Life Purpose

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Today is Labor Day. For many it’s the last day of summer vacation. I’ve been out of school for over 30 years and I still think of it that way.

Labor is often equated with work and work is equated with drudgery. In church this morning the bible reading came from genesis where, after the fall, man did work by the sweat of his brow.

But that was not how it was supposed to be. Before the fall we were made in God’s image and allowed to participate in His creativity and given rule over the earth.

What was the fall? It was not trusting God, it was disobeying His command, and it was choosing to define good and evil for ourselves. As soon as we started doing that, distortions of goodness came into being. Evil acts came into being and sad consequences followed.

Work was not supposed to be considered drudgery. Our work is supposed to a blessing for ourselves and for society.

One coach online started a discussion about how many people are searching for their life purpose.  The big “why am I here” question. That coach suggested it might not be a “thing” but it may start with an “emotion.”

I know my life purpose. I’ve uncovered it through the inner work done in coaching. And if I see it in terms of a palate of emotion it would start with emotions of a chaos of contention and end up with alignment, ease of direction, peace, understanding.

My life purpose is to bridge the gap between christianity and energy work. It’s fraught with criticism, innuendos, and judgement from all sides. But I believe we can meet on the bridge of science. God created everything including the laws of physics and energy work is now being taken from the realm of superstition into replicable research and scientific theories of action.

My work is simple right now. I practice my faith daily with prayer, bible study and daily mass and I study apologetics and theology. I have a personal relationship with God and listen to the quiet whisper of His voice. I also practice energy healing with an open mind and I study physics and research that apply to energy techniques.

I ask questions like why are quartz crystals used in electronics and seen as whoo whoo if used on the human body, which also has electromagnetic wave properties? I have found that using a quartz crystal in a bodywork treatment actually helps the tissue release faster and that’s pretty interesting.

When people feel they are experiencing a problem from a past life, I don’t discount it even though I believe from my christian faith that we only live once and then are judged at death. They are applying the name “reincarnation” to their experience (and I believe their experience is true for them) but the reason for their experience can also be explained as being related to epigenetics, quantum physics, entanglement, and intuition.

I’m not actively pursuing my life purpose but it does seem to be underneath the work I do. Eventually it may take a bigger stage but that feels far off and even dangerous. It’s not easy for me to be around contention, my heart longs for peace. But it longs for peace based on understanding and not from compromised values.

What about you? Have you ever thought about your life purpose? What emotion drives you? What your soul is calling you to be? Can you see how your work might be aligned with your life purpose? And if not, is that something you would want to change? When? How?

Happy Labor Day!

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