The Unsung Hero

afterglow art backlit bokeh

Photo by luizclas on


Self sacrificing for a good cause.

Pushes through strong emotions.

Grounded, standing strong.

There when you need her.

Willing to save the day.

But then needs her solitude.

Doesn’t want the attention.

Just wants to get the job done.

Hangs in there no matter how tough it is.

Everyone else has fallen away, but not her.

You can count on her.

She’s tired but she keeps on doing what is right.

She’s physically hurting but pushes on.

One of her superpowers – she can perceive the truth (and when others aren’t being truthful).

She hates dishonesty but she stays silent … most of the time.

She’s smart.

She keeps a even keel.

She likes to see others happy and safe.

That gives her satisfaction.

And if that were noticed, she’d be happy too.

If someone would just say, “I see how much you care.” “I see how much you do.”

But she’s invisible to most people.

She’s there holding everything together, unnoticed.

She’s the unsung hero.

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