NES Scan Results

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Coaches are supposed to discover what their clients biggest fear is … what keeps them up at night … it’s called a “pain point.” One of my biggest fears is becoming disabled as I age … triggering an auto-immune disease … falling off the cliff of health and having to live in pain and rely on prescriptions and surgical procedures to just get by.

I want more control over my health and thus why I’m such a big proponent of prevention, wellness, detoxing, organic, and stress relief. I’m willing to invest in myself on this end of the healing spectrum to try and avoid getting trapped in a non-holistic medical system.

And I’m curious to explore the cutting edge of science when it comes to health and wellness. Energy medicine is that current cutting edge. It’s bordering on the magical because it’s basis is in quantum physics and that field of science is simply mind boggling.

I just learned about an exam called the NES scan. It’s a scan using tiny electrical impulses and then translating how they travel through your body into a computer program that gives you insight into your current health. Results come back the next day.

I just got the results of my NES scan. Before the scan I would say my current biggest issues are mercury detoxing, feeling a rotation twisting in my body, and healing from the dental extraction. I did not reveal those things and was curious what the scan would say.

Well, I was awed at how accurate it came back. It showed a dot on my right upper jaw (where the extraction was) and had that listed as a 3 out of 5 priority (it is in the healing phase). It showed heavy metal toxicity as a 3 out of 5 priority (I am in the midst of detoxing). It showed I’m gluten sensitive but have no problems with lactose. And it showed something surprising … a 5 out of 5 priority … I’m not aligned with the earth’s magnetic fields and axis … this creates balance issues, a feeling that the body is not centered, a tightness around the heart and can get in the way of the brain communicating with the rest of the body.

Whoa. I feel those things and would NEVER have thought to look at how I line up with the planets gravitational and magnetic fields. How is this healed? You have to allow yourself time to rest, realign and regain your natural harmony with the Earth. Usually this is a problem with people who live in a city and need nature time. But I live in nature and have always known on some level city life would kill me. I’m going to do some meditation, prayer, and tapping on what may be blocking me from creating this alignment in my life and continue to get energetic bodywork. Or maybe my body is sensing and reacting to an instability in the earth’s magnetic poles and a pole shift that may be coming?

The scan reveals much more, like which body areas to focus bodywork, which acupuncture meridians need strengthening. And it also reveals whether there are any auto-immune problems … I tested good at the present time in that area … which was a relief calming that big fear I mentioned at the beginning.

You might wonder how the scan can check these things? All I can say is it was pretty darn accurate in my case and I plan to use it as complimentary information on my wellness journey! I will rescan in a few months and see what’s changed. NES health also recommends and sells products (infoceuticals) to help with healing if you wanted to go that route, I probably won’t do that part, I just want a way to test the different things I’m already doing.

If you were curious to learn more about the NES scan, do a search for NES health or click on the link in the 3rd paragraph above.

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