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Cooties? Yea, that word definitely ages me. In the 1970’s it was used frequently and it meant something invisible (some would say make-believe) that was considered contagious and was to be avoided.

If a classmate had dirty clothes or they had a smell, kids would yell out “cooties” and run away. It was not very nice to be targeted and you certainly didn’t want to be on the receiving end of having cooties.

But sometimes it was in jest too. All boys had cooties and so the girls played together at recess. And it didn’t just have to do with people, if we saw something disgusting (i.e. a used tampon) we would look at each other and say, “gross, cooties.”

Imagine my surprise when I watched a video this weekend and found out cooties are real! And their scientific name is Exosomes. These guys are tiny and require an electron microscope and they have to do with RNA (vs. DNA).

Exosomes do not need to travel through regular body pathways (circulatory system, lymphatics, nervous system) but according to the journal of Cell Bioscience “they were shown to carry cell-specific cargos of proteins, lipids, and genetic materials, and can be selectively taken up by neighboring or distant cells far from their release, reprogramming the recipient cells upon their bioactive compounds.”

Ok, I know, that’s a lot of jargon, but essentially it says that Exosomes can travel through the air around a person and pass along specific “information” (cooties infection) without requiring physical contact.

There was a study of mice where one group of mice were induced with liver damage from acetaminophen (tylenol) and were able to share their genetic information and the resulting liver disease damage with another group of mice who then showed biological markers for liver disease even though they had never been given the acetaminophen.

We have a “cloud” of information surrounding us that encodes our wellness and our un-wellness. We all have cooties. There’s a lot of controversy around Exosomes and viruses … essentially, I guess, they look the same under a micron microscope. And this may be relevant for what is going on in the world right now.

Exosomes and un-wellness have a common factor … toxins and EMF’s. Both toxins and EMF’s create cell damage (like in the mice from acetaminophen) and exude virus-like exosomes. Could those virus-like exosomes be transferred from one person to another? Research seems to suggest it’s a possibility.

If the virus-like exosomes create disease symptoms (which they do), which would be the better cure … get to the root of the cause of the problem (get the person on a detox program and protect them from EMF exposure, heal the damaged cells) OR give them a vaccine to block the effect of those specific exosomes (and repeatedly give vaccines for each different type of virus-like exosome because the flu vaccine does not protect you from herpes and that vaccine does not protect you from coronavirus)?

What makes the most sense to you? Detox and heal the cells or vaccinate? Or is it a combination of the two?

I’m personally not a fan of too many vaccines from the perspective of accumulating too many heavy metals (mercury and aluminum) and other adjuvants in my body … especially since my inflammatory system has a history of going overboard (chronic pain diagnosis).  And I know there are lawsuits from iatrogenic reactions to vaccines, especially to flu shots. But the most troublesome for me is the use of aborted fetuses in vaccines.

I’d really like the option to avoid vaccination and live a healthy toxin-free lifestyle … I’d like to think that my exosomes would be exuding the sweet perfume of vibrant health to others around me vs. sending out those stinking cooties. But I would still be exposed to the cootie exosomes of others who aren’t living a healthy toxin-free life and according to research, that does make an impact.

So the real answer (at least to me) seems to be exposing the great harm to all of society from artificial fragrance, heavy metals, drugs, GMO’s, 5G EMF, xenoestrogens, and all of toxins that impact us on an epigenetic level. I guess I’m back to square one, because that’s what I have been trying to do for the past several years while sharing my own healing journey. The information I learned on exosomes this weekend only provides another piece of the puzzle that this is the right direction.

The whole idea of exosomes reminds me of Dr. McCoy (Star Trek) scanning the outside of a person with his handheld device to determine what was wrong with them on the inside. The future is catching up with us! The science of cooties is here!


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