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I once heard, “look where you spend your time and you’ll see what you value.” I think it’s more complex than that. Some people spend half there life working in a factory but they don’t value factory work … they value home and family and providing the security of a good income to their loved ones … that is the real inner motivation.

July is a month where we value freedom in the USA. As a kid, July meant freedom from school, family vacations, and the spectacular fourth of July fireworks. Thank God for the freedoms we enjoy and many times take for granted. The biggest freedom you have is the freedom to hold personal values.

What do you value? Family? Fun? Faith? Check out the list of values below and see which ones speak to you.

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 10.19.17 AM

One exercise I do in coaching clients is to have them rank this list. I ask them to start with “achievement” and then ask themselves if achievement means more to them than the values listed below the word … is achievement more important than adventure, if it is then achievement gets a check mark, if it isn’t, then adventure gets a checkmark and I’d have them continue comparing achievement to the entire list. Then we’d move to adventure and compare that giving checkmarks to the winning value. After moving through the entire list, a person ads up the checkmarks and they can see their top values.

If they have a happy life, those values are probably very active in their life. But if they don’t, then they are feeling tension, unfairness, constrained. It’s then a matter of coaching that person into how this is affecting them and what they’d like to see change. To feel more freedom to be their authentic self, to have the courage to act on that, to self-advocate while respecting that others have different core values.

Why don’t you give it a try, use the fun and freedom of summer to explore a little more about yourself and then share the results with me! I’d love to learn a little bit more about you!


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