Creative Analyst

photo of woman standing beside horse

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Creative Analyst? Yep, that’s me. At least according to several entrepreneurial personality style quizzes.

I see it. I own it. Although I’m deeply introverted, I’m fairly equally balanced between the logical side of the brain and the creative side. I can keep things structured and bring together novel ideas all at the same time.

I’m best when I sample a lot of life and then notice the best parts, take those and piece them together for something amazing and fantastic. It’s so easy for me I wonder why someone else hasn’t done it before!

Currently I’m directing that talent to creating a free gift for horseback riding instructors. Horses cost so much and they are always needing tips on how to get new students and keeping money coming in.

Here’s a sneak peek at what it’ll contain: 5 Steps Successful Horseback Riding Instructors Do To Keep Lesson Money Coming In … I’ve used the acronym HORSE to outline the five steps.

H – Honor Your Horse (Tips for building a willing partner)

O – Open up to the Possibilities (Law of Attraction questions)

R – Raise the Bar (Building the business)

S – Safe, Successful, and Satisfied (Winning lesson plan strategies)

E – Ensure Rider Happiness (recognizing fear and releasing stress + much more)

What do you think? What tips do you have that could be shared with those in business, those who work with horses, those who teach riding lessons? I’d love your input too! Even a creative analyst can have a blind spot and miss something 🙂

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