Mastery of Self-Awareness

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What is the most significant thing about self-awareness?

It creates choice!

What you do without awareness happens automatically, and seems to be beyond your control. When you do something with self-awareness, however, you have a choice about it.

If we are internally compelled to automatically feel, act, perceive, or evaluate situations, it’s like we are a machine with a button that can be pushed.

But with awareness we have more choice, more control, and the opportunity to look at different solutions rather than simply reacting.

What would your life look like if you had more control over what the events of your life seemed to mean and how you felt about them? Wouldn’t more choice and control in these areas significantly change your 
experience of life?

Most people assume feelings “just happen” but is that true? Why is one person moved to tears by an event that makes another person angry and yet another person is apathetic? Feelings come from the meanings we assign to situations and if we have awareness of our thoughts and beliefs, we can change our feelings, we can become happier.

On Thursday April 30, 2020 @ 3:30 Eastern Time I’ll be sharing an exercise to help you step into mastery of self-awareness. If you’d like to eliminate some of those emotional triggers and give yourself more choices, join me this Thursday on Zoom.

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