Winding down, Winding up

Winding down.


Parties, presents.

Sleeping in.

Breathing a sign of relief.

Blanket of snow.

Cold outside, warm inside.

Holiday joy.

Winding down.

Snowy Road

Winding up.

New years resolutions.


Wanting to hibernate.

Dreams for 2018.


Will it be different?

Will change be good?

Am I up to it?

Is this the year.

For disaster?

For satisfaction, happiness, success?


Winding up.


If you sometimes wonder if you’re worthy, struggle with feeling not good enough, ever had fleeting thoughts that you’re a fraud even though you are highly skilled … then join me Thursday December 28. We’ll apply the theory of energy psychology to help remove stressful self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions and replace those with a positive key word that will frame your new year in strength.

My key word for 2018 is “application” … I have a solid repertoire of skills and certifications for pain and stress relief and now it’s time to apply them … for myself and to help others. What does that mean? It means I will be offering more classes and sessions for pain and stress relief for women and the animals they love. It means I’m committing more time to teaching and reaching out and less time behind a computer earning yet another certification. It’s a stretch, at least for me, because I’m a lifelong learner but there comes a time to apply the learning. Lifelong learning can become a way of hiding out if it’s not applied. “Application” means coming out of hiding, it means being vulnerable and open to criticism. It means being visible and I have a misbelief that being visible, means being exhausted all the time. I’m going to work on releasing that misbelief on Thursday December 28 and installing new empowering beliefs. I hope you can join me!

The Christmas Letter


Merry Christmas to my friends and family. I’m not sending out Christmas cards like I did in the past so here’s a quick review of the past year. Dear Hummer got cancer this summer and passed away (it was very sudden and very sad). He was such an easy sweet dog. We welcomed Mercy into our hearts in August. She’s a “blue” Weimaraner and chews everything when she’s not bouncing off the walls. Yikes, NOT like Hummer at all. (Don’t let that photo fool you into thinking she’s a sweet quiet puppy … lol.)



Nicci is 26yo this year and still going strong. She and I go on bareback walks a couple times a month and we partnered up for another year of therapeutic riding classes. Joe has a new horse he’s hunting this year (Coastie – the black horse in the middle photo). Coastie is a very tall thoroughbred but has a great brain in his head and they look dashing together. My hunt horse is Jimmy, same as last year.



One of my favorite relaxation hobbies is photography … pictures of my garden and nature. I’ve been taking Sunday’s off and mellowing out with a book. I have to watch out for workaholic perfectionistic tendencies … they are a killer and I don’t want to be a victim. This year I added two more certifications to the pain relief services I offer … releasing trapped emotional energy through the Emotion Code certification and customized essential oil remedies via being a certified Aromatherapist. Along with releasing muscle and fascia to help the structure of the body line up, my clients can benefit from emotional freedom and natural pain relief solutions. It feels like a wholistic well-rounded service to help women overcome stubborn pain.



For lent this year I had about 12 inches of hair cut off and donated it to kids with cancer. And here’s a pic of volunteering at Sitting Tall with Nicci this year.  It’s hard to catch a photo of Joe on his bike – he’s fast! Joe has biked 2550 miles this year!!! We’re still living out in rural Waterloo and sometimes storms knock down trees and the power is out. It’s nice having a wood burner at those times and a generator. But have you ever heard of a generator going bad? Our’s did early this spring … it put out too much voltage on one side and started fires in two surge strips in the house. Luckily it was caught right away but was none-the-less quite scary!

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 3.51.40 PM


Here’s a fun collage from November … Joe and his precious Hershey on the Mule. The gorgeous autumn leaves over the kennel. Joe’s 10 pt deer. And the teachings on Divine Mercy … I went to the Shrine of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge Massachusetts with my mom and dad in April for Divine Mercy Sunday, then they enjoyed Vermont while I went to the home of Sally Swift and spent a weekend at a Centered Riding conference.

All in all, it’s been a blessed year and I hope the same is for you. And here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Taking Stock: The Old Years Resolutions and your New Years Resolutions

What were your resolutions for 2017?

Did you meet them?

Was it easy or hard?

Lost any weight? Organized the garage? Cleaned the basement? Started exercising more? Read any of those books on your list? Eating better? Taking that class you were interested in? Spent more time with ________________________ (family, friends, pet)? Saved money? Gotten the job of your dreams?

Once upon a time there was a person who dreamed of being a successful writer. She wrote the first two chapters of a novel and summited them to a publisher. A few weeks later the publisher called her into the office and excitedly raved about her work, offering a $50,000 advance for the book. This person was shocked and elated. But later in the week when they sat down to write, nothing was there … no creativity … no words … no ideas. Writers block set in and didn’t go away. She lost the book contract and had to take a regular office job she hated. What happened? Subconscious energetic blocks … I’m a fraud, I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough, I’ll never get this done, my writing isn’t worth $50,000, I’m going to fail so why even start, etc. If those scripts are running in the background is it any wonder why writer’s block creeped in? Writer’s block was the “savior” to save face. Right? NO!

Those negative thoughts are hidden in all of our subconscious minds. They are energetic blocks that make it hard for us to achieve our dreams and resolutions. I’ll be holding an energy clearing to help remove energetic blocks later this month. It’s only a $10 investment to help you on your way to an easy and successful New Year!


For my christian friends and those who aren’t familiar with energy healing, please review the table below. Energy work is drawn from the scientific fields of physics, epigenetics, evolutionary biology on the stress response, cell biology, neurophysiology, electromagnetism, psychoneuroimmunology, endocrinology, memory reconsolidation & extinction, and quantum mechanics. Energy healing is different than spiritual healing.

Energy and Spirit Grid

Join me December 28, 2017 to learn more!


A Year of Detox – Month 12

  1. Switch out deodorants (try Schmidt’s). Don’t use anti-perspirants, you are suppose to sweat to detox. The first couple of weeks you can expect sweat and stink … it’s true … you’re detoxing the crap that was trapped in those cells, it’ll change and there will be less sweat and smell, in the meantime just plan to rub on the new deodorant a few times a day.
  2. Switch out any personal care products that contain artificial fragrance and endocrine disruptors. You can trust certain companies for natural soaps, shampoos, and lotions like doTerra, Arbonne, or POSH. I get compliments on the health of my hair even with all the highlights I have and I use doTerra shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Have pain? We all do now and then. Try switching out pain pills for natural topical solutions. The chemistry of essential oils offers many great choices for pain relief as does the hot pepper capsaicin. DoTerra has a pre-made pain blend called “DEEP BLUE.” Essential oils can help decrease inflammation, improve circulation, provide soothing relief to nerves and relax muscles … without the toxic side effects of pills.
  4. This month is easy … avoid fluoride, it’s a neurotoxin, just go to PubMed and type in the search something like toxicity and fluoride or fluoride neurotoxin. Fluoride can be in your drinking water (use a water filter) and it’s most common in dental products. Switch to a natural toothpaste, I use doTerra’s whitening toothpaste.
  5. Do you know about the EWG online guide? Check out the Healthy Cleaning section and see how toxic your current cleaning products are. Don’t have time to do all that research? Then simply buy Norwex … they have laundry detergent and silver embedded cleaning cloths where you only need water to clean. Not sure about using just water? Several essential oils are natural antimicrobials … put a few drops of lemon essential oil in your water and you get anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal properties.
  6. Sugar feeds cancer, it feeds diabetes, it feeds obesity. Detox from sugar and from artificial sweeteners. Eat more fruits with natural sugars and use natural sweeteners like Stevia. Watch out for the diet sodas and hidden food ingredients in low-cal pre-boxed items.
  7. There’s been found to be a link to parkinson’s and insecticides. Month 7 is July, the middle of the summer, switch out you insect repellant to a natural one made from essential oils. Simply google essential oils for insects and create your own natural spray or buy one pre-made. DoTerra has one called TerraShield.
  8. Drink water. Healthy water. Test your water. Filter your water if needed. Drink out of a glass water bottle (instead of plastic).
  9. Emotions can be as toxic as bad water. If you avoid emotions, they build up inside. Yes they do! Emotions are simply neuropeptides in your body associated with a thought. They have information for you. Listen to them. Anger means your boundaries have been violated somehow. Feel your emotion, let it pass through you without judgement and then positively problem solve what you need to do about the situation that caused the emotion. Need help with this? For $25 you can release old trapped emotions.
  10. Detox your organs. Milk thistle has a protective effect on the liver … just go to PubMed again and search for milk thistle and liver disease.
  11. Detox your body. Chlorella is a chewable algae filled with chlorophyll that can be used for a gentle detox. Lemon juice is another choice to help with a detox and also to help your pH.
  12. Detox from stress. Begin a mindfulness protocol. Notice the sunrise in the morning and thank God for a new day. Notice the sunset at night and reflect on your day with gratitude.


There’s no better time than today to start with these small steps that will allow you to reap amazing health benefits for your future you!