Stress Less

I have always loved plants and nature. According to the bible they are God’s medicine. A couple of years ago (Oct. 2015) I decided to get more serious studying the chemistry of plant based therapeutics. I’ve always known essential oils were powerful and have recipes for pain relief, sleep, and respiratory support BUT there is so much to learn! Keytones and Oxides, Monoterpenes and Sesquiterpenols. 10-carbon molecules = great for diffusing, 15-carbon molecules with a hydroxyl functional group might clog a diffuser and would be better used for topical application or in an inhaler stick. I took three classes and invested 500 hours of study time (actually probably more counting the 15 case studies and final research paper). Here is the certificate of completion from the last of the three classes … I received it after my research paper on stress was reviewed and accepted. I’m officially a Certified Aromatherapist!

Aromatherapy Certification 11:2017

Here’s a recipe blend I had in my research paper:

This is a 2% evening blend for a 15ml glass roller bottle. This blend helps relax both mind and muscles to prepare the body for a restful sleep. Simply roll on neck and shoulders and rub in. ONLY use quality essential oils or you risk skin rash, allergic reactions, immune problems … unfortunately not all essential oils labeled pure are really pure, therapeutic, and unadulterated. I use and sell Doterra at and I also order from I can also make this and other custom blends directed towards your unique needs!


– 15ml jojoba wax
– 1d frankincense (Boswellia carterii)
– 1d lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
– 1d orange (Citrus sinensis)
– 1d sweet marjoram (Origanum majorana)
– 1d ylang ylang (Cananga odorata var. genuine)
– 1d vetiver (Chrysopogon zizanioides or Vetiveria zizanioides)

In the research paper I talked about vagus nerve innervations to different areas of the body and the connection to sympathetic nervous system arousal (the stress fight-flight-freeze response). The vagus nerve innervates the diaphragm and one way to bring in calm from a hard-wired perspective is to take deep breaths and extend the exhale. The vagus nerve also has one place in the body where it comes near the skin and that is behind the ears. Gently roll the STRESS LESS blend behind the ear and massage in. Then cup your hands, hold them up to your nose and inhale the relaxing aroma deeply for a count of 5 … slowly exhale for a count of 5 or more if you can.

That’s a one, two, three punch in knocking out stress. The essential oils directly send calming messages to the limbic (fear) area of the brain through the olfactory-limbic connection, the massage behind the ear helps to trigger the parasympathetic (relaxation) side of the vagus nerve, and deep breathing gives a body wide message that it’s safe to rest and digest. The STRESS LESS blend is great for people who have trouble winding down after a busy day; it’ll help prepare your body for a rejuvenating sleep!

Month Five, Living a Natural Life

At the beginning of each month, for this entire year, I’m blogging about simple ways I’ve incorporated into living a toxin free life (as much as possible). It’s daunting … where to start … why start at all … and why are there so many “trusted” products still being sold that are actually unhealthy for people???

Where to start? With one simple change each month that you can easily maintain.

Why start? Toxins shorten our life and impact the quality of our life. If you want to avoid pain, help your body fight cancer before it even starts, and have energy to enjoy life, then avoiding toxin buildup is a must. Your body has the natural ability to detox if it’s not overloaded. Small toxins here and there add up to an overwhelming toxic load and the resulting health problems. It’s often not just one thing, but rather the combination of mercury fillings, roundup, lawn fertilizers, bug spray, synthetic room air fresheners, etc. Start changing your exposure to the toxins that are under your control and you can change your life!

“Trusted” products are sold because people buy them. The more people understand toxic load, then less unhealthy products will be purchased. Awareness comes first, then action.

Have you started yet?  Here’s a review of the first four months of this year …

January, Month One, Living the Natural Life – Switch to a Natural Deodorant without Aluminum (doTerra, Schmidts)

February, Month Two, Living the Natural Life – Switch to a Natural Shampoo, Soap, and Lotion without endocrine disruptors (doTerra, Arbonne, POSH, etc.)

March, Month Three, Living the Natural Life – Switch to Natural Pain Relief with Essential Oils (doTerra’s Deep Blue Rub, a natural capsaicin cream, Peppermint for Headaches, or a Blend of Juniper Berry and Black Pepper for nerve pain)

April, Month Four, Living the Natural Life – Switch to a Natural Toothpaste and avoid the dangers of toxic fluoride

It’s May and Spring is in full flower. Spring has always been associated with spring cleaning for me, so let’s looks at limiting our exposure to toxic cleansers. First, take inventory of what cleaners you currently have in the house and then go to the EWG Guide, type in the name of your cleaning product in the search bar and see what rating those cleaning products have. Look up common products you may want to switch to. If you’re not finding good alternatives, then make your own. Really, it’s not hard. Buy a 15ml bottle of a quality LEMON essential oil … you don’t want pesticides or heavy metals found in cheap EO’s (trusted brands are doTerra for $13.33 or Young Living).

Here’s a recipe for a grease cutting all-purpose cleaning (counters, toilets, sinks, walls, and window spray):

Use a 1 or 2 (recycling code on bottom) plastic spray bottle

Add 1 cup water, 1 cup white vinegar, and 30 drops of Lemon Essential Oil. Shake well before each use.

Here’s some more ideas for your cleaning routine HERE and HERE.

I challenge you this month to make over your Spring cleaning and take the next step to supporting your body with a toxin free lifestyle!

Expecting Stress

Chronic Pain

Trigmeninal Neuralgia

Triggered by Dental Appointments

Scheduled Today


Relax in the Hot Tub, Use the Relaxing Essential Oils*, Make Sure There is No Time Rush


Share My Concerns Politely With the Staff

Pain, Needle, Numb, Loudly Drilling, Pressure, Gripping the Armrest, Done


Crawl in Bed to Nap off the Numbness

Pain, Pain, Pain

Use the Pain Relief Essential Oils**, Take a Motrin, Tap on the Acupressure Points

Slow Relief

Take Zeolite AV to detox from the side-effects of removal of a mercury amalgam

Out of Bed, Reconnect with Nature, Walk, Get the Dog Out, Pet the Horses


I expected today to be a stressful day but I didn’t set myself up to be stressed out. I set the day up to be successful. I have the self-awareness to know how my body reacts and I have tools to use to handle stress before the event and afterwards. I respected my limits and I took care of myself.  No shame, no guilt. I have befriended myself and that’s what friends do for a friend, they help them get through a tough time. I was expecting stress and it has passed.

*The relaxing essential oil blend I make includes Frankincense, Lavender, and Vetiver

**The pain relieving essential oil blend I make includes Juniper Berry, Black Pepper, and Copaiba

Time On, Time Off

21 below zero

Last week the weather was cold too, but I had a book I was finishing up, a determined focus with self-imposed 12-hour days that actually flew by.

That’s a lot of “time on” working while sitting inside hunched over a computer. My usual chronic pain management strategies are walking in nature, getting bodywork treatment and relaxing nagging aches in my hot tub.

I accomplished the book publication but it came at an expense. The picture above is the temperature today, yes, 21 below zero. My hot tub is outside and I haven’t been in it for a couple of weeks, my weekly bodywork session was cancelled this week, and I haven’t been walking in nature much either.

I felt it, without the driven focus on the book, the pain became more clear just less than a day after the book was on Amazon. With the pain, my blood pressure spikes, it’s just my peculiar symptom. And then I get panic feelings “what if this causes a stroke” or “what if I have a heart attack.”

I’m forced into “time off.” I started to use the Morphine Bomb – it’s a natural pain relief remedy using essential oils that I learned from a doTERRA Facebook page – 6 drops of doterra marjoram plus 6 drops of doterra frankincense in a veggie cap taken every 6-8 hours. (I only mention brand names because not all essential oils are labeled as a supplement or pure enough to safely be taken internally.)  And I slept – that night 15 hours!

I still wasn’t feeling well and ended up at the doc’s office. The pain and blood pressure, and the anxiety over both were spiraling out of my control and I needed more help. The doc gave me Rauwolfia, a herb that naturally controls blood pressure and it may be a placebo effect, but I felt relief with the first dose.

It’s been about 5 days and the pain is still there, off and on, sometimes nauseating, probably around a level 5 out of 10, but the anxiety is gone and the blood pressure is stabilizing. I probably wait too long to take the essential oil ‘Morphine Bomb’ but I only want to use it when I really have to, not just for a low-grade pain level. I added in some motrin and that has seemed to help too. I really prefer just water and vitamins … but the medical tools are there when I need an intervention and I use them.

Last week was a lot of “time on” and this week and maybe the next and even the next after that will be “time off” … and that’s ok, it has to be, my body needs it, my battery needs recharging.  The tough part is not feeling guilty about “time off” and not allowing others to judge me by it. I’ll keep tabs on it, monitor the pain scale, do chores and taxes for 10 minutes and then rest, and then give it another go.

Hopefully it’ll warm up soon and I’ll be back to those things that get me through … hot tubbing and walking in nature. I’m counting the days until my next bodywork appointment.  I will get through this flare, I freely give myself the time I need to heal and revitalize.

Time On, Time Off.

January Cabin Fever

January Cabin Fever

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