I don’t need help.

greyscale photography of woman wearing long sleeved top

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

I had a great childhood. I did good in school. I was accepted by my peers. I had friends. I enjoyed family vacations.

So what that I feel down sometimes.

So what that I procrastinate.

So what that I avoid.

So what I’m comfortable with invisibility.

So what that I sometimes sabotage myself.

I don’t need help for that.

I have my work and I’m good at it. The books I wrote are successful. I have a great marriage. I’m comfortable at home. I love living in the country. I have a dream life.

So what that I have a chronic pain diagnosis.

So what I sometimes can’t sleep.

So what I have sensory issues.

So what I panic in crowds.

So what my body feels like I’m living in a straight jacket.

So what I have a hard time showing my emotions.

Yes, I may judge myself but I don’t need help for that.

I can do it myself. On my own. I am smart. I am capable. I am good at figuring things out and seeing patterns. So why are some things still so hard? Why am I resentful at times? Why am I anxious at times?

Perhaps a little help might not hurt. Maybe I can’t do it all by myself. Maybe just some ideas on marketing my business and working through some of the causes of my resistance and pain.

I do want success. And I do want independence, freedom, and doing it my way. Perhaps a little coaching can give me a nudge to leave no stone unturned and to help uncover some of my blind spots.

Wow. I had no idea how much little “insignificant” past events were holding such an emotional charge and were unconsciously leading my behaviors. Eye opening. Life changing!

Sleeping better.

Feeling comfortable in my body.

New awareness of avoidance patterns so I now choose how to act.

Having compassion for myself.

Feeling time expand and being in the flow of life.

Dancing inside with little celebrations of my awesomeness.

Motivated to clear out clutter and clean closets.

Expressing loving assertiveness.

Not holding back in communicating honestly and yet, being compassionate too.

Feeling more connected and more grounded and yet lighter and more joyful too.

No regrets. I’m glad I leaned in and invested in myself. I discounted my pains and simply lived with them. I never felt like I was a candidate for therapy but I was open to coaching.  I’m getting older and there’s only so much time to “course correct.” Being mobile and independent and having freedom as I age is a high value, as is contributing to others through what my business offers.

I’m so ready to step out onto the world stage with confidence and energy. I’m not afraid to delve into the hidden parts of myself, although honestly, sometimes I still feel a resistant side of me pop up. I keep at it though, I’m curious, intrigued, and most of all, I desire change. Not a change in residence or work or relationships … I want a change in me, in my reactions, in my happiness. I want more joy and less anxious tension. I want more flow and less pushing through life. I want to give more of me and feel less resentment and protectiveness around my time.

And that’s what Transformational Coaching offered me. If you want a taste of what transformational coaching can offer you, I invite you to join me Thursday June 25, 2020 for a little talk where I’ll cover one thing we all have in common – we’ll explore what happens when we’ve experienced something not working out with goals we’ve set for ourselves – a topic called Goal Trauma and we’ll look at why this is draining your energy and keeping you from more easily achieving your goals. The class is open to the first 20 people who sign up. Most of my work focuses on horse women in their 50’s and 60’s, if that’s you, I’d really love to meet you in this class.  CLICK HERE to claim your spot!





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