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Facebook memories of past Easter celebrations are coming up and it’s a poignant reminder of what will be missing this year. How much I took those family times for granted. The normal ebb and flow of life that is now such a beloved memory. These type of feelings normally occur after the death of a loved one and their absence is keenly noted. But todays circumstances are heralding the death of ordinariness and that is such an acute loss.

I’m turning more deeply to God … to thank Him for everything I had and to beg that normal times return soon. Spirituality is one way I’m finding peace through these difficult days. Just last week I started writing down the bible readings from each day.

Sirach 20

Romans 13:8-14

Jeremiah 22:3-9

Jeremiah 39:8-14

Psalm 79

Ezekiel 13

Daniel 4

Summary of those verses: I learned about the conduct of the wise and the foolish. Love fulfills the law and to be aware of the end times. Do what is right and just, and have no strange gods. The walls of Jerusalem are destroyed. Pray for Jerusalem, help us God our Savior. There are false prophets of peace, an illusion of security. A dream interpreted … the king would be ‘cut down’ due to his pride to learn the lesson that Heaven rules and then after seven years of being humbled like a beast in the field he would renounce his sin and be restored.

It was pretty powerful to read through the week, particularly in light of what is happening around the world. Perhaps heaven is talking through the scriptures, sharing a little piece of the big picture of what is happening behind the scenes, and my response is “speak Lord for your servant is listening.” Spirituality is something that feels so much more important than ever to help get through the confusion and anxiety and possibilities of what is happening.

How will we end up getting through this pandemic? What will be the rippling outcome for years to come? The entire world has shut down. Is that really necessary? I’m too small in the scheme of things to know any real answers. But what I do know, is I’m finding comfort in my God and relying on the strength of my Savior Jesus, who overcame death on Good Friday by His resurrection on Easter morning.

Our situation today has similarities to the first Easter. The followers of Jesus were secluded in their homes, afraid for the future, fearing for their lives. Everything they knew was turned upside down and nothing would ever be the same. But their spirituality was deep, their ancestors had been through trying times, particularly in that first passover when they were freed from slavery and left Egypt. They too leaned in, to find comfort in God during spiritually trying times.

And God in His mysterious ways and in His mysterious time does save. The resurrection of Jesus is victory over the sting of death, not victory from dying, but victory over annihilation and the hopelessness that came with death. Jesus brings us hope of a glorious life after death. That’s spirituality with hope, one I can lean into for comfort no matter what is happening around me. Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter * season.


*Easter is the historical remembrance of the resurrection event of Jesus.

I am a better person.

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I am a better person.

I am a better therapist.

I am a better wife.

I am a better christian.

I know myself. I love myself. I know my triggers. I always did the best I could under the circumstances. I honor my past reactions. I’m thrilled with my current reactions. I’m content. Fear doesn’t have a hold over me. I am assertive with empathy. I am flexible. And I have boundaries. I can stand my ground and I can give ground. I’m able to think in the moment and to ask for a moment of time to think. I am at peace with my choices.

All of those things make me a better person. They allow me to be authentic and truthful and caring and grounded. They allow me to feel deeply, know my values, and act in alignment with who I am. But it wasn’t always that way. I have had my fair share of struggles. I have lived nearly every day of my life since my birth in sympathetic arousal (i.e. in a state of the fight-flight response).

How can someone be living in stress since birth? I was born with a raw nervous system that led to sensory sensitivity. Just think of all the sensations an infant is bombarded with … fabrics, odors, baths, temperature, softness, hardness, being moved through space, being hungry, being touched … when someone has a raw sensory system, those sensations create pain responses in their brain placing that little one in chronic stress.

I lived that way forever and did quite well in life, thank you very much. I learned to de-stress (a process that had to be repeated over and over) and I learned to cope by avoiding crowds and unpleasant situations and things. You do what you have to do and it becomes like a second skin. Many things helped … horseback riding, essential oils, mindfulness, relaxation, the hot tub, therapeutic music CD’s, sensory integration therapy … they took the edge off the stress and made life good but nothing offered a permanent solution.

But nothing felt permanent until I started energy healing. I can’t tell you exactly why this worked, I can only tell it has worked (and it has worked for others). I feel different. I’m me without the protective skin and I’m a strong me. We’re in the middle of a pandemic with possible shortages looming on the horizon and I’m going with the flow. My husband notices the change, I’m his rock. It’s not that I don’t feel stress, it’s that stress doesn’t get a grip on me … I have the inner strength to break the hold.

Energy healing is a combination of psychology and bodywork … a mind-body technique that gets to the root of problems in the mind-body system we live in as an embodied soul. Energy healing is a clinically proven and scientifically based technique combined with coaching questions and imagery exercises. I started energy healing a couple of years ago and have cleared out a lot of old emotions and trauma memories. And that surprised me, because I really did have a good childhood, I didn’t expect to have much baggage. I guess there’s a little wounded part in all of us.

It didn’t happen overnight but it did happen; I can be impatient and want to push through but it still took a full year. And I couldn’t do it by myself (believe me I tried, I’m a big do-it-yourselfer), I had to hire a coach. Why did I hire help? I got to the point where I kept feeling like I had tried everything else (except for psychotherapy and I didn’t feel like I needed therapy) and yet I knew I was working too hard to keep stress at bay … there was something that kept pulling me back to pain, back to sensory sensitivity, back to avoiding, back to pushing down bitterness and I was so frustrated with that. I wanted that to change and I wanted it to change before I got even one year older.

What a good decision … actually it was an amazingly fantastically smart decision that is paying off big time. The real me is now shining through. And the real me is powerful. I am powerfully me. I am a better person. I am a better therapist. I am a better wife. I am a better christian. Why? In one word, LOVE. I am able to love more deeply. Clearing out negative energy makes room for love to shine through. And THAT makes me a better person.


50 Things to Do in Voluntary Isolation

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  1. Take a photo inventory of your valuables.
  2. Delete unwanted photos on your device.
  3. Clean up your computer files.
  4. Organize your shelves.
  5. Clean out drawers.
  6. Go through clothes season by season and create donation bags.
  7. Ditto for shoes and coats.
  8. Dust the ceiling and walls.
  9. Polish your wood furniture.
  10. Condition your leather furniture.
  11. Read the bible.
  12. Get leaves out of the landscaping.
  13. Rake stones back to where they belong.
  14. Trim a tree.
  15. Trim a bush.
  16. Balance your checkbook.
  17. Play with your animals.
  18. Play with your kids.
  19. Call your parents.
  20. Touch base with an elderly neighbor or family member and see how they are doing.
  21. Clean the basement.
  22. Clean the garage.
  23. Go through seasonal decorations and decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away.
  24. Clean the refrigerator.
  25. Defrost the freezer.
  26. Clean the stove and oven.
  27. Wash walls.
  28. Wash nick nacks.
  29. Sweep under the couch.
  30. Organize the toys.
  31. Wash carpets.
  32. Take an online course.
  33. Read a book.
  34. Write a book.
  35. Learn a new recipe.
  36. Bake bread.
  37. Finish something you started and haven’t had time to do.
  38. Learn a new hobby.
  39. Pick up an old hobby.
  40. Try sketching, drawing, or painting.
  41. Spend a whole day on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest without feeling guilty.
  42. Nap.
  43. Exercise.
  44. Wash the bedspreads.
  45. Binge watch movies.
  46. Create a vision board.
  47. Explore YouTube on the topic of your choice i.e. horse massage.
  48. Meditate and pray.
  49. Photocopy the items in your wallet in the event it is stolen.
  50. Shop online and donate online.

Miasm and Coronavirus

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Coronavirus. It’s the pink elephant in the room everyone wanted to avoid seeing but its now unavoidable. Spreading through areas people congregate, even Burger King of all places. The sight of empty shelves in grocery stores makes the palpable fear all the more visible.

I was on a business trip last week. It’s been two years since I’ve traveled for business and I went to a conference. There were few coronavirus cases in the USA when I boarded the airplane but within a couple of days the explosion happened.

The “what if’s” are frightening … what if I can’t get back home, what if I get sick, what if the world shuts down and everything I’ve depended on suddenly isn’t there anymore?

I turned to an energy healing friend and asked for support. I tapped using EFT to defuse the stress. I used the vitamins and essential oils I’d brought along. I grounded myself with the affirmation “I have the right to be here, I have the right to live in this world, in this body that was made just for me” while breathing deeply and praying to God for His protection.

I made it home and am feeling fine. But I was surprised at some of the backlash from family and friends … accusing, angry at my travel, suspicious, judgmental … yikes, I thought, “It’s no wonder people develop miasms.”

Miasms are a homeopathic thing … I learned about them in the Emotion Code/Body Code certification … a miasm is a distortion in the energy field of a person from a suppressed disease that can be felt in the moment and also passed along via epigenetic changes. Miasms create imbalance with the body, mind, and/or emotions and can thus show up as physical issues, anxious thoughts, or overly emotional reactions.

Why would someone suppress a disease and try and hold the energy of the symptoms inside? I can name a few reasons: to avoid being criticized, or rejected, or judged! Just think of the prejudice those first people diagnosed with AIDS experienced. Avoiding prejudice and rejection are pretty big first chakra issues related to our needing love, acceptance and belonging to a tribe … whether that tribe is your family, your friends, your workplace. And going way back in time, a safe tribe is equivalent to survival.

People also don’t want to miss out on things. I had an earache and hid the fact that it hurt because I didn’t want to be excluded from going to summer camp. I did everything in my little kid power to hide and suppress my symptoms, pretending to be fine. I was actually creating tiny changes in my DNA by putting all my energy into suppressing a disease. That’s what a miasm is, a suppressed disease of some sort. And because of the way epigenetics work, these DNA changes can be passed down to children.

People who have inherited the DNA of a suppressed miasm from a parent are likely getting triggered during this coronavirus pandemic and may even be reacting in emotional ways that they never would otherwise. Maybe they had an ancestor who went through the Black Plague or the Spanish Flu and some of the energetic stress and symptoms became encoded in their ancestor’s DNA thru the epigenetic process.

This current crisis will be a really strong trigger to open that epigenetic gate and bring the symptomatic energy of that ancient situation to the surface. Or maybe a person is already living in a daily fight-flight mode and this fear-laced pandemic is just one straw too much.

Other people might not have issues with miasm but may have suppressed grief … imagine a person sobbing … can you see their whole chest racks in the waves of emotional loss … if you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one or the loss of a relationship or the loss of a job or the loss of a pet or the loss of a home or the loss of  ___________ (fill in the blank) and you haven’t grieved, the energy of that loss can become trapped in your lungs and chest. Never allowing yourself to have that cleansing cry can create a predisposition to diseases in the lungs and chest. We need to support our lungs during this Coronavirus pandemic and releasing old emotional stress is one way to do that.

I’m working from home, meeting with clients online. Have you ever considered your distance healing options? The Emotion Code, the Body Code, Tapping (EFT), and Coaching can address stress and help release trapped emotional energy so you don’t embarrass yourself, overreacting to your own anxiety or to inherited survival fears. Stress lowers your immune system and we all need a really strong immune system right now!

Did you know we can even test to determine if you have an inherited miasm and energetically clear that? If you’re stuck home for a while and feeling stir crazy, I’m with you. Give me some company, create a relaxing diversion to the craziness, and invest in some of your own healing! Let’s do some online work together! ONLINE SCHEDULER

Yes, wash your hands, get some extra supplies, use hand sanitizer, and chose to isolate yourself if appropriate; I’ve cancelled all in-person pain and stress relief sessions and am working online for the next month. There’s a lot that can be done from home in this unprecedented time … declutter the basement, get into those closets, do some spring cleaning, finish up an online course, read a great book, schedule an online stress relief session.


You may have no control over this virus or the measures your local government is taking to contain it, but you do have complete control over your own response. And that’s a lot of power to harness.

And I’m here to help.

Spring Cleaning

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Have you ever set your heart on achieving something so important to you that you spent hours of time and even money to make it happen only to be sorely disappointed and have it turn out badly, a failure?

That’s called a Goal Trauma. And there is this dirty trapped energy of “I should have known better” “I should have seen this before I began” “I should have done this differently” and the emotions of disappointment, sadness and even questioning our worth.

These thoughts and emotions weigh heavily on the heart. Goal traumas run in the subconscious impacting your ability to successfully meet future goals. And Spring is the perfect time to clean these out. Ask yourself …

Do I bring consciousness to my personal resolutions or professional goals?

Do I avoid making a list of the small steps to move forward in what I want, whether that’s a cleaner house, reducing clutter, losing weight, initiating a business venture or making more money?

Starting next Monday March 9 we’ll spend 3 weeks Spring Cleaning our goal traumas. There will be a live/recorded group process and clearing session each Monday using the Emotion Code and EFT, a group format for questions and answers and insights and inspirations, and two private laser coaching sessions to help you on an even deeper level.

Group registration ends in one week and the group size is limited to 20 people.

Business Mindset work is the best way to get the Law of Attraction working for you and your business. Clearing out goal traumas helps create a pathway for goal success!

Ready for Spring Cleaning? Is it time? Click the link to get started! www.DiscoverBodyWisdom.com

Slow Down!

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I’m alone, driving my husband’s brand new truck, pulling our horse trailer with my recently adopted Standardbred. I’m going to a special saddle fitting session two hours away. And I’m nervous, I haven’t driven a truck and trailer by myself for over a dozen years.

I’m getting close to the barn where the saddle fitting is taking place. Cars are getting backed up behind me but I know the road must be getting close. Oh no, there it is and even thought I’m going slow, I’m still driving too fast to make the turn with a horse in the trailer.

My heart starts racing as I look for a place to turn around. Nothing is obvious. I turn down a side road and look for a large driveway to turn into. The road turns to dirt. It’s a dead end road. And the houses I see do not have large driveways and there are large ditches in front of the houses.

I need to turn around and I’m running out of options. I turn into a driveway and try to get the truck and trailer straight so I can back out. I haven’t backed a horse trailer in a long time and I was never great at it. I’m fighting tears and I look up and some men come out of the house onto the porch and start staring at me. I’m trespassing. I’m way too obvious with the rig. I’m not succeeding at backing up. I don’t like being watched by others, especially when I’m making a fool out of myself, I really really just want to be invisible.

But here I am, inching forward, inching back, straightening up only to see it’s going the wrong way. Pulling forward again, correcting, backing. The trailer is out on the road, I’m almost there, then the trailer jack knifes … but it’s so close, only a couple of feet and I can pull away, I keep backing and nudge the trailer with the truck bumper … I try to push the trailer that extra couple of inches so I can escape this mess. I can’t, I pull forward, back again, and finally pull away. My face is red, my are muscles tight, my blood pressure is through the roof.

I get to the barn visibly shaking. I find a place to park, and step out of the truck. I look at the trailer, it’s fine, I look at the truck and the back bumper is dented in … a big dent … in my husband’s new truck. He loves this truck. He waxes it once a week. He won’t drive it on a muddy road. It was custom made for him. I feel like I want to disappear into a big hole. But I have a saddle fitting to do, so I put on my brave face, hide the stress in my heart, and carry on.

What a memory … that happened roughly 7 years ago and I can still feel the stress stored in my body. I was lucky, my husband was actually very understanding about the dent in his bumper but I still feel like I let him down.

I still wonder to this day why I didn’t slow down more. But I know why … I wasn’t comfortable with the cars behind me and I compromised on how slow I was willing to go. I also was under stress from driving the rig by myself. Stress affects vision, it affects the frontal lobe thinking/problem-solving brain, it affects muscles, it affects emotions. So even if I had been driving slower, I may not have actually “seen” the street sign in time or even processed what I was seeing in order to make the turn.

I needed to slow down even more, I needed to slow down my stress response … I needed to breathe and relax, I needed to accept that I had the right to be on the road going slow and looking for the turn, and I needed to stand in my power … that feeling where you own your part of the world, accept yourself fully, and feel confident asking for help when you need it.

Things would have been much different if I’d allowed myself the time to slow down like that. If I allowed myself to go slow, feel relaxed, feel my power, I probably wouldn’t have missed the turn and then … I wouldn’t have had to turn around, I wouldn’t have made a fool of myself trying to turn around, I wouldn’t have dented my husband’s new truck, I wouldn’t have flooded my nervous system with even more stress hormones and self-judgement.

And even if I had missed the turn, if I had been in that slow relaxed empowered state, things would have been different, I wouldn’t try to back up by going it alone, I would have asked someone for help.

Relaxing could have prevented all of that? I believe so and I’m looking at all the ways I can slow down in my life. I think slowing down will give me more time in the long run and I’ll be a lot happier. What do you think? Do you have any stories of bad things that happened when you didn’t slow down or good things that happened when you did? Could you benefit from more relaxation and slowing down too?


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I woke up with a headache. A pressure feeling that was about a 7 out of 10. The constant pain was nauseating and unrelenting. Out of habit, I went to the Advil bottle when it occurred to me I could try something different.

I’ve learned memories are stored as images in our mind … images with color, texture, and shape. I’ve also learned we are integrated beings with a mind, body, spirit, and soul. And I’ve learned in order to fully address pain, you have to address it in the entire mind-body connection, So I put my hand on the area of the pain and asked my imagination to give me a physical description, a picture of what the pain looked like. The picture in my mind showed a 3-dimensional star crystal with many sharp points, it had clear areas and areas of rainbow colors like a crystal but also dark areas. It was heavy and about the size of a tangerine but as I focused on the pain, it tried to get smaller as though hiding.

I kept focusing and felt into the pain to see if it was located only in my head or if it reached outside the boundary of my physical body. It was inside my body and it was so small, it was getting hard to keep track of, now I couldn’t feel much pain at all. The crystal changed to a speck size and moved more to the back of my head.

I continued with the process and asked how long this type of headache has been happening. I saw an image of the number 7 in my mind. What happened 7 years ago? I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia and recalled all the stress that led up to it. An important part of my business was collapsing, my dad was diagnosed with dementia, my own body was betraying me … I was losing hope and I felt resentful, lost, scared and angry.

I then queried about the first time I felt those emotions. I saw the number 3 on the movie screen of my mind. When I was 3 years old, we were moving from one house to another … I didn’t want to move, I felt comfortable with what I knew and I didn’t want things to change. And then I felt an inspiration that there was an even earlier time where those feelings came up … in the womb … I didn’t want to leave that comfortable place either, even when it became so uncomfortable that I had to be born or die.

OMG, flash of insight … that’s an old negative coping pattern running in my life just under the surface … resisting change to the point of compromising my health to keep things the same. Wow. That was deep.

It was then my mind allowed me to see the event that preceded the headache … a friend had posted a Facebook update that she wasn’t ready to let go of her mom (who had entered hospice). My first thought was, “why hold on like that, your mom has been failing in mind and body and is very old and has been that way for a while, it’s time,” then that triggered a heart wrenching “how can you think that way” and I tapped (EFT) on all the words that flooded my mind: how unkind, that’s not like you, why would that thought even come up, you’re a compassionate person and that’s not a very compassionate thought, what is up with that, and on and on as the words of self-judgement poured out.

After tapping, I then muscle tested to see if there were any trapped emotions around letting go of an aging loved one, and I got a ‘yes.’ I also got a ‘yes’ that this emotional energy was something that had been inherited and intuitively (in my mind’s eye) I saw an ancestor being in the position of making a life or death decision that had to be made for the survival of the tribe and my ancestor hated being in that position. I muscle tested and found that this ancestor was on my father’s side and the event happened 8 generations ago, roughly in the 1770’s.

I felt an emotion of grief rise up about my own aging parents, my dad’s failing health, my resistance to the change and wondering what decisions I might have to make in the near future. I then went to the Emotion Code and asked what trapped emotional energy I could release around the epigenetic emotional energy my ancestor passed down from his DNA to me and the following emotions came up and were released: hate (for being forced to make an impossible decision), loathing, anger, helplessness, shame, resigned, forlorn, regret, and depression.

It’s not uncommon for thoughts and feelings to create physical pain in the body. But who would have known all that was underneath this headache? I’m glad it was brought into the light instead of medicating it into the darkness. I didn’t need a pill, not only is my headache gone, the area feels amazing, like it’s filled with a soft expanded loving warmth.

I’ve never shared the intimate details that coaching can go into before. And doing this type of deep work for pain relief does require a willingness and vulnerability to allow whatever comes up to come up and not to judge it.  Do I believe all the “story” part that comes up in this work? I just don’t know, but what I do know is the pain is gone.

In this session I used a specifically guided visualization, tapping/EFT, and the Emotion Code. I could have administered only one of those techniques or I could have added hands on work and essential oils too. Pain and Stress Relief for Women … that’s what I do … bodywork, confidential coaching, aromatherapy, mind-body horse lessons.

You may think “What if it doesn’t work for me” and I would counter, “What if it does! How would your life be different?” I know it works! I’ve had success and my clients have personally experienced the benefits that come from using this alternative holistic process for transformational wellness.

Yes, you can still take a pill, it’s quick and easy, but there are side-effects and a pill is just treating the symptoms. If you’re like me you’ve used pills in the past but now you want to go deeper and get to the root of the problem. You’re tired of the lack of results from traditional methods, the chronic pain, the auto-immune issues. You want to resolve the current pain AND remove the underlying triggers to future pain. You want to age into the future with greater health, unburdening your body, and gaining resilience to stress and change.

Am I right? Tell me what you think!