The Unsung Hero

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Self sacrificing for a good cause.

Pushes through strong emotions.

Grounded, standing strong.

There when you need her.

Willing to save the day.

But then needs her solitude.

Doesn’t want the attention.

Just wants to get the job done.

Hangs in there no matter how tough it is.

Everyone else has fallen away, but not her.

You can count on her.

She’s tired but she keeps on doing what is right.

She’s physically hurting but pushes on.

One of her superpowers – she can perceive the truth (and when others aren’t being truthful).

She hates dishonesty but she stays silent … most of the time.

She’s smart.

She keeps a even keel.

She likes to see others happy and safe.

That gives her satisfaction.

And if that were noticed, she’d be happy too.

If someone would just say, “I see how much you care.” “I see how much you do.”

But she’s invisible to most people.

She’s there holding everything together, unnoticed.

She’s the unsung hero.

The Backstory

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I’m going through an intense advanced certification process using the emotional freedom technique (EFT). The course is called ‘Ignite Your Healing.’ EFT, also known as tapping, is a research based process that calms the physiological body response to stress. Deep breathing is another process (one used by the military) that calms this physiological fight/flight response. ‘Ignite Your Healing’ uses visualization, breathing, and tapping to uncover and heal old trauma and emotional wounds.

One of the processes had us asking ourselves when we felt our body let us down. I immediately had a scene of myself as a 2yo with my first horse ride. The intensity of feeling my body let me down was a 10 out of 10.

The backstory behind that event was that was the first time I had seen a real horse. I immediately fell in love. The horse was magnetic to me and I couldn’t stop staring at it. The neighbor saw me and asked if I wanted a ride. Of course I did, everything sparked inside with excitement and longing.

The feeling of sitting on that horse was like no other, it was magic. My little 1 1/2 yo brother was placed on the horse with me. Nothing else in the world was as wonderful as this. Love pulsed through my system.

Then the neighbor started to walk the horse. I felt tippy, unsafe. I hoped my brother didn’t fall. I hoped I didn’t fall. I even hoped my little brother might help me stay on. This was scary, mixed with awesome, mixed with terror. So confusing. Why wasn’t there an adult there to help me? I was sliding off the side. Oh God, that couldn’t happen. I wouldn’t let it happen. But I had such little control. This is awful. I hate my body for not staying balanced. It betrayed me.

The ride stopped, we were taken off the horse and I was shaking. I was in shock. The happiness and love and excitement from moments before were buried deep. But I couldn’t stop feeling pulled magnetically to the horse. A deep love of horses was born that morning. But also a deep seated fear. And that’s the backstory. That came up for healing. And I tapped and tapped.

That long ago event has colored all my horse experiences since. Holding me back from fully feeling the light fun emotions around horses. It’s time to heal, it’s time to honor that little me. It’s time to acknowledge her courage and that her body was perfect. It acted exactly as it did because it couldn’t have been differently. An adult should have been there to help. But they weren’t and it was perfectly normal to feel tippy when you’re two years old and the first time on a horse.

I honor my body for everything it did. I allow my body to relax, I allow my muscles to relax. It no longer serves me to grip and feel like I’m going to fall off when I ride horses now. My adult self went back into that memory and offered the support and help that little girl needed. It calmed her and praised her. It made her smile and feel loved.

I honor my body for all it does for me. I honor my past experience. I honor my fight/flight response and I allow it to relax now. I’m open to feeling safe and joyful around horses. I honor my body and acknowledge my deep love for horses. I honor my body.

And I keep tapping through the points as I repeat those phrases above. I’ll need to do it more than once (maybe even more than 10x) but it feels like the intensity has already gone down to a 6 or 7. That’s close to 4 points lower and that’s a lot less stress flowing subconsciously under the surface in my system. Since horses are a big part of my life and my business, this is huge. It’s no wonder I’m a mother hen and really help the riders I teach and that I’ve been drawn to doing safety research around horses.

If you’ve read my author profile on Amazon, now you know the backstory of that first ride as a 2yo. Soon, I’ll be able to invite you to the ‘Ignite Your Healing’ process. I’ll let you know when the certification process if complete. Be ready to be amazed! I sure have been.

The “Why”

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I’ve been working with a transformational business coach on developing and expanding my online business options. I bring over 50 years of horse experience to the mix, along with being a certified riding instructor and therapist who has run an equine business for over 20 years. The favorite parts of my work are building rider confidence and offering stress and pain relief therapy for women.

Some of the business exploration below is based on Simon Sinek and Brendan Bruchard’s work. There were three different series of questions that I had to answer as I felt deeply into who I am. Here is what I came up with:

First … What is your why, how, and what?
Why – I believe people benefit and grow into their best selves with innovative transformational work
How – I apply that by bringing pain and stress relief techniques to horse people and their horses
What – through my online Saddle Fit Simplified and Full Stride mindfulness courses, my transformational business and coaching with courage sessions, centered riding lessons, and Brown Pony Series horse books

Second … What is your theory, process, transformation, and transcendence?
Theory – horses are flight animals, watchful of herd, react to those around them
Step-by-Step Processes – how to make horses comfortable, how to practice stress release for yourself
Transformation – so you can have a safe understanding relationship with your horse built on trust and partnership
Transcendence – but what it’s really about is deeply connecting to others (people and animals) at a soul level with love and caring

AND Third … What is your passion and the benefits of your solution?
My passion: is having a natural ease around horses that radiates caring and connection
Benefits on my solution: safe interactions with horses, horses understanding of your requests and wanting to comply and please you

This has been an interesting process and if you have your own business, you can watch a short YouTube video from Simon Sinek that will get you started into feeling into your own why, how and what.

My first step in this new business direction is offering a FREE report aimed towards horseback riding instructors … offering them tips on creating a profitable business built in integrity by honoring the horse, involving the rider and setting up their barn in a professional manner. You can preview it at and it will be ready to launch and share with others soon. Wish me luck!


Creative Analyst

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Creative Analyst? Yep, that’s me. At least according to several entrepreneurial personality style quizzes.

I see it. I own it. Although I’m deeply introverted, I’m fairly equally balanced between the logical side of the brain and the creative side. I can keep things structured and bring together novel ideas all at the same time.

I’m best when I sample a lot of life and then notice the best parts, take those and piece them together for something amazing and fantastic. It’s so easy for me I wonder why someone else hasn’t done it before!

Currently I’m directing that talent to creating a free gift for horseback riding instructors. Horses cost so much and they are always needing tips on how to get new students and keeping money coming in.

Here’s a sneak peek at what it’ll contain: 5 Steps Successful Horseback Riding Instructors Do To Keep Lesson Money Coming In … I’ve used the acronym HORSE to outline the five steps.

H – Honor Your Horse (Tips for building a willing partner)

O – Open up to the Possibilities (Law of Attraction questions)

R – Raise the Bar (Building the business)

S – Safe, Successful, and Satisfied (Winning lesson plan strategies)

E – Ensure Rider Happiness (recognizing fear and releasing stress + much more)

What do you think? What tips do you have that could be shared with those in business, those who work with horses, those who teach riding lessons? I’d love your input too! Even a creative analyst can have a blind spot and miss something 🙂