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Did you know we all have cancer cells within us?

They aren’t some foreign invader.

Cancer cells are our own cells somehow built badly. Gone rogue.

Have you heard of the term ‘apoptosis’?

Apoptosis is a natural process in the body. It is a program embedded in every cell. It’s where cells die when they are old or dysfunctional and are replaced with new healthy cells.

Apoptosis helps our skin regenerate, our muscles rebuild, our bodies heal.

But somehow cancer cells have deprogrammed apoptosis and they don’t die. Cancer cells reproduce their bad design, invading other areas.

Cancer is treated with surgery and drugs intended to remove the bad cells or kill them.

That is a body approach to treatment. But what about the mind side? Not at the exclusion to the body side, but both a mind and body approach.

Why do some people get cancer and others don’t?

What toxic things have those people experienced that have prevented the body from killing off the cancer cells or preventing them from spreading?

What would come up if people deeply explored what they aren’t allowing to die? Or what they are having trouble letting go of? A type of metaphorical apoptosis, looking for old dysfunctional rogue energetic patterns (i.e. thought patterns, belief patterns, emotional patterns) and replacing them with healing.

Would that make a difference in helping to heal those affected by cancer?

I don’t know, but it occurred to me that it might be worth exploring.

Cancer walls itself off and hides … it becomes invisible to the immune system … it bides it’s time, often for years, doing little things that go unnoticed until there are big symptoms. Cancer takes advantage of poor eating loving to feed on sugar, cancer takes advantage of environmental toxins which divert the immune system’s energy.

Like a healthy diet, what would happen if we brought in more positive energetic forces like mindfulness and breath exercises. And what if we explored toxic energies, broke down subconscious walls and exposed them to conscious thought, actually made a decision on whether old thoughts or emotions were serving us anymore and from an enlightened stand, chose whether or not to allow them to be engulfed in the natural process of a type of energetic apoptosis … allowing them to release, transmute (energetic death/change) and heal.

Could healing the mind side, help heal the body side? Having recently lost two people I was close to from cancer and knowing their backstory, I’m curious if there just wasn’t more that could have been done, more that I could have done to help. Have you heard of anyone having success with this approach? What are your thoughts?

I’m curious because I’d like to explore this with others who might be interested in this type of mind and body approach. I would love to help someone beat cancer!


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