Life Span vs. Health Span

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I went to get my blood drawn today. It will be my second hormone test. The first blood draw to check hormone levels was done in October, so I’m very curious to see what, if anything, has changed.

The test is an investment in myself and yep, I’m paying for it out-of-pocket. When I say “hormones,” what do you think of? I know I used to think estrogen with menopause. But estrogen is not the only hormone affected in menopause. I’ll be getting many different hormones tested … thyroid, cortisol (stress), insulin (blood sugar), DHEA, pregnenolone, estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. And the inflammation marker hs-CRP plus cholesterol, blood health, kidney and liver health, cardio health, and vitamin levels including vitamin D and magnesium.

Testing will help me personalize the vitamins I supplement with as well as let me know if I’m on the right track with the Keto-Alkaline foods I’m now eating, and the Bi-Est and Progesterone creams I’m using. The more I learn about DNA SNPs and epigenetic, the more I see how individual we each are in the direction we need to go to age well.

And that leads into the title of this blog, Life Span vs. Health Span. I heard Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD talking and mentioned a statistic that removing murders and such, the average lifespan of an American woman is 83 years old but the last 20 years of that is spent in ill health. Whoa. Women’s health span is up to age 63? Not for me if I can help it! I want to age with wellness and that’s why I’m willing to invest in “my retirement” health now!

Dr. Klinghardt said the reasons leading up to ill health were toxins including mental stress, electrosmog, pesticides, insecticides, and heavy metal toxins in the body. He also mentioned that mercury and aluminum prevent the body from detoxifying the other toxins and thus it’s a priority to remove those first.

The body wants to heal itself, but if it’s being held prisoner by toxins, it’s limited on what it can do and thus the symptoms of ill health. I’m working on those things before they reach the tipping point and create disease in my body. I have been detoxing for years and I guess that’s the safest way to go, but I haven’t removed all the amalgams from my mouth yet and that is a big source of mercury. So I use zeolites every other month or so and I’m doing the Microbe Formulas detox right now (message me and I’ll let you know about it).

I’ve also looked at the Andy Cutler protocol but I can’t do that one until all my amalgams are gone. I tend to shy away from IV detoxing, colonics, or any extreme short-term type of detox … I don’t want to overwhelm my body, just keep nudging it and supporting it to health.

Let me know the ways you detox … including metals and mental detoxing. Are you working on increasing your health span? Have you thought of it that way? If you want someone to walk with you as you begin the journey, get some “KICK A$S” emotional stress load release tools, and ideas on detoxing I have a 3-month wholistic wellness coaching system to support you. Don’t wait, the changes you do today can impact your life span and your health span for years to come!

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