Is Venus a Diversion?

March 22, 2015

The moon and Venus Sunday night.

Is Venus a diversion?

What is a diversion?

A diversion is something that allows you to temporarily escape your connection with reality.  You disconnect from the here and now via video, internet, alcohol, drugs, food or ________________ (insert your favorite diversion here). We engage in diversions because, in some way, they help relieve stress.

The opposite side of the stress relief coin from diversion is recreation. Recreation is the opposite because, instead of disconnecting from the present moment, you totally immerse yourself into being present in the moment via hobbies, exercise, sports or ___________________ (insert your favorite recreation here).

When I looked up at the sky Sunday night I was in awe, the stars dotted the sky, the crescent moon was glowing and Venus was brightly shining. I had to capture the moment with a picture to savor the scene. I was totally present and felt thankful.  Do you know how to tell if the moon is increasing or decreasing? Just put a line on the points and if the line forms a “b” then the moon is being born (increasing), if the line forms a “d” then the moon is dying (decreasing).

And that’s the different between diversions and recreation. Both relieve stress in the moment but you often feel guilt or shame or like you wasted your time after engaging in diversions. But the afterglow of recreation is generally satisfaction, gratitude and a desire to share.

So, was Venus a diversion? No, it was actually exactly the opposite!

Signs of Spring


Spring is coming soon! Tomorrow actually. And there are many signs of Spring around ….

An obvious sign is the snow is gone and the road is closed due to melt, mud, and a sink hole around a water culvert.


Signs of Spring

The frost left the ground and the miniature lakes in the fields have disappeared.

A flock of Redwing Blackbirds are singing loudly in the lilac bushes.

A random Robin is at the bird feeder.

We heard frogs a couple of nights ago.

The night insect sounds are not back yet but we saw a quiet moth flying around.

The grass is showing green and daffodils are peeking through the ground.

The Sandhill Cranes are back. (By the way, the Sandhill Crane Winery is a nice place to visit year round in our area.)

The fox and coyote are running in pairs.

Swans are flying overhead towards the northwest. I saw 3 Mute Swans and 58 Trumpeter Swans … you can tell the difference because of the distinctive voice. The mute swans also have the orange beaks, are not native to our Michigan area and our DNR considers them an invasive species – so it was nice to see so many of our native black beaked noisy trumpeter swans in formation.

What are the signs of Spring that you notice in your area?

Burning Thru the Fog


It’s March in Michigan and the temperatures are ranging from the teens to near 60. Wild swings. We still have snow on the ground and now mud and ice too.

A couple of days ago there was a heavy fog in the morning. But the rising sun was burning through the fog in a beautiful orange color.

Sometimes it is hard to appreciate and notice the joy in a morning sunrise when there seems like a dense fog is covering life.

I’ve been there and could be there again I suppose. I hope not though. Actually, more than “hope” not, I’m taking action too.

I’m participating in life through photography, horses, visiting my mom and dad every week, taking daily walks with my husband, and doing the best to heal my body naturally with bodywork and essential oils plus other supports.

The biggest strategy for me and tip for you, if you experience that density, drudgery, fog type of feeling … do one small thing, take one small step … an inner voice may tell you that it won’t change anything – silence it – because it will change everything!

The step I take is usually centered around “what’s bothering me” … a dirty floor … I sweep it, maybe I just sweep the living room … a cluttered shelf … I reorganize it.  Just one thing. Tomorrow, you can do another “one thing” and it does add up … and it will be like that sunrise and burn through the fog.



So many things are out of my control. The head and body aches when there is a cold winter full moon, when hormones flare or when, storms are coming in.


The ice and snow and cold, as beautiful as it is, has been here for months and is hanging in through March. The weather affects my normal modes of stress management – the roads are too bad and I miss my bodywork appointment, the temps are too cold and it’s not prudent to go in the hot tub, the footing is too slippery and I can’t do my daily walks and get on my therapy horse.


I look up and miss the leaves on the barren trees. I know they are supposed to be coming soon, but right now, they are not here.


I look down and see evidence of the food stores beginning to run out for the animals and I worry about my little wild friends.

My parents are aging, I am aging. The economy is still not secure. I just filed my taxes.

The new government healthcare system has been an unending source of frustration for me – they say “you must give us this documentation” and when I try to, their computers are down – seriously, I’m suppose to spend 10 hours trying off and on to upload what you want and you aren’t even organized or prepared enough to readily accept it?

So many things are out of my control and that is stressful. It’s a cycle, the stress causes my body to tense, the body tension causes pain, the pain causes my blood pressure to rise, my blood pressure rising causes my anxiety to skyrocket … I tell my heart, “I’m sorry for making you work so hard and thank you for hanging in there for me.”

I get out my camera and look for the beauty in the winter, because it is everywhere. I just have to refocus my lens and I’ll see it.

I breathe. Do a body scan and stretch. I chastise myself for feeling guilty when I go to sleep early or take breaks because my body is telling me I NEED them.

I am in control of listening to my body.

I am in control of respecting my body.

I am in control of redirecting and reframing my thoughts.

Yes, a lot of life is out-of-control, but a lot is in my control too. I think I’ll start to put more energy into what I can control. How about you?