Spring Cleaning

white wooden cupboards

Photo by Mark McCammon on Pexels.com

Have you ever set your heart on achieving something so important to you that you spent hours of time and even money to make it happen only to be sorely disappointed and have it turn out badly, a failure?

That’s called a Goal Trauma. And there is this dirty trapped energy of “I should have known better” “I should have seen this before I began” “I should have done this differently” and the emotions of disappointment, sadness and even questioning our worth.

These thoughts and emotions weigh heavily on the heart. Goal traumas run in the subconscious impacting your ability to successfully meet future goals. And Spring is the perfect time to clean these out. Ask yourself …

Do I bring consciousness to my personal resolutions or professional goals?

Do I avoid making a list of the small steps to move forward in what I want, whether that’s a cleaner house, reducing clutter, losing weight, initiating a business venture or making more money?

Starting next Monday March 9 we’ll spend 3 weeks Spring Cleaning our goal traumas. There will be a live/recorded group process and clearing session each Monday using the Emotion Code and EFT, a group format for questions and answers and insights and inspirations, and two private laser coaching sessions to help you on an even deeper level.

Group registration ends in one week and the group size is limited to 20 people.

Business Mindset work is the best way to get the Law of Attraction working for you and your business. Clearing out goal traumas helps create a pathway for goal success!

Ready for Spring Cleaning? Is it time? Click the link to get started! www.DiscoverBodyWisdom.com

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