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I’m always looking for natural non-addictive no side-effects (yes to other health benefits) types of pain relief.

I tried CBD a while back. It didn’t do much. Then I listened to a summit training on cannabis and learned quite a bit more that I didn’t know. First (and this is probably a duh) everyone is different and requires different dosing to see benefits. And every situation is different and best responds to CBD or THC or some combination of the two.

I’ve been having a trigeminal neuralgia flare due to the simple fact of having two crowns of dental work done in the past few months. Both teeth had mercury amalgams and so I also have to detox the mercury as well as work to settle down the trigeminal nerve.

I hate to live on motrin but it does help ease the thudding pain in my face, ear, and jaw. I like to buy high quality supplements and believe they are worth the cost. I’m using a trusted source of CBD and was taking one 10mg dose and not feeling much help.

Instead of giving up, I experimented and took two 10mg CBD doses and finally noticed a big difference. That dose gives me about 10 hours of pain relief. So during this acute pain phase, I have to take at least 40mg of CBD a day to get relief. At night I tried adding a cannabis cream blend on the trigeminal nerve area that had both CBD and THC (a friend makes this and shared it with me when we became legal in Michigan). But I haven’t noticed that the THC/CBD cream helps any more or any less than the plain CBD (and I didn’t notice any psychological effects either). so for me, I discovered I just need the CBD.

Here’s a blurb on the benefits of CBD and THC from Dr. Axe:
CBD Benefits
Relieves pain
Reduces inflammation
Improves mood
Improves anxiety, stress and PTSD
Relieves nausea
Relieves headaches and migraines
Fights depression and other mood disorders
Prevents seizures
May work as anti-cancer agent and reduce tumor growth
Does not produce mind-altering effects

THC Benefits
Relieves pain
Reduces inflammation
Relaxes nervous system
Reduces spasms
Relieves nausea
Increases appetite
Fights insomnia
May work as anti-cancer agent and reduce tumor growth
Has euphoric effects

(Research shows that CBD has a better safety profile than other cannabinoids, including THC.)

During the cannabis summit I also learned about using CBD for pain relief in dogs. (Plus I learned dogs can not tolerate THC.) I like the fact that CBD not only offers pain relief but reduces inflammation too plus a host of other benefits. A 50# dog dose is about a 2mg CBD dose. I have an older beloved dog that was on a prescription pain medication. Without the medication she barely wanted to move, awkwardly rising from her bed, with pain filling her eyes.

The prescription medication was about $2 a dose, so pretty pricey, but it helped her get up and about to do chores around the farm. I decided to try CBD oil and put a 2mg CBD dose over her food morning and night (4mg of CBD total a day). The first day we noticed a difference and were able to stop the prescription medication. It has now been four months and she hasn’t had a prescription pain pill since starting the CBD. And she just acts different … she’s playing with her toys again, walking 6 miles with my husband, climbing to the top of the hay mow in search of birds and is dancing circles when she gets excited outside.

It’s nice to see these differences and interesting to learn more about natural pain relief and using CBD. Have you tried it yet? What dosing do you use and what is it helping?  I’d love to hear your story!

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