Miasm and Coronavirus

person washing his hand

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

Coronavirus. It’s the pink elephant in the room everyone wanted to avoid seeing but its now unavoidable. Spreading through areas people congregate, even Burger King of all places. The sight of empty shelves in grocery stores makes the palpable fear all the more visible.

I was on a business trip last week. It’s been two years since I’ve traveled for business and I went to a conference. There were few coronavirus cases in the USA when I boarded the airplane but within a couple of days the explosion happened.

The “what if’s” are frightening … what if I can’t get back home, what if I get sick, what if the world shuts down and everything I’ve depended on suddenly isn’t there anymore?

I turned to an energy healing friend and asked for support. I tapped using EFT to defuse the stress. I used the vitamins and essential oils I’d brought along. I grounded myself with the affirmation “I have the right to be here, I have the right to live in this world, in this body that was made just for me” while breathing deeply and praying to God for His protection.

I made it home and am feeling fine. But I was surprised at some of the backlash from family and friends … accusing, angry at my travel, suspicious, judgmental … yikes, I thought, “It’s no wonder people develop miasms.”

Miasms are a homeopathic thing … I learned about them in the Emotion Code/Body Code certification … a miasm is a distortion in the energy field of a person from a suppressed disease that can be felt in the moment and also passed along via epigenetic changes. Miasms create imbalance with the body, mind, and/or emotions and can thus show up as physical issues, anxious thoughts, or overly emotional reactions.

Why would someone suppress a disease and try and hold the energy of the symptoms inside? I can name a few reasons: to avoid being criticized, or rejected, or judged! Just think of the prejudice those first people diagnosed with AIDS experienced. Avoiding prejudice and rejection are pretty big first chakra issues related to our needing love, acceptance and belonging to a tribe … whether that tribe is your family, your friends, your workplace. And going way back in time, a safe tribe is equivalent to survival.

People also don’t want to miss out on things. I had an earache and hid the fact that it hurt because I didn’t want to be excluded from going to summer camp. I did everything in my little kid power to hide and suppress my symptoms, pretending to be fine. I was actually creating tiny changes in my DNA by putting all my energy into suppressing a disease. That’s what a miasm is, a suppressed disease of some sort. And because of the way epigenetics work, these DNA changes can be passed down to children.

People who have inherited the DNA of a suppressed miasm from a parent are likely getting triggered during this coronavirus pandemic and may even be reacting in emotional ways that they never would otherwise. Maybe they had an ancestor who went through the Black Plague or the Spanish Flu and some of the energetic stress and symptoms became encoded in their ancestor’s DNA thru the epigenetic process.

This current crisis will be a really strong trigger to open that epigenetic gate and bring the symptomatic energy of that ancient situation to the surface. Or maybe a person is already living in a daily fight-flight mode and this fear-laced pandemic is just one straw too much.

Other people might not have issues with miasm but may have suppressed grief … imagine a person sobbing … can you see their whole chest racks in the waves of emotional loss … if you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one or the loss of a relationship or the loss of a job or the loss of a pet or the loss of a home or the loss of  ___________ (fill in the blank) and you haven’t grieved, the energy of that loss can become trapped in your lungs and chest. Never allowing yourself to have that cleansing cry can create a predisposition to diseases in the lungs and chest. We need to support our lungs during this Coronavirus pandemic and releasing old emotional stress is one way to do that.

I’m working from home, meeting with clients online. Have you ever considered your distance healing options? The Emotion Code, the Body Code, Tapping (EFT), and Coaching can address stress and help release trapped emotional energy so you don’t embarrass yourself, overreacting to your own anxiety or to inherited survival fears. Stress lowers your immune system and we all need a really strong immune system right now!

Did you know we can even test to determine if you have an inherited miasm and energetically clear that? If you’re stuck home for a while and feeling stir crazy, I’m with you. Give me some company, create a relaxing diversion to the craziness, and invest in some of your own healing! Let’s do some online work together! ONLINE SCHEDULER

Yes, wash your hands, get some extra supplies, use hand sanitizer, and chose to isolate yourself if appropriate; I’ve cancelled all in-person pain and stress relief sessions and am working online for the next month. There’s a lot that can be done from home in this unprecedented time … declutter the basement, get into those closets, do some spring cleaning, finish up an online course, read a great book, schedule an online stress relief session.


You may have no control over this virus or the measures your local government is taking to contain it, but you do have complete control over your own response. And that’s a lot of power to harness.

And I’m here to help.

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