DIY Essential Oils

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Are you making DIY essential oil recipes this summer? Maybe a natural non-toxic fly spray? Here’s a reminder to use safe storage containers!

  1. Remember that oil and water do not mix so you have to shake the container well before spraying if you use a water base in your recipe.
  2. Other things to consider – water based recipes should be used up within 2 to 3 weeks from when they are made.
  3. All essential oil blends should be stored in a cool dark place to prevent oxidation and break down of the essential oil!
  4. And dilute your essential oils … if you are using a blend regularly, use a 1-2% dilution (6 to 12 drops of essential oils per ounce of carrier), if you have an acute injury you can use a higher dilution of 5% or more.
  5. Do not use your blends on children unless you are sure the dilution is low and the essential oils are child-friendly – it’s probably best to find pre-made blends that are safe for use with children.
  6. Even though there are a few things to consider when using essential oils safely, they are much safer and more supportive of your overall health than the synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals found in many store-bought products.
Back to that DIY fly spray … procure a 16-ounce spray bottle that’s safe for essential oils and buy a 15ml bottle of a fly repellent pure essential oil blend like doTerra’s TerraShield. I like to use a mixture of 5 ounces white vinegar, 5 ounces distilled water, and 5 ounces Everclear Alcohol and then I add the entire 15ml bottle of essential oils. Shake well and you have a homemade fly spray that you can spray over yourself … and because it’s essential oils mixed into a water-based product and not made with typical carrier oils, I spray it over my clothing without fear of oil stains!


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