Smart Time

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I could have titled this ‘Time Management’ but that just seems so cliche. Smart Time is well, smart. And it’s not just about the use of time but about the use of your energy within time. There are a couple of components of smart time … one component is about ‘time bleeds’ and the other is about ‘time containment.’

Time Bleeds

Time bleeds are where you have a scheduled activity from say 1pm to 2pm. It’s one hour of your time, right? But it’s not if you think about, mull over it, study what you’re going to do, angst over what’s going to happen during that time … you’ve put a lot more than one hour into that one hour. Time has bled into other areas of your life leaving you with less energy and attention to enjoy those moments because you were spinning in your head about what’s going to happen from 1pm to 2pm. When time bleeds like that, one hour can turn into two hours or four hours or twenty four hours or sometimes even more.

Time Containment

Time containment happens when you relax into your day, trust your intuition, feel confident that you can handle whatever the day will bring, and tune into and enjoy the unscheduled parts of your day.

I’m getting better and better at containing time. But before that could happen I first had to invest time in self-awareness and wellness healing. I used the emotional freedom technique, essential oils, and I invested in personal coaching. This inner work has been not only extremely valuable, but essential during this venture.

Here’s a personal example of work productivity … I usually only schedule two people a day for wellness therapeutic sessions and would be exhausted after that, needing the rest of the day to recharge. Yesterday I had four people scheduled … that’s double what my energy could usually handle and each time my heart got anxious questioning whether this was a good idea, I used tapping and tuned mindfully into what was happening at that moment. I allowed past learning to flow into those moments I was with clients and guide me with each session thus controlling the ‘time bleeds’ by trusting I would do the right thing at the right time and using ‘time containment’ to my advantage … the advantage I call ‘smart time.’

It worked. I wasn’t exhausted. I enjoyed the day. I felt productive. Intuition flowed during each person’s session allowing them to get amazing results. And I want more of that. I really like this ‘smart time’ concept. In fact, it just might be life changing for me and my business!

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