Essential Oils

Essential Oils

I’m drawn to natural healing modalities and holistic medications. So it’s no surprise I found essential oils; rather the surprise is how long it took me before I discovered them! It’s been one year now.

Originally I was researching for ways to help my father’s memory; that’s the way it always is for me, looking for ways to help someone else and then coming to fabulous new discoveries for myself! I bought Rosemary for my dad and the Balance blend oil (doTERRA) for both my dad and my mom (caretakers need support too).

Then my mom mentioned toenail fungus (over 30 years and no medical remedy worked) and I had her try Wild Orange and Melaleuca – guess what, it’s working! Not magically overnight, but it’s been a few months and it’s working!

Then my mom mentioned nerve and arthritis pain in her feet that was keeping her up at night and I gave her a sample of Deep Blue Rub. When I saw her next, she said she wanted to buy the Deep Blue – it had worked immediately and she was able to get to sleep!

Just yesterday, after all the physical symptom relief, I was surprised when I heard my mother say a friend of her’s talked about essential oils affecting the energy of the body. I’m not against the possibility or probability that is the case and I did say that. But I also replied that essential oils are plant based medicine, given to us from nature (and God), to support our health in many ways.

Unlike synthetic drugs that work quickly targeting one particular area, essential oils integrate slowly into our system and initiating a healing response from the entire body. The quick action of prescription or synthetic drugs is one of the causes of multiple side-effects. The slow natural action of the oils is a cause for many side-benefits.

So Deep Blue Rub helps pain, inflammation, chest congestion, plus it has anti-oxidant properties. Essential oils can support you through a healing crisis and in the long run.

Essential oils can even help with emotions, like procrastination, feeling stuck, fear, depression – learn more in our course and get a free essential oil that will help you!

Fear Releasing Method

Fear Releasing Method


My body had been “speaking” to me for actually a few years. I ignored the random hip pain, neck aches and shoulder strain. I kept pushing through because people counted on me to “show up”. I pushed through because I had made a commitment. I pushed through because I was suppose to be living my dream. I didn’t want to anything to change. But things were changing, the random aches weren’t so random anymore and I was taking Motrin daily. But still I resisted change. Even with daily pain, I kept doing what I did. When I thought about changing work, my stomach clutched. Then it happened. My body had a break down and I was in the emergency room. Nothing was touching the intense pain. Neurontin helped finally but the side effects were terrible and I began to seriously consider the possibility of needing something to change.

The first thing I did was complete a Fear Releasing course. Pain was unable to motivate me to change when fear held me back – that is until pain put me flat on my back. I decided not to allow that to happen again. And I learned so much in the course I took that I became certified in the Fear Releasing Method.

I learned there are 7 primary fears and the Fear of Change is only one of them. There is a free Fear Quiz to identify what primary fear might be active in your life. Are you ready to release old fear patterns that hold you back from listening to your body and moving forward in your life? Then check it out!

How does hippotherapy fit in with women experiencing chronic pain?

Some of you may wonder why I’m sharing the progress of the Brown Pony Series on a blog devoted to women and chronic pain! Trust me, there is a connection. And it’s not what may initially come to mind – horses helping women work through pain. Although I see the immense possibilities in that partnership, this is much more personal.

My dream vocation was fulfilled for the past 20 years as I partnered horses and kids with disabilities in the hippotherapy arena. Hippotherapy was central and all other treatment modalities that I was certified in, such as therapeutic listening and myofascial release, were peripheral adjuncts to helping the kids get the most out of hippotherapy.

But hippotherapy includes walking along side the horse in a sand arena (about one mile each treatment session) with me twisting my body to assist and position the kids. Over time, the miles and miles of a twisted body posture led to my own chronic pain diagnosis and the shattering of an investment of love and many hours of education in pursuit of my hippotherapy dream career.

2013, the year of my chronic pain diagnosis, was a year of chaos and emotional turmoil. My heart did not want change but my body insisted on it.

I knew there were other women out there, who have given until their body breaks too and so I decided to re-focus my career and re-envision my life’s purpose to serving the needs of women experiencing chronic pain.

But it’s not easy letting go of a cherished past. It’s like a death. How do you memorialize all those precious memories? The Brown Pony Series is the answer to that question. I am “pouring out” all the hippotherapy experience and knowledge I have gained in the past 20 years and sharing it with others as a means of putting a respectful closure on that chapter of my life.

Is there some area in your life that needs closure?  What will you do to “cherish the memory” of the good that you need to let go of …