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I’ve been working with a transformational business coach on developing and expanding my online business options. I bring over 50 years of horse experience to the mix, along with being a certified riding instructor and therapist who has run an equine business for over 20 years. The favorite parts of my work are building rider confidence and offering stress and pain relief therapy for women.

Some of the business exploration below is based on Simon Sinek and Brendan Bruchard’s work. There were three different series of questions that I had to answer as I felt deeply into who I am. Here is what I came up with:

First … What is your why, how, and what?
Why – I believe people benefit and grow into their best selves with innovative transformational work
How – I apply that by bringing pain and stress relief techniques to horse people and their horses
What – through my online Saddle Fit Simplified and Full Stride mindfulness courses, my transformational business and coaching with courage sessions, centered riding lessons, and Brown Pony Series horse books

Second … What is your theory, process, transformation, and transcendence?
Theory – horses are flight animals, watchful of herd, react to those around them
Step-by-Step Processes – how to make horses comfortable, how to practice stress release for yourself
Transformation – so you can have a safe understanding relationship with your horse built on trust and partnership
Transcendence – but what it’s really about is deeply connecting to others (people and animals) at a soul level with love and caring

AND Third … What is your passion and the benefits of your solution?
My passion: is having a natural ease around horses that radiates caring and connection
Benefits on my solution: safe interactions with horses, horses understanding of your requests and wanting to comply and please you

This has been an interesting process and if you have your own business, you can watch a short YouTube video from Simon Sinek that will get you started into feeling into your own why, how and what.

My first step in this new business direction is offering a FREE report aimed towards horseback riding instructors … offering them tips on creating a profitable business built in integrity by honoring the horse, involving the rider and setting up their barn in a professional manner. You can preview it at and it will be ready to launch and share with others soon. Wish me luck!


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