woman looking at sea while sitting on beach

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Mindfulness is a stress management strategy.

It’s about having awareness in the here and now.

It’s fully embodying the sensations around you.

Sights, Sounds, Feelings.

Embracing the textures of life presented in each moment of time.


What if sensations create stress?

What if this creates a hyper vigilance of everything going on around you?

Mindful-mess. Yes, I coined that term.

Mindfulness is expanded vision.

Mindfulmess is tunnel vision.

Mindfulness is feeling good and safe in the moment.

Mindfulmess is feel fear and looking out for possible danger.

Mindfulness is fully feeling your sensations.

Mindfulmess is feeling bombarded by sensations and armoring against them.

Mindfulness brings relaxation to the body and the ability to breathe in deeply.

Mindfulmess is a constricted tight straight-jacket feeling where breath is shallow.

Both are about sensation and awareness in the moment but that is where the similarities end. If you have a raw neurological system with sensory sensitivities or sensory processing problems normal everyday experiences can create stress. Is it no wonder those of us with sensory issues isolate, want to control their environment, and are introverts? And those things can create more stress because of judgements from other people. It’s hard.

Can you move from mindfulmess to mindfulness? YES! I know, I’ve done it. There’s hope. You can reduce the sensory triggers, you can heal that raw nervous system wiring. Traditionally Occupational Therapists work with kids with uncooked rice filled boxes, special swings, scooters and more. I offered sensory integration occupational therapy for 10 years.

But adults are different. We have learned to adapt and adjust and avoid, even if we don’t like the results. I have strategies for adults. It’s not therapy but it does incorporate all of my therapy experience. Adults are more self-motivated and self-aware than kids and do well with transformational coaching. In coaching they are empowered to choose what works for them from a variety of innovative approaches that have the additional benefits of promoting overall wellness and healthy aging.

Were you born with a raw sensory system? Does this speak to you? I’m working on putting together a self-assessment people can take to learn more about themselves and this area. Look for it in an upcoming blog and comment below if you’d like to suggest potential symptoms to include!

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