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Are you a woman in business for yourself?

Massage therapy? Horse instructor? Therapist? Coach? Marketing? Health?

I am a solopreneur too.

It suits my personality. I like setting my own hours, being my own boss, doing what I think is best for my clients rather than following some preordained ‘one size fits all’ protocol.

But it’s tough. All the responsibility falls on your shoulders. All the decisions. No paid vacation. No paid sick days. Your business is YOU! And if you’re not there to run it, then it doesn’t run for very long. You are the gas in the tank of your business. And if your tank is running low, your business might not be thriving as it should be.

After all these years, I can say that stress is the biggest issue that will make or break me and my business. And for years I’ve studied various methods of stress management.



Positive Affirmations.

Goal Setting.

Time Management.



All of those, along with the constant acquisition of new knowledge, have been very helpful, but you know what? It never really reached the core of the stress.

You see, some people get PTSD from a simple injury, where the physical side heals quickly but the mind side is scarred and others can go through a devastating hurricane and come out the other side with only minor issues and move on as though nothing happened.

I’m one of the sensitive ones. I’m one of the people that gets PTSD from a simple injury. And I know that’s different than other people. And I’ve judged myself for it. The level of stress in my system makes everything different. More intense. And more recovery time is required, along with the constant practice of stress management bandaids.

It almost felt as though I have been using stress management as a type of ongoing coping, similar to what other people do with pain pills. Neither getting to the root of the problem. And I’m a person that likes to get to the root of the problem. I kept searching for that magic elixir.

And I believe I’ve found it. I’ve spent $15,000 this year on coaching. The focus is on business coaching but since I am my business, a lot of that coaching is focused on me. I went through a program that combines the emotional freedom technique with the foundational chakra developmental levels. For example, the first chakra energetic imprint develops in the early stage around birth, bringing in the psychodynamics of the family you were born into and all the relationships and situations surrounding that.

A traumatic birth can result in a fight-flight safety response that is turned on high. I found that unsafe feeling running underneath every current situation from a nervous system level by using the visualization processes in the chakra work AND have been able to defuse that subconscious response using the emotional freedom technique. The results are that I just feel more grounded, safer, not triggered by little issues anymore. I don’t need the stress management techniques as much as I used to.

I’ve literally found a way to get to the root of the problem! And because it has been so powerful for me, I became certified in the process and am now offering it to other solopreneurs. It’s not therapy, it’s a deeply healing coaching process, and in just one month you can get to the root of your stress areas too. I call what I do Transformational Business Coaching, because to transform your business, you must step up your inner game and start with yourself.

I admit, it takes courage, it takes a desire to change, and it takes a willingness to be honest and vulnerable. But it’s so worth it. And because I’m just starting out with this new technique, the first 20 people who sign up get an introductory special of One Month of Personal Empowerment coaching using the chakras.

I promise, it will change your life for the better, and I’m offering it to you at a fraction of the price I’ve paid. If you look inside, ask yourself if you feel this is something you’ve been needing? What would it mean to your business if you stepped into your personal power, were willing to become more visible, and make decisions boldly? Inner healing can even unblock financial self-sabotage and free up a lot of energy that you can reinvest in your business. Think about it. I’d love to meet you and get to know you as your coach!

Wonder what others have experienced?

Here’s what Jude Fay said, “I have had the privilege of being coached by Becky Cook [using tapping in relation to the Fourth Chakra.] Becky is a gifted healer, guiding me through the process in a safe and loving manner, allowing me to access and heal deep wounding within myself. She used her empathy and intuition to bring greater depth and clarity to the issues, offering suggestions for integrating lost and buried parts of me. I emerged feeling lighter, brighter and more at peace than before. I am very happy to recommend Becky and her Chakra work.”

And here’s another testimonial:

“Becky has an exceptional understanding of how things fit together and a lovely and graceful way of holding space for others. While I was being coached by her I was also learning as she framed up and bridges a gap in my understanding at a deep and intimate level that was just for me. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have the support and deep care she has for helping people to heal. I’ve been truly blessed by her kind heart and insights and for this I am deeply grateful. Thank you so much Becky, you have truly been a Divine gift in my life!

In Gratitude,
Kim Damratowski

Remember the first 20 people who sign up get an introductory special of One Month of Personal Empowerment coaching using the chakras. I hope you’re one of them!

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