Flying Ant


man chooses man

man’s law

where genesis, is your knowledge

old blueprint unfolding, fractal repeating


6 and 2 more 6’s

the sign

wolf in sheep’s clothing

mascarading as love

oh world, how can you not see complementarity
man as self-giving, woman as receptivity
equal in dignity
an image in biology and life living
God as masculine, mankind as feminine
no more?
you say ‘I make the rules’
far reaching is the decision
blinding some, distortion of nature
sensuality, love, all gifts from divine
genesis the blueprint
intended as wisdom, a path to home
oh sad day, homeless many become
who believe the illusion
that marriage is not between a man and a woman

what is love

God is love

love is loving another person to paradise

to the final destination, eternal heaven

or not?


it IS a choice after all

666 man choose’s to make his own law, true law forsaken

oh world why do you forsake holy

for God is our spouse and heaven our home

A New Day Is Dawning

It’s a new day … dawning beautifully and awe-fully. Yes, in both ways … the day is filled with awe and I try to absorb it in but I feel a deep sorrow, actually awful inside. I tell myself you “shouldn’t” feel that way, look at the blessings around you … but never-the-less I do feel that way…


Yesterday was Father’s Day and I hosted the party. For a highly sensitive person who tends towards perfectionism … this is stressful in itself … cleaning, finding the right gifts, planning a meal, setting the time when everyone can come and then the sensory overload of “people” all around … I love my family and they really offer just the normal family stresses – probably more minimal than most … but when you have a highly sensitive personality, just being around a crowd, no matter how beloved, is sadly draining.

DSC_1224 DSC_1225

But there is another layer added on … my parents are aging and I don’t know how many more family celebrations we will all be together … I think of those bittersweet things, I don’t know why.  And my father’s memory is fading and when I looked at the photo below where it appears he is “out-of-focus”, that hit home in a really hard way.


And this morning, I was grateful for routines and chores … I could feel the tension leaving my body as I walked my dog and prayed a rosary with the sun dappling down and then throwing bales of hay to the horses … the heavy work felt good.

I looked in the yard at the flowers blooming and in June the day lilies are the center of attention … and that seemed appropriate to my mood … these flowers, although only here for a day and then gone, are lovely and were teaching me to appreciate each day and what it brings … everything is here for a limited time, our forever home is heaven.


It feels like I can breath easier … my mood feels lighter. I need the lessons in nature. Thank you for that. Yes, a new day is dawning … dawning indeed.

The Old Barn

I’ve always been entranced by old barns.  There’s a story in there … the different people and the different animals that have come and gone through the ages. The bats and the barn swallows and the mice that make the barn their home.  The peeling paint, the weathered wood, the smell of fresh hay. Would you like to see?

DSC_1183 DSC_1181


The barn is a peaceful place, solitude from the world around, a place to meditate on how things once were.  Yes, they were simple, but they were solid. I like that. What about you?

In The Light

DSC_1144 DSC_1141 DSC_1139 DSC_1134

I was going to title this post “Beauty and the Beast” because of the pain flare I have had the past couple of days coupled with fantastic weather showcasing the glory of nature.  But the light won out.

I went to the doctor on Thursday and had good news! My blood pressure is under control and I don’t have to take any prescription meds … I’ve been taking the herbal remedy called Rawolfia and it’s working. But off and on starting on Friday I felt that old headache feeling … the kind that usually come with thunderstorms but we only have some chance of that type of weather and nothing actually happening.

The headache is more of a constant pressure that I can’t get away from and it’s dull and strong enough to be nauseating.  But I muster through the day, doing most of what I set out to do, and resting when I can. Peppermint essential oil does help with some of the pain and also the nausea and so does plain old Bayer Aspirin.

I’m grateful for nature’s diversion from the pain (the beast).  For at least a moment, my breath is taken away with the play of light on God’s creations (the beauty).

This too shall pass and I’m thankful that I noticed the beauty and that the beastly pain will have an end as well.  I’m thankful to live in the light.

Inspiration in Nature


Light and the Iris … no special filter or background manipulation, this is just how these pictures turn out … the bright morning light actually blurs out everything else. It reminds me of when we die and step in front of The Light (God) … everything else will be a blur and it will just be us … our beauty and our flaws.


Water and the Rocks … I love the natural rocks in our area; rocks left behind by an ancient glacier … normally they look rather regular and gray but when it rains, their color and uniqueness shows through. This reminds me of all the times of sorrow in our lives, those times are tough to get through but can be the source of great future strength; adding dimension, color and wisdom.


The Spring Garden in Full Flower … only a short few weeks earlier, everything was dull and barren but now it is verdant.  I love seeing the renewal, a reminder that God can make all things new.


A Garden Stone – This stone was given to me by a friend and reminds me that God is always with me … and in a special way, He is there in tough times, even though I may not perceive it at the moment.


Another sign of renewal, the butterfly. Born first as a worm, dying in some sense in the cocoon, reminding me of a tomb, but then emerging to new life perfected.

DSC_0402 DSC_0384

The Poppy … paper thin, fragile but sitting on a strong stem… it makes it stunning show of orange in the garden. I love orange … it’s my favorite color …. sunsets, campfires and poppies!DSC_0389