did you know these genetic “switches” can be turned on and off? And that they are turned on or off via your environment? And that environment can trigger either good things or bad things?

That’s epigenetics. Where it’s not either the genes you were born with or the environment you were raised in but rather it’s both nature and nurture.

Environment is not as simple as being born in the country or in the city. It’s much much more. The environment is work stress, family dynamics, whether you use plastics in the microwave or shampoos filled with toxic ingredients, the water you drink (or soda), the air you breathe in your own home, etc.

I did an entire series in 2017 in the first blog of each month on detoxing to enhance your life. If you want to see how vitally important this is to your health and the health of your loved ones, then peruse the book Dirty Genes … it’s totally eye opening, especially if you have a family history of heart disease, depression, diabetes, autoimmune issues, and more.

What you will learn:

  • Diet and Exercise matter.
  • There are certain supplements that help.
  • Filter your water.
  • Get an air purifying system for your home.
  • Use only natural personal care products.
  • Plus more.

In 2017 I encouraged everyone to stop using synthetic artificial scents in your home and switch to quality essential oils and diffusers, to avoid chemicals while house cleaning and switch to Norwex products and make your own essential oil blend cleansers. To detox those trapped emotions that create stress triggers.

It’s never too late to turn around chronic pain, cancer, fatigue, brain fog, sleep problems, or autoimmune diseases. Your genes can help you or they can hurt you. It’s all about epigenetics.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 1.19.23 PM

Here’s some tidbits from “Dirty Genes:”

For a solution to work, it has to address the whole problem. If you only do one part, you can create a bigger overall problem or worse.

Pain and discomfort drive change. (And that can be good.)

Your genes impact and are impacted by homocysteine levels (want 7 or lower on blood test) and methylation (a desirable process) and thus certain SNP’s (i.e. dirty genes) can create cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, cancer, depression, anxiety, infertility and more.

Stress is one of the most powerful biochemical reactions your body knows. Stress can activate SNP’s (pronounced snips), empowering dirty genes to cause harm.

Managing stress is one of the best things you can do for your genes, your health, and yourself.

When you’re calm, your genes work one way and when you are stressed, they work another way. That’s why stress reduction is number one on your list to practice.