How Are You?

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Someone asks, “hey, how are you?” and I answer, “good, and you?” and they reply that they are good too.

No drama, quick, easy … but is it honest? Is it real? Do people really want to know the “real” that is going on in your life? Do YOU know the “real” that is going on in your life? Or is it a gloss over “good?”

Whenever I take an online quiz about health or happiness, I want to get a high “passing” score … what is that all about? I want assurance I’m in a good place physically and mentally. Why? Why would it be so earth shattering if that weren’t the case?

Would it mean I’d failed myself somehow? I’d not been perfect? I’d missed something? And wouldn’t that make me more human if I did sometimes fail, I wasn’t perfect, and if I didn’t know everything?

There’s something inside of me that whispers “you’re not good enough” and I hate the subterfuge and sabotage of that “little” hidden fear. It’s been the source of the masks I’ve worn, the superficiality I have with others, the self-protection of not stepping out in the proverbial spotlight more, the hiding out in my comfy “cave.”

All to prevent failure which would “prove” I really wasn’t good enough. Or would it? Maybe failure isn’t crushing, maybe it’s a way to learn a certain lesson or be guided on a different path or to strengthen resolve and keep pushing forward.

Maybe I am good enough as I am right now. Maybe I can reframe this inner fear and decide how I want to act rather than simply giving in to a reaction.

There are seven different inner fears that create subterfuge and sabotage for women. We all have one. Do you know which one is acting in your life? Try this online quiz to find out!

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