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Facebook memories of past Easter celebrations are coming up and it’s a poignant reminder of what will be missing this year. How much I took those family times for granted. The normal ebb and flow of life that is now such a beloved memory. These type of feelings normally occur after the death of a loved one and their absence is keenly noted. But todays circumstances are heralding the death of ordinariness and that is such an acute loss.

I’m turning more deeply to God … to thank Him for everything I had and to beg that normal times return soon. Spirituality is one way I’m finding peace through these difficult days. Just last week I started writing down the bible readings from each day.

Sirach 20

Romans 13:8-14

Jeremiah 22:3-9

Jeremiah 39:8-14

Psalm 79

Ezekiel 13

Daniel 4

Summary of those verses: I learned about the conduct of the wise and the foolish. Love fulfills the law and to be aware of the end times. Do what is right and just, and have no strange gods. The walls of Jerusalem are destroyed. Pray for Jerusalem, help us God our Savior. There are false prophets of peace, an illusion of security. A dream interpreted … the king would be ‘cut down’ due to his pride to learn the lesson that Heaven rules and then after seven years of being humbled like a beast in the field he would renounce his sin and be restored.

It was pretty powerful to read through the week, particularly in light of what is happening around the world. Perhaps heaven is talking through the scriptures, sharing a little piece of the big picture of what is happening behind the scenes, and my response is “speak Lord for your servant is listening.” Spirituality is something that feels so much more important than ever to help get through the confusion and anxiety and possibilities of what is happening.

How will we end up getting through this pandemic? What will be the rippling outcome for years to come? The entire world has shut down. Is that really necessary? I’m too small in the scheme of things to know any real answers. But what I do know, is I’m finding comfort in my God and relying on the strength of my Savior Jesus, who overcame death on Good Friday by His resurrection on Easter morning.

Our situation today has similarities to the first Easter. The followers of Jesus were secluded in their homes, afraid for the future, fearing for their lives. Everything they knew was turned upside down and nothing would ever be the same. But their spirituality was deep, their ancestors had been through trying times, particularly in that first passover when they were freed from slavery and left Egypt. They too leaned in, to find comfort in God during spiritually trying times.

And God in His mysterious ways and in His mysterious time does save. The resurrection of Jesus is victory over the sting of death, not victory from dying, but victory over annihilation and the hopelessness that came with death. Jesus brings us hope of a glorious life after death. That’s spirituality with hope, one I can lean into for comfort no matter what is happening around me. Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter * season.


*Easter is the historical remembrance of the resurrection event of Jesus.

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