Getting Unstuck

I’m having a hard time making a choice right now. I’m stuck. I’m being asked to choose who I want to work with in my coaching program. I have the skills to work with women entrepreneurs, horse women, women with chronic pain, women who are seeking a holistic path to aging well, women who were born with a highly sensitive introverted personality and experience the effects of stress more acutely than others, people wanting to create a horse business, christian people who want alternative healing that doesn’t violate their beliefs … why do I have to choose just one! Here’s some of the strategies I’m using to get unstuck …

woman playing chess

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Ask for help from others.

Stop trying so hard to figure it out.

Be patient, give the job to your subconscious mind, then do something relaxing and see what pop’s into your mind.

Write down your dreams.

Listen to brainwave music and then see what comes up later in the day. (Holosync, Binaural Beats, etc.)

Answer these coaching questions:

  • What are you feeling stuck about?
  • What is getting in your way?
  • How will you feel when you get unstuck?
  • What will you do next?
  • How will this affect your time/finances/relationships/health?

Broaden your focus and notice what successes you have had this past week/month.

Share your results and your own ‘secret sauce’ for getting unstuck with others! (And that means you too! Please comment below and share the strategies you use to get unstuck!)

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