The Energy Around a Hay Hook

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Bales of hay can stick together, they have rough ends poking out everywhere, and the twine can slip off which creates a mess. Using a hay hook makes the job of handling hay bales so much easier.

When I first got into horses 30+ years ago, I went shopping at a barn sale. I found an antique hay hook that was sturdy and usable and priced at $5. I immediately had a hit of “feel good” brain chemicals … dopamine from the anticipation and success of the find, oxytocin thinking how much easier this would make unloading bales for my then boyfriend, now husband, and serotonin from feeling successful and content. All of that “happiness” energy became entangled with that hay hook.

And that hay hook was a literal work horse, helping us handle thousands of bales of hay, over several years. My husband is notorious for misplacing tools so I always made sure the antique hay hook was placed back on the two by four at the front of the barn.

When we moved to a new farm, the hay hook was one of the prized possessions that came with us. Now to be forthright, hay hooks are readily purchasable still today and they don’t cost much money, but for some reason, THAT hay hook was beloved and special … it contained decades of memories, served us well, and had that energy of happiness and helping within it.

After about 5 years at the new farm, the hay hook came up missing. My practical husband groaned because he had to handle the bales without the hook but he just went out and bought another. It was a tool, it was replaceable. But my reaction was totally different. I was distraught. I searched high and low. I just had to find the antique hay hook.

I was angry at those who helped with hay that day, how could they be so careless. I was suspicious someone stole it. I was grieving the loss of an old trusted friend. I even felt betrayed by the hay hook for not being found. That’s how much energy was around that hay hook. The energy of all that happy brain chemistry when I first saw that hay hook, the energy of the nostalgia of everything this antique tool had experienced, the energy of the memories around putting up hay using the helpful tool, and the energy of the emotions when it was lost.

Some people pack a lot of energy into “things” and some people just don’t. It’s why the same experience affects two people so differently. My husband had only a moment of discomfort because something that was useful wasn’t around and then he replaced it and moved on. Whereas me, being a deep feeler, had a major ongoing stress response to the loss.

It took time to sort out, not just for the hay hook but for all the “things” that have an energy story around them. I’m able to honor my past feelings, bless things, let them go, and trust the future will provide. I had to learn about brain chemistry, look back honestly at memories to piece the story together, tap (emotional freedom technique) on first chakra safety and trust issues, and tap on second chakra emotion and flow of life issues. The past is in the past instead of being a raincloud over the present.

Do you have any tragic stories of deep emotional angst and loss over some beloved “thing” from your past? Did it cause more stress for you than it did for others? Does the emotional charge still give you a hit when you think about it?

Things CAN hold an energy in our bodies. One way to ease that energetic load is a quick imagery exercise … begin by visualizing you are removing everything that is causing you stress and then place it in a pile outside of you. Notice how big the pile is compared to the size of you (my pile was the size of a mountain). Then place the people and places and objects that are a part of that pile into the picture in your mind. Allow the parts of that pile that belong to those people, places and objects to leave with them … bless that energy so it is for the highest good of all. Then look back at the pile that remains. How big is it now? Mine was amazingly small, the size of a pebble. Now add a color into the picture, a color that will help you handle that remaining stress. Allow that color to swirl around you, come in through your head, and enter through your feet so that it totally fills you.

How do you feel now? I’d love to hear your experience!

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