One Step at a Time

Monday I swept the house, around, under, corners – really really good.

Tuesday I cleaned and conditioned the leather furniture.

Wednesday I cobweb dusted the ceilings, walls, corners and baseboards. And also celebrated my first Christmas party at the Hunt Club.

Thursday I went to Frankenmuth with my mom and dad, enjoying the Bavarian Inn and the world famous Christmas store, Bronner’s.

Friday I washed and polished windows and mirrors – a job I used to dread because no matter what I always had streaks – but have you heard of Norwex? I’m trying to switch over to non-toxic green cleaners and they are a newer company with embedded silver and natural cleaning products that WORK! I took a wet paper towel and swiped over the dirt and bug spots, then took a blue Norwex cleaning cloth and wiped off the dampness and then used the purple window cloth and just wiped the surface. No streaks, no elbow grease, super fast and super sparkling clean windows – amazing enough to want to share!

Today I’ll oil and polish the wood furniture and tomorrow, on the Pink Sunday of Advent, the Christmas Tree goes up! ¬†Hurray!

I’ve got a plan, I’m experiencing the little joy’s of the season, taking things one step at a time, not feeling overwhelmed or overburdened, each extra cleaning task is only an hour or less a day and can be done in 15 minute breaks if that’s what I need to do. ¬†It’s like I’m being a friend to myself and jumping up and high-fiving the me at the end of the day – “you go girl – you did it!”

Now one secret, shush – there is a little rebellious “me” inside too … it’s a little tantrum when it’s time to do that “one thing” for the day … “I don’t want to” the little girl inside wails … but I simply go to the next step – get out the supplies I need, say to myself, do it and get it over with … you know, a kind of pep talk. And once I get going, I know it will get done soon and the rebellious little tantrum stops and the focused worker girl kicks in.

So my advice if you tend to procrastinate and wait until the last minute … don’t. Be kind to the you in the future that has to pick up the pieces that procrastination litters on your path. Love yourself enough to work through the little tantrums and just start – one step at a time!