Titles and Roles

Saddle Fit Book Cover

I’m on to a new project.

I can’t sit still long.

I’m easily bored and love learning and meeting new challenges.

I’m not sure I’m taken seriously in all my roles or all the areas I have “titles” and “credentials.”

I mean how can someone do so many various things and be good at them all?

What titles? Occupational Therapist, Manual Medicine Technician, Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist, Centered Riding Instructor, PATH certified riding and driving instructor, Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning, Certified Fear Releasing Method Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified in the Emotional Freedom Technique and Certified in AromaTouch.

What roles? I’m a therapist providing wellness and rehabilitation services using a variety of natural methods including animals, plants (essential oils), and a simple hands on approach with bodywork and tapping. And I’m a horse professional and offer more than lessons, I offer a method to become one in partnership with a horse.

And that leads me back to that new project. Part of partnering with animals is making sure they are comfortable in their job and so I’ve gathered some of the information I teach in my saddle fitting education session and placed it in a stand-alone book with colored pictures. The book is intended to be a part of an in-person saddle fitting session but will also be available for purchase on Amazon.

I can’t sit still for long. So many titles and so many roles, I wonder which one will inspire my next project!